Helping Pessimists Dig Themselves Out Of Debt

Helping Pessimists Dig Themselves Out Of Debt

13% of U.S citizens state that they’ll carry debt with them until the day they die, according to Northwestern Mutual. The average American now owes $38,000, excluding mortgage debt and, while one in ten can’t see themselves ever paying it off, a further 15% believe their debt will linger for between 11 and 20 years. 

Helping Pessimists Dig Themselves Out Of Debt
Helping pessimists dig themselves out of debt –

And the European countries are not far away from those numbers, if not even higher in the South of Europe yet. In order to pay off these debts, being frugal with your money is essential, but how else can you dig yourself out of debt and get back in the black?

   • Know your Score

While it is possible to shift debt, your credit score is the one thing that will stick with you for life. Therefore, ensuring it’s within the range of 670 to 739 is crucial. You can obtain your credit score at any time from various companies. Some even provide their account holders with score updates, monitoring services and personalized advice.

Comparing a Credit karma review alongside feedback from companies such as Experian and America First can assist consumers in making their preferred choice. From there, you’ll be able to witness firsthand the impact of your spending and your debt on your credit score which this should give you the push you need to tackle your debts.

Helping Pessimists Dig Themselves Out Of Debt
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    • The Avalanche Method

Despite 13% thinking they’ll never clear the debts, the reality is somewhat harsher. One 2017 study revealed that 73% of deceased consumers had outstanding debts. Therefore, finding a way to tackle your debts will reduce the nation’s pessimism regarding debt. By using the avalanche method, where you prioritize your debts according to highest interest rate, you’ll feel a sense of achievement as the figure you owe dwindles. This method is cited as the quickest way to cut your debts and get your finances back on track.

    • Get Motivated

One financial study as reported by the Scientific American revealed that 97% of participants chose to tackle smaller debts first. As a result, the researchers concluded that most individuals are “debt account adverse” and prefer to reduce the number of debts they have rather than the total outstanding amount.

Helping Pessimists Dig Themselves Out Of Debt
The Debt Snowball Method List – image Phil Gwinn

This is commonly referred to as the debt snowball method and ultimately motivates people to tackle their debts. Therefore, if this notion is attractive to you and will drive you to pay back what you owe, prioritize your smaller debts first.

An increasing number of Americans are pessimistic about the future of their debts, and so is the current mindset across Europe. People are worried, and it’s certainly not getting easier. However, this pessimism can be turned on its head by taking control of your debts. By getting to grips with your credit score, getting motivated and weighing up your repayment methods, your financial health will brighter in no time.

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Helping pessimists dig themselves out of debt -
Helping pessimists dig themselves out of debt – image ©


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