Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide

Plus Size Girls

Autumn Shopping Guide

There’s hardly a better time to renew your wardrobe than the wonderful season of autumn. With shops being full of autumn inspired colours and patterns, retail therapy gets even more exciting and effective during this time of year. What’s more, latest fashion trends provides us with a lot of unique clothing pieces that are great for layering as well as elongating your figure. With a good purchase, you can easily hide what needs to be hidden and accentuate your best features at the same time.

Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide –©

 High-Waisted Bottoms

Autumn always brings some lovely patterns when it comes to skirts and pants. If you know that your top and shoes are going to be plain, feel free to go wild when choosing the pattern and colours of your bottoms. On the other hand, if you already have some pattern on your top, stick to the one-colour bottoms.

Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide

Whatever your preferences are, make sure to go for high-waisted A-line skirts and high-waisted retro pants. These will provide enough support in your tummy area so that you can feel and look great!

 Layer Up 

Continuing with the high-waisted trend, such bottoms will require flattering tops. You don’t have to hide your body in baggy shirts. Quite the contrary, curvier figure with high-waisted bottoms will look absolutely stunning with a fitted shirt. The key ingredient to complete the whole look is a nice and flowy cardigan.

Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide – Layer Up!

Instead of going for a full baggy cover-up, rock your curves proudly in a fitted basic top while a comfy, yet warm cardigan will provide all the covering that you might want.

 Warm Dresses

Another great thing about autumn is that you get the chance to wear jumper dresses. Jumper dresses are a perfect combination of warm, comfy and classy style, and they can be dressed down or up depending on the situation.

Plus Size Girls
Opt for warm, comfy and classy style dresses

With a wonderful body positivity going on, there are many choices among trendy plus size dresses that would make you look fabulous, especially when paired with some sleek tights and nice shoes.

Plus Size Girls

 Flattering Shoes

If you like classic style and enjoy wearing flat shoes, you might want to consider heeled knee-high boots because they will elongate your legs nicely.

Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide – Elongate your legs with knee-high boots

Then again, apart from heeled knee-high boots, any shoe can effectively lift up your figure if you decide to rock some chunky heels, which are incredibly trendy this season. Not only do these look great and fashionable but they are also very comfortable and sturdy. With so many shapes, designs and patterns to choose from, shoes have become a true accessory, especially for the autumn.

plus size girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide – Flattering shoes

 Classic Outwear

When it comes to your jackets and coats, stick to the classic bits and pieces. A fitted leather jacket is a must for a fashionable look – just remember to layer underneath so that you don’t have to zip it up.

Plus Size Girls
Stick to the classic bits and pieces

A zipped up leather jacket is not nearly as flattering as an unzipped one, and, frankly, zippers and buttons are so passé in the early autumn. When it comes to coats, make sure to get one that’s slightly bigger in a classic cut, just because you’ll probably going to wear more layers or a bit bulkier jumpers underneath.

 Unique Accessories

Accessories are very important throughout the year and they shape up the whole outfit. In that respect, fall is a perfect time to get your accessorizing groove on.

Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide – Cool accessories are important

If you don’t like a neckline on your top, simply add a scarf to it. Of course, scarves are great as an additional layer piece as well. Beanies and fedora hats are very trendy this year and you can interchange them depending on the occasion.

Plus Size Girls
Plus Size Girls Autumn Shopping Guide – Fedora hats are very trendy this year

Tights, socks, and stockings with unique patterns can add a personal touch, while belts can transform a casual dress into an elegant one. When it comes to jewelry, metals such as gold, rose gold or antique gold looks amazing during autumn.

Many ladies who are on the hunt for some plus size clothing think that comfy can never be cool and elegant, but that’s definitely not the case. You know your body best and with adequate garments, you can look stunning the upcoming season.

Plus Size Girls
With adequate garments, you can look stunning the upcoming season!

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My Size
4 years ago

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Cathy Lawdanski
6 years ago

I love the classics then jazzing them up with unique accessories.

Gryselle Co
Gryselle Co
7 years ago

The good thing about these fashion pieces is that they are all versatile. They can be worn by any body shape and still look awesome! Though you posted this as a plus size shopping guide, I believe that women shouldn’t dress according to their size. It is all about confidence. Anything you wear will look dull without confidence even if it looks good on you. On the other hand, the ugliest clothes will still look amazing when worn by a fully confident woman. 🙂

7 years ago

Ah! Thank you for this post! I am in the mood to add to my wardrobe, and your tips came just at the right time. 🙂 High-waisted jeans are my go to, and heels. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a link for plus size clothing!

7 years ago

I would definitely recommend this to my big size sister. Surely she’ll get guides here. :The tips will surely help her.

berlin domingo
7 years ago

Love your autumn collection, especially the boots. I also love autumn, sadly though we do not have it here in our country. SOmeday soon, perhaps, I will experience it as well. Layering is also something not very popular here as we are a tropical country. it is good that there are posts like this helping our plus-sized women find some recommendations. usually, what we read are for the super model type of bodies.

7 years ago

I always have a hard time looking for bottoms. I have wide hips and somehow smaller waist (compared to my hips). And purchasing rtw clothes is quite hard. There was a time I bought a pair of pants then it fits snuggly on the hips then on the waist, it’s loose. The leather jacket may be hard to pull off if you are living in a tropical country. 🙁

Dani Adams
7 years ago

Fantastic tips! I’m in need of fashion guidance and this is truly helpful. As a mom of tow young boys I’m lucky if I remember to put mascara on both eyes lashes. Yes, I have forgotten one eye before, sigh… as well as left the house with my shorts on inside out. What a hot mess, right?

Aish Padihari
7 years ago

Love the images. very fashionable.

Anna R Palmer
7 years ago

Can I skip the fedora? The rest looks great. Where are your affiliate links lady? I want some high waisted pants.

Elizabeth @ EllieAndElizabeth
7 years ago

Great advice!!! Especially on the boots, I find I look so much better when I have tall boots on (or maybe I just feel a little rockstar??) And maybe now I’ll get brave enough to wear a Fedora, how cute is that??? Loved it all!

Carol Cassara
7 years ago

All those fashion images are feasts for the eyes today!

7 years ago

Thank you! As a plus-sized woman, I find it hard to find pieces that make me feel attractive. I normally just look like a tired worn out mom. I’m inspired to shop. I can’t rock the heels, but they are cool. I’m going out to find a great leather jacket and a black pair of boots. I appreciate the inspiration and helping this curvy lady want to take care of herself again!