Missing My Dog – These Are The 12 Most Frequently Stolen Pet Dog Breeds

Missing my Dog! 

The 12 Most Frequently Stolen Pet Dog Breeds

Missing my dog …it’s a scary thought, as we’d never ever want any person to put their hands on our furry babies to harm them. I don’t even want to think about that some criminal individual would steal my little best mate!

 missing my dog
Missing my dog  🙁   Why are people stealing dogs?

Why are People Stealing Dogs?

There are many different reasons, most of them for cash. Some dogs are taken to be abused in illegal combating fights or training techniques. Small breeds are quite often used as ‘bait animals’ for dog fighting rings. Criminals are marking homes with coloured stickers or other symbols in order to steal dogs for use in dogfighting events.

Bait animals are animals used to test dogs fighting instinct ; they are often mauled or killed in the process. Many of the training methods involve torturing and killing of other animals. Often bait animals are stolen pets , puppies, kittens, rabbits, small dogs … Wikipedia

video Youtube: Illegal dogfights 

However, the majority of dogs are re-sold as good family pets and as well for breeding for a bunch of money. Some breeds have actually been identified to be greater targets than others, yet all pet dog owners should know about this.

missing my dog
Missing My Dog – The 12 Most Stolen Pet Dog Breeds / klaudiascorner.net

Missing my Dog!  

List of the 12 most commonly stolen dog breeds:

#1 – Yorkshire Terrier

Missing my dog

It’s not surprising, Yorkies are a preferred option for dog thieves. These little chaps are so sweet and adorable! The Yorkie is lively and inquisitive, physically and mentally quick, and spends much time trotting around checking things out. They could easily be sold to unaware ‘customers’ for as much as 1500,-

#2 – Pomeranian

Missing my dog

These little cute fluffy teddy bears are another favourite target for criminals. The Pomeranian is buoyant in deportment, inquisitive by nature, cocky, commanding, and animated. The typical Pomeranian thinks he’s ‘hot stuff’ , you would be paying up to 2500,-  for a pure breed Pomeranian.

#3 – Maltese

missing my dog

The Maltese are one of the brightest and exceedingly playful of the toy breeds. A Maltese is generally peaceful with the world, though some are more confident and outgoing and some are more standoffish or cautious. A Maltese can be re-sold for 1200,-   – 2.500,-

#4 – French Bulldog

missing my dog

Despite his glum expression, the French Bulldog is comical, entertaining, and dependably amiable. A Frenchie is usually polite with everyone, including other pets and doesn’t need much exercise. French Bulldogs are another commonly stolen breed, as they can be resold for a ridiculous 4.000,-  

#5 – Chihuahua

missing my dogChihuahuas are entertaining loyal little dogs, absolutely brimming with personality. Chihuahuas are extremely variable. You can find chihuahuas who are lively or placid, bold or timid, feisty or mellow, stubborn or eager to please. You’ll find chihuahuas in all colours, long- or short coated. These little guys can sell for a lot of money as long haired chihuahua puppies will commonly cost around 2.000,- – 2.500,-€.

#6 – Boston Terrier

missing my dog

All Boston Terriers, however, love people, love activity and love lots of attention. They are especially good dogs for elderly people and belong to the top family dog breeds. A Boston Terrier puppy can easily be sold for 2.000,-€.

#7 – Labradoodle

missing my dog

Not only small dogs are popular ‘hot goods‘. It’s not surprising that the Labradoodle has acquired such popularity so rapidly. Initially developed to be hypoallergenic hybrid dogs, the very first scheduled poodle Labrador retriever mix was organized by the Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia. The result was a clever and sociable dog who not just possessed a nature suitable for guide dogs. However, the Labradoodle gets more and more popular for its low-shedding coat. A Labradoodle puppy is worth roughly 2.000,- €.

#8 – German Shepherd Dog

missing my dog

Everyone wants their own ‘Rin Tin Tin dog’! A German Shepherd is an intelligent and capable working dog. His devotion and courage are unmatched. German Shepherds are used as guide- and assistant dogs for the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue and drug detection. A pure breed German Shepherd puppy will cost around 1.500,- – 2.000,-€.

