Nutrition And Exercise – The Effects On The Brain Function

Nutrition and Exercise

The Effects On The Brain Function

The relationship between mental performance, nutrition, and physical activity has been long recorded. Past studies have shown that exercising on suitable conditions causes the release of the endorphin hormone known as the happiness hormone. When this happens, you feel more fit and happy and relax.

Nutrition and Exercise
Nutrition and Exercise  – Living a healthy lifestyle matters.

In addition to exercise, proper nutrition is also shown to have effects on brain function. Proper nutrition improves mood, supports the brain and protects against depression. A mega-memory, high resilience, and sharp concentration, even more, intelligence – this can often be the result of healthy eating.

 • The Function And Importance Of The Brain

The brain controls all bodily functions. It sends messages to all organs and tissues and receives information from them. The brain allows us to learn, think and feel. In addition to the conscious activities, it also controls the unconscious processes. The brain of an adult weighs about 1.3 kilograms on average. At birth, it weighs about 330 grams. In a five-year-old child, the brain has already reached 90 per cent of its final weight.

The effects of nutrition and exercise on the brain –

Against mechanical damage, the brain is protected on the one hand, by the hard skull, and on the other hand, by three tissue layers. The innermost part serves as a defence barrier against bacteria. The middle contains the so-called liquor; a cerebral fluid that supplies the brain with food and oxygen and absorbs shocks.

The outermost part clothes the skull. When brain damage occurs, illnesses such as epilepsy can be a result. Seizure medications will then be needed to counteract any damage.

 • Nutrition For The Brain Function

Our brain uses 20 to 25 per cent of our total energy, which means that an inadequate supply of vital substances, therefore, causes real divergence. Almost everyone has experienced this before. When the stomach growls, you can not solve complicated tasks. Even if you are on a diet, fasting or just eating fast food, you can feel somewhat absent-minded.

Nutrition And Exercise - The Effects on the Brain Function
Nutrition and exercise – The effects on the brain function –

Research shows that good nutrition is absolutely vital for optimum brain function. Smart eaters include the right “fuel” in their diet. These include, for example, the B vitamins, most importantly vitamin B12, which is essential for protein metabolism and helps with the formation of red blood cells. B vitamins are found in brown rice, barley, and couscous.

Fatty acids found in Omega 3 are also crucial for brain function. Studies show that healthy fats increase our concentration and help keep the membranes between the nerve cells more flexible. Salmon and other fatty fish such as sardines, mackerel, or smoked herring should, therefore, be a part of our diet.

Nutrition and exercise - The effects on the brain function

Foods that contain many antioxidants should also be consumed because they soften the effects of free radicals. Vitamins A, C, and E protect the cells. Those who are stressed, who has been ill for a long time or who have memory problems should therefore increasingly turn to fresh fruit and vegetables.

 • Exercising For Optimum Brain Function

Further research studies show the effect exercise has on the brain. Exercising and playing sports make a positive contribution to the development of the brain to increase lung capacity. They also have positive effects on the blood circulation to the brain. Moving 30 to 60 minutes three times a week gives the brain enough oxygen to function. Even recreational sports such as brisk walking or cycling provide significant benefits for the bain.

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Nutrition and exercise - The effects on the brain function -
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5 years ago

Still for brain activity, it is very important not to overeat. When a person uses more than necessary food, the brain does not work at full strength. The body is busy with food processing.