Natural Menopause Relief – Perimenopause And Menopause Symptoms

Natural Menopause Relief

What Are Menopause Symptoms And How To Deal With

Some women decide to fight menopause. They say, that they will not allow it to control them. They are determined to continue doing all activities in life that they did prior to the onset of perimenopause. They may think that this is the noble thing to do. They may see it as a demonstration of strength, of character. 

Natural Menopause Relief
Natural Menopause Relief – What Are Menopause Symptoms?

However, my point of view differs from that. You can’t fight menopause, you got to deal and live with it. You can’t control menopause, it controls you. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing you could do to relieve menopause symptoms naturally. There are natural treatments and remedies to reduce menopause symptoms.

Women experience menopause in different stages, the earliest symptoms of menopause begin usually in the mid-forties. This stage is known as perimenopause. These perimenopause symptoms typically last 7 years, according to the National Institute on Aging (NIA). Women usually have to deal with symptoms associated with the changing hormone levels in their bodies long before the menopause itself takes place. The menopause is the second stage and occurs once women have gone without a period for a full year.

Menopause re-wires your brain. It alters the chemical balance in your brain and other parts of your body. This brings about all of your menopause symptoms, physical, mental and emotional. Do not immediately rush to the doctor and ask about hormone replacement therapy, there are luckily some great natural remedies to ease the symptoms. 

Menopausal women are more likely to experience osteoporosis, it is important to make sure you are getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Cut down on your salt consumption as salt is known to contribute to bone weakness. A heart-healthy diet and foods high in omega-3s are recommended to all ageing women, no matter the risk factors for heart disease.

If you get to experience confusion, forgetfulness or loss of mental clarity, make sure you are getting adequate sleep and plenty of exercises. Eating, sleeping and exercising well during the time of menopause will improve your mood, boost your energy, and assist in weight management, bear in mind that your metabolism begins to slow with age.

Listen to your body. It is your inner guidance system. Feel the messages it sends you. If you are exhausted, find a way to rest more – take naps.

Natural Menopause Relief
Natural Menopause Relief – Listen to your body 

Multi-tasking may become difficult, if not impossible. Do one thing at a time. If your energy level is low, do less.
Look for tasks. Find ways to reduce your stress, yoga, meditation, listening to music, writing, whatever works for you. Find ways to nurture yourself. Pamper yourself every now and again, enjoy a day at the spa with your friend, some TLC for your body and soul at the beauty salon. Take some me-time and switch off, concentrate on yourself.

Natural Menopause Relief
Natural Menopause Relief – Do what makes you happy & find distraction

There are ways to get through menopause without taking artificial hormones, without the risks and side effects of those, without the risk of weight gain and what else. I am not saying it is easy, but it’s possible. Keep in mind that it is only a temporary phenomenon.

I admit hot summer days can be horrible, hot flashes suck big time!! You can’t go out without fearing to break out in sweat any second, your hair will be a mess as your scalp is soaking wet within seconds, you can watch the sweat drops popping out of every pore … you just wanna go home and hideaway. It makes you feel like “I’m boiling up”, all you want is ripping off your clothes as you seem to be turning into a volcano.

The Dr.Axe website is a great source for tips on natural treatments and remedies. Clary sage oil is the most effective essential oils for balancing hormones. It can help offer relief from menopause symptoms including increased anxiety and hot flashes.  In addition, roman chamomile oil reduces stress, peppermint oil can help cool the body from hot flashes, and thyme oil can help naturally balance hormones. To use these essential oils at home, purchase a therapeutic grade/pure oil in stores or online, then rub 3 drops of the chosen oil on the tops of the feet and back of the neck 1–3 times daily. You can combine any essential oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil to dilute its strength and decrease skin sensitivity. Read on

Hot summers only last for what, 8 or 10 weeks?  That is not such a big deal, though! 9 months of the year these symptoms are half as bad and by my own experience after 3 summers it’ll be over and you’ll be happy to have made it through without taking any drugs!

5 Steps to Natural Menopause Relief

by Marcelle Pick, OB-GYN NP
  • Stop your symptoms with optimal nutrition
  • Try herbal remedies that work as adaptogens for your hormones
  • Find exercise you love to help reduce fat and help estrogen and progesterone ratios
  • Take steps to reduce your stress
  • Understand that our emotions play a vital role in our health

I am not a doctor or in any way authorized to give medical advice to anybody, I am just a woman who has just gone through peak seasons of menopause herself. I honestly enjoyed Summer 2017 after all.

Take good care of yourself and always listen to your body, you have to feel the best possible in there.

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7 years ago

I’ll be sure to keep these tips handy for myself 🙂

Beth @ Ellie and Elizabeth
7 years ago

I plan to use the oils for sure! I’ve heard so many good things. I hope for my family’s sake they work for me