Mental Health Conditions – The Most Forgotten Part Of Our Health

mental health conditions

The Most Forgotten Part of Our Health

We’re always so obsessed with the physical side of our health if we’re going to be obsessed with anything at all. But, there is one area of our health that we seem to forget about the most, and that’s our mental health conditions. It plays such a big part in our quality of life, and most of us don’t even realise that it’s being affected.

Mental Health Conditions -The Most Forgotten Part Of Our Health

For example, we could wake up every morning and say how exhausted we are, and put it down to a bad sleep. But what do you think caused that bad sleep? For a lot of people, it’s unknown broken sleep due to stress and anxiety on the mind. During the day, you might notice yourself stressing about things you wouldn’t usually stress about etc. So you see, it really does play a big part in our lives, and I want to shift your focus to it a little bit more. Here’s how and why you should focus on your mental health conditions.

   • How Can You

There are many different ways that we can channel an interest into our mental health. Like with our physical health, it’s a very broad subject, and there are so many disorders that could affect our minds. So, the one way that you could become more in tune with it, and have something lifelong from it, is to explore a career path in mental health. I can assure you that it’s one of the most interesting lines of work to go in, and every day you would be learning something new.

Mental Health Conditions -The Most Forgotten Part Of Our Health

It involves helping others, building your knowledge, and building your own understanding of how it might affect your mind. You can get a masters in clinical counseling online after completing other qualifications, so the opportunity to progress as your career goes on is big. Plus, the pay is good, you can go self-employed or work for a health service, and the people you’ll meet along the way will inspire you to carry on doing the job.

Another way that you can is to focus on protecting your own mental health. If you’re so focused on every other aspect of your life, and you’re ignoring the fact that your mind is so clogged and stressed, then it could progress into something worse. Focus on relaxation techniques as of a nighttime to try and clear your mind, and look out for the signs of a serious mental health disorder. If you find yourself upset, tired, and not wanting to socialise, it could be a sign of depression!

   • Why You Should

The why you should part answer itself, but we know that it is a forgotten part of our health. It’s so important to have a healthy and happy mind. The level of capacity that you can function at if your mind is clear is so much higher, and the quality of life that you’ll have will also be higher. If you do put more effort into your mental health, you’ll realise the areas that might have been affecting it. Whether it be a relationship, work, or family issues, the more you focus on solving it, the clearer your mind is going to be.

Take good care of yourself,

Klaudia xx
Mental Health Conditions - The Most Forgotten Part Of Our Health
Mental Health Conditions – The Most Forgotten Part Of Our Health – image ©


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Ntensibe Edgar
5 years ago

Every single word here….I second and trust! If we all did take care of our mental health, our world would be soooo much better than what it is now.

Thanks Klaudia, for sharing this. I’m very proud of you.