#9 – Labrador Retriever

missing my dog

Labradors are top family dogs, unfortunately, they are also common targets for dog thieves! There’s one dog job that Labs are hopeless at – watchdog! Most Labs skip the hard labour and spend their days being pampered and loved by their people. However, some Labs still serve as best working dogs. People will gladly pay up to 2.000,- for a Labrador.

# 10-Pug

missing my dogMostly playful and clownish, sometimes calm and dignified, always sturdy and stable, good-humoured and adorable – this is the Pug. A Pug is very childlike and always needs to be with you. The Pug increases in popularity for his sweet, comical, charming personality. Cute pug puppies are rated at 1.000,- – 1.500,-

#11 – Siberian Husky

missing my dog

The Siberian Husky is a stunning dog breed with a thick coat that comes in a multitude of colours and markings. Their blue or multi-coloured eyes and striking facial masks only add to the appeal of this breed. These medium-sized family dogs are recognized for their power and athleticism. They are intelligent and independent and are not known to be aggressive. If you consider buying a Husky you will be looking at 1500,- – 2000,-

#12 Pitbull

missing my dog

A Pitbull is a cross breed dog. In essence, early breeders were attempting to combine the mad bravery of the terrier with the strength of the bulldog. They appear to have succeeded because the Pitbull rapidly grew to be one of the most popular breeds of dog involved in dogfighting. Pitbulls are known to be loving and loyal to all members of the household. Prices vary depending on colour and pedigree ( I have seen champion bully pitbull puppies offered at 20.000,- )  Pitbulls will still be sold on average at 2000,-

Social media is plastered with warnings such as  ..  ‘dog owners have been warned to be extra vigilant after the appearance of mysterious chalk markings on properties following a spate of dognappings’‘be wary of approach from strangers. It is advisable not to leave dogs unattended in gardens’‘make sure you have an up-to-date photo of your dog(s) on any mobile device’  … just to mention a few statements.

Please never tie your dog up outside a shop. Nothing you are about to buy is worth your dogs suffering or its painful death! Always make sure you can keep an eye on your dog, both in the garden and out in public. And please, please, please microchip your pets as you never know!!  They might escape or get stolen and you need to find them back.

If you are a pet owner yourself, please be aware of these risks! Take good care of your furry companion, the love and loyalty we are getting from our pets are so worth it.

Thanks a lot for reading, feel free to share and create awareness!

Klaudia xx




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Verna Albert
5 years ago

I don’t think german shepherds or labrador retrievers can be just stolen up an about. They are smart and if forcefully taken they will bark up a fuss or escape. But unfortunately, many of these breeds have been stolen from their loveable homes. Most kidnappers use knockout gas or similar to take them away.

7 years ago

I didn’t realize how organized dog theft has become. All of those breeds are beautiful dogs and Pitbulls are the most loving dogs. It’s a shame what’s being done to them to make them fight.

7 years ago

The thought of stealing dogs is just too horrendous for words. Unbearable…
I loved your description of the different breeds. We had a Black Labrador and she was truly the worst watchdog ever. She loved everyone and would launch herself at strangers with such enthusiasm that most people were terrified of her, which ended up making her a really good watchdog! She would never have hurt anyone, she just loved people. After 13 years with us, she died of old age in Dec.

7 years ago

I’ve never owned one of these breeds, but they’re mostly so gorgeous! My favourite breed of the dogs I’ve owned was a whippet! I just can’t voice enough disgust at the sort of people who would steal these dogs and use them for bait or for fighting. It’s just abhorrent, and the law really should come down like a tonne of bricks on these people. Putting chalk marks on properties etc… these people are obviously very organised. I see dogs tied up outside my local supermarket all the time here…. so hopefully that means it’s not going on around here. But, who knows. I don’t read about it our local news, so fingers crossed we don’t have dog fights or that sort of thing running. My city’s not huge (only around 100,00), so maybe that’s why. Then again, it would be an underground thing I suppose. Uggh…. horrible.