Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns

Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns 

Be Careful Who Kisses Your Baby!

Oral herpes simplex virus fatal for newborns? Yes, Herpes simplex bacteria 1 HSV-1 can kill your baby!

Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns
Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns – klaudiascorner.net©

Brooke, who was born a month back, caught the herpes simplex virus infection from a visitor who didn’t appear to have any symptoms. When her newborn girl Brooke nearly passed away from a loving visitor’s kiss, Claire Henderson’s world was turned upside down. Shockingly, the newborn baby caught the fever blister from a visitor who obviously offered the little girl too much lip.

Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns
Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns 

Claire Henderson, a new mum from Doncaster, England, posted the shocking photos to Facebook in order to advise other parents about the potentially fatal kiss. 

Henderson hurried her baby to the health care centre just in time before things turned fatal.

If an infant gets fever blisters in the very first month of life, it could possibly cause extreme neurological disease symptoms or fatality. The baby was placed on meds and is currently doing better. Make sure you do not allow your visitors getting too affectionate with your newborn baby!

Go to Claire’s FB profile to read more about little Brooke and also you might want to support Claire’s Petition to provide parents with information on dangers of herpes simplex virus infections for newborn babies!

Oral herpes is an infection in the mouth and lips caused by a certain virus type, known as herpes simplex virus. The virus causes painful sores on the lips, gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, inside the cheeks, and sometimes on the face. It can also cause symptoms such as muscle pains and fever.

 Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns 

Many people are not aware that cold sore and fever blisters are caused by a specific form of herpes simplex virus infection. That is the reason why oral herpes, fever blisters and cold sores are all the same. Herpes is the medical name of a group of similar viruses. This group includes the varicella-zoster virus, which causes the chicken pox as well as shingles.

For most people, however, herpes is the common term for infections caused by HSV. There are two types, HSV-1 and HSV-2.

HSV-1 was caused by ulcerative lesions of the oral mucosa/lips that are commonly called cold sores or fever blisters.

HSV-2 on the other hand generally causes genital herpes. However, some genital herpes may be caused by HSV-1 virus and some oral herpes may be caused by HSV-2. This cross infection can also happen when sexual partners have oral-genital relations.

An outbreak of oral herpes usually begins with symptoms such as sensation, dryness, burning, and or itching on the site of the impending cold sores. Within one to two days, a group of tiny blisters form then enlarges to create on big open sort. Two to three days later, a scab form on the sore and wounds begin to heal. Once healing is complete and the scab falls off usually seven to ten days after the symptoms came out.

Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns - klaudiascorner.net©
Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns – klaudiascorner.net©

Herpes simplex virus can cause infections that affect the mouth, the face, the genitals, the skin, and the anal area. Many people carry the virus yet have no symptom. For others, painful blisters appear near the area where the virus entered the body and may lead to neurological disease symptoms.

The varicella-zoster virus enters into the body through the tiny cuts, abrasions, or break in the skin or mucous membrane. The majority enter after an uninfected person has direct contact with the person carrying the virus.
Because the infection is painful many people may have difficulties in eating or drinking that may lead to dehydration. In order to prevent dehydration, people with oral herpes should call their doctor regarding their situations. If any of these symptoms occur, medical care should be considered.

Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns - Be careful who kisses your baby! - klaudiascorner.net©
Oral Herpes Simplex Virus Fatal For Newborns – Be careful who kisses your baby! – klaudiascorner.net©

Have you ever experienced any problems with oral herpes when your baby was only little? What did you do about? Please help to create awareness and share your tips and thoughts in the comment field below.

If you are a blogger, please make sure to add the link to your website so I can easily find you and reciprocate. Thank you 🙂

Take very good care of your little bundle of joy!



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7 years ago

Oh wow, this is really alarming and quite shocking. Well I don’t have a baby yet but this definitely serves as a warning for future moms, but for now I will actively share this with my friends and family. Thanks for the information!

Neri Ann
7 years ago

It is very important that we don’t have to let anyone kiss our baby especially newborns. Kids especially babies are really prone to babies that is why when my kids got out of the hospital, we don’t allow them to be exposed right away outside because they might get germs or something.

7 years ago

This is horrible! Poor baby. I hate when people come to see a newborn baby and kiss and touch it – i get it, it’s cute, but babies are so sensitive and can be affected by a lot of viruses that we carry without even noticing.

7 years ago

When I first heard about this I got so shocked. I would never let random people kiss my baby. The idea makes me discusted. It’s so so sad that there were / areactually babies dying from this!

Dominic Barrios
7 years ago

I’ve seen and read this story on facebook months or probably years ago. That time, my wife was just still pregnant with our daughter. My sister , however, gave birth already 6 months ahead of us. We would get paranoid with how family friends would love to see and touch our babies. Well, it’s better be safe than sorry.

Arrianne Guzman
7 years ago

Omg! Omg! Omg! I got nervous when I started reading the article. This is a shocking story for me. I’m not a mother yet but this reading strike me a lot. I’m glad to be aware with info like this. I can’t imagine a fragile baby suffering from a neurological disease 🙁

Bettina Bacani
7 years ago

This is scary! I’m glad I don’t have a baby yet so I don’t have to worry about this yet. Also, I think it’s important to set limitations on how people can touch your baby. On that note, I can already imagine myself having a list of things to do and not do around my baby in the future. Haha!

7 years ago

Ouch! And that poor baby didn’t deserve that. AND THAT PERSON WHO KISSED THE BABY IS AN IDIOT! No one should do that. That is so… unbelievable! Back when my kids were babies, I try not to allow people to touch and kiss, because the truth is, that is one sure way of getting infected with something especially when their immune system is not yet developed!

7 years ago

I believe that more than half of the population is a carrier of the herpes virus, and that is because it’s so contagious and you can get it just by drinking from a not so well washed glass for example. Your post reminds me of an episode of House, when babies got infected with an easy to treat adult virus and a few died because the medicines which in adults cure it straight away were not working for babies…. I am sure that happens often in real life.