Senior Lifestyle Choices – 3 Great Alternatives To Nursing Homes

Senior Lifestyle Choices

3 Great Alternatives To Nursing Homes

The standard care guidelines in nursing facilities have come a long way over the years. However, a lot of elderly people would prefer to live more independently, in the comfort of somewhere that feels like home. If your parent or another relative is reaching their golden years, and health issues or financial constraints mean that they need more care than they’re getting, there are still various alternatives to a nursing home…

Senior Lifestyle Choices - 3 Great Alternatives To Nursing Homes
Senior Lifestyle Choices – 3 Great Alternatives To Nursing Homes

Moving To A Less Expensive Area

If the senior that you’re thinking of is still fairly healthy, but keeping them in their current home is becoming far too expensive, then simply relocating to a less expensive area could be the perfect solution. The cost of independent senior living, from regular day-to-day expenses to the cost of an in-home caregiver, can vary substantially between urban and rural areas. By finding some property in a more economical area, the senior in your life will be able to carry on living independently and enjoy more of their retirement fund. The only concern is finding somewhere where you or a paid caregiver can have regular access. This may not be an issue now, but it’s important to have a little foresight in terms of health problems.

Senior Lifestyle Choices
Senior Lifestyle Choices Often Require Relocating To Less Expensive Areas
Senior Citizen Living Communities

As you may have discovered from experience, a lot of elderly people are automatically suspicious of the term “senior living community”, thinking that it’s a euphemism for a full-blown nursing home. However, there is a range of differences that can make living in these facilities much more enjoyable than your run-of-the-mill nursing home. There’s much less boredom in these communities, with all kinds of entertainment and activities, as well as a significant social aspect to day-to-day life. 

Senior Lifestyle Choices
Senior Lifestyle Choices –  Senior Citizen Living Communities Have Full-Time Staff

Because the facilities have full-time staff, it will relieve a senior of the stress that comes from regular chores around the house and in the garden. While “nursing” isn’t the main function of these facilities, the staff are experienced with a range of health problems that typically come on in later life, meaning that there’ll be much less to worry about compared to the person in question living by themselves. If senior citizen living communities sounds like a good solution to your situation, click here for more information.

Reverse Mortgage Financing

This is another solution for a living situation that’s simply becoming