Packing Boxes Moving House – What Renters Need To Know About Moving Somewhere New

Packing Boxes Moving House

Packing Boxes Moving House

What Renters Need To Know About Moving !

When it comes to moving house, most of the guidance available online is aimed at homeowners, but what about renters? In the US alone, just over 50 percent of people rent their homes, that means that more than half of all Americans live in rented properties. So, with this statistic in mind, below is a guide to what renters need to know about moving to somewhere new – although the moving process itself is the same for both renters and buyers, there are also different considerations to take into account.


I. The tenancy termination notice letter

If you already live in rented accommodation, you are required by law to give your landlord a suitable amount of notice of your plans to move out of their property. The amount of time that is required will be stipulated in your contract – while some landlords ask for one month’s notice others ask for three month’s notice, it all depends on the individual landlord. So, it’s important to check what notice your landlord requires so that you are able to give them it. It’s also important to check how they expect their notice, such as via a letter or an email.

Packing Boxes Moving House
image         Packing Boxes Moving House – What Renters Need To Know About Moving

II. Overlap your two tenancies

To make the moving process easier for yourself, consider overlapping your tenancies slightly. What this means is instead of moving out of your old property on the day that you are due to move into your new property, aim to have at least three days left on the lease of your old property. That way, you don’t need to stress about moving everything into your new home at one time or about giving your old property a deep clean on moving day – you will have plenty of time to deal with these things. Talking about cleaning, your contract may stipulate that the property has to be professionally cleaned upon your leaving, so it’s important to double check your contract.

III. Ask to get your new keys in advance

Once you’ve paid your deposit for your new property and the old tenants have moved out, you may be able to get the keys earlier than the start of your tenancy. Not to move into the property or anything like that, simply to start moving your stuff in earlier. This can be useful if you’re only able to book movers for a date before your actual move-in day, so it’s always worth checking with your new landlord to see. (Most landlords are happy to accommodate these kinds of requests, so don’t be afraid to ask.)

Packing Boxes Moving House
Packing Boxes Moving House – What Renters Need To Know

IV. You can make your new home feel homey

There’s a common misconception that you can’t make changes to a rental property and make it feel like home. That isn’t necessarily the case, it all depends on the landlord. You see, some landlords are happy to allow their tenants to make changes to the property. From painting interior walls to changing the flooring some landlords have no problem with these kinds of changes. However, other landlords aren’t happy for their tenants to make any changes to the property, so you need to double check your landlord’s stance on this before you start making changes.

Packing Boxes Moving House
Packing Boxes Moving House – Some landlords allow painting interior walls or changing the floor, some landlords won’t. You better ask before!

When it comes to moving to somewhere new, there are certain aspects that are the same for both buyers and renters. However, there are also things that are different, so hopefully, the above tips and pieces of advice will help renters to ensure that their move to their new home is as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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6 years ago

This really valuable for those who living on rent and data given by the writer about the US is really force the packers and movers services to think about the renters.Thanks for sharing.This helpful for all.