Say a Little Prayer – Facing Challenges Head On in an Era of Uncertainty

Say a Little Prayer

Facing Challenges Head On in an Era of Uncertainty

No, I am not converted or queueing at the church on Sundays all of a sudden … but that stuff is amazing. I believe in such mysteries as supernatural phenomenon & spiritually occurrences or the inexplicable… what means GOD? preface

It seems that at every turn, there is another natural disaster, senseless death or act of brutality happening in the world. Family values are eroding and we are seeing an age where anything goes. It can be scary, frightening and discouraging, but the key to getting through these hard times is to lean on your faith and trust in the Word to fulfil its promises.

See for yourself!

Prayer Works and Heals

Some people turn to substances like drugs, alcohol, food and sex to numb their pain. This only makes the situation worse and leaves you open to negative influences and situations that can ruin your life and damage your walk with Christ. It is during these times that we lean not on our own understanding, but instead turn to prayer, fasting and faith to get us through these troubled times. Pray without ceasing and turn to those who are blessed by God for prophetic intercessory prayer.

Say a Little Prayer
Say a Little Prayer …

Develop a Personal Relationship With Jesus

When your life is veering far off course, the best way to get it back on track is to come face to face with Jesus and let him come into your heart. This process is not an easy one, as it requires you to surrender all and let go and let God. He will not leave or forsake you, but you must come to him and let him take control of your life.

Say a Little Prayer

Most people don’t know how to do this and instead, depend on their own limited experiences. This is a mistake. When you are ready to embark on this life transformation, you will need the guidance of a prophet who is anointed by God.

Practicing Good Self-Care

It can be overwhelming to turn on the news and see all that is going on in the world around you. It is vital that you take care of yourself and make sure you are staying physically and emotionally grounded.

Take time to get adequate rest, enjoy a good healthy diet plan and pray daily. Get exercise each day and keep your body and mind healthy. Turn off the television and spend some time alone with the Lord. ‘ Read your Bible’  and clear your mind of all negativity. 

If you want to see the face of Jesus and how he can work in your life , the time is now. He is waiting to transform you and give you a life of abundance.Face to Face

Sometimes things get really serious and then we all say a little prayer, don’t we ?! And sometimes it’s like TLC balm for our soul to read books or visit pages like ‘face to face’  Keep the faith in yourself, maybe your God lives right  in there … and always take good care of yourself !




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7 years ago

I have to agree to this… we have to keep our faith and that is what I struggle to do even though I have had a shitty life most of my life… despite all that, I still do get some blessings every now and then….thanks to some prayers and God…

7 years ago

I totally believe not only in the power of God but in the power of prayers. I have had a lot of experiences which I really take to heart because no matter how hard or bleak a situation seems, God never fails to deliver me. I always believe that God has already laid out His plan for the world as mentioned in the Bible, predestination. And though things seem so hopeless at times, it is always worth noting that God never changes and that He always answers prayers for our good. May you continue to inspire others with your attitude on prayer!

Dominic Barrios
7 years ago

Totally agree with what you said here. We have too many “problems” , “disasters” happening in the world right now and sometimes, we feel like just giving up. but really, what keeps us going is our Faith in God. Everything works for good for those who love Him. We just have to trust God’s process for us. Keep on praying!