Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse – Has Your Party Lifestyle Turned Into Something Sinister?

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse 

Has your party lifestyle already turned into something sinister?

When we’re young, most of us enjoy going out to parties and generally having a blast. Drinking copious amounts of alcohol is seen almost as a rite of passage for young adults, and it’s widely accepted as ‘the norm.’ However, as time goes on most people naturally begin to party less, learn their limits and drink to more sensible levels.

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse
The Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse – klaudiascorner.net

If this progression didn’t naturally happen for you and you still find yourself drinking heavily week in week out, it could be a sign that you have a problem. Addiction is a serious matter and isn’t something to be scoffed at. It tears families apart, ruins lives and can even cause premature death due to health issues or from drunken accidents. Here are some of the signs that your party lifestyle has turned into something more sinister

• You Drink Heavily When You’re Alone

Many people will pour themselves a glass of wine or crack open a beer after work without an issue. But if you drink heavily at home, especially when you’re on your own, that’s probably the first symptoms of alcohol addiction! You might have started off drinking with friends, going to parties and clubs but it’s evolved to the point that you now drink to excess at home too.

Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse
The long term effects of alcohol abuse on your health are inevitable

• You’re Feeling Guilty After Drinking

When your drinking becomes more frequent, you might find yourself feeling guilty after drinking. You might make excuses, maybe to yourself or to others and try to justify why it’s ok. You might hide empty bottles, or use different shops to avoid drawing attention to how much alcohol you’re consuming. If your hangover is accompanied by a sense of guilt and disappointment in yourself then that’s not good news. It can even lead to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression symptoms where you’re not able to stop. A rehab clinic offering intensive recovery treatment for addiction can help to get you out of this rut, and put you on a much happier and healthier path.

• You Already Suffer From Withdrawal Symptoms of Alcohol Abuse

Do you find yourself counting down the hours until you can have a drink? Do you wish your life away waiting until you can consume your next beverage? Perhaps you worry about running out or fantasize about taking a sip. There’s nothing wrong with looking forward to a night out or an alcoholic beverage, it’s ok to enjoy it. But if these thoughts are ruling your mind and are making you obsess, it’s the first serious sign of withdrawal symptoms of alcohol abuse.

long term effects of alcohol abuse
Don’t underestimate the long term effects of alcohol abuse!

• You Have Health Issues

We all know, that alcohol is a toxin and a depressant and we also heard of the long term effects of alcohol abuse on your health. It’s hard for the body- anyone who’s ever had too much on a night out will tell you that. Short-term alcohol hangover symptoms include dehydration, headaches, sickness, weakness and fatigue- however, a good meal and some sleep will put them right. If you’re drinking again to overcome these symptoms, then you’re setting yourself up for a vicious cycle. Later you will notice tremors, skin problems, insomnia, it can even cause hallucinations. It’s bad for your brain, liver, kidneys, just about every part of your body will be affected. You put yourself at a high risk of cancers, diabetes, infertility and much more. 

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Silly Mummy
Silly Mummy
7 years ago

Good advice. I don’t drink and never was a big drinker, as I don’t like the feeling of being out of control. But I do think that unhealthy drinking is more widespread than people think, as many people do consider pretty heavy drinking and binging to be fairly normal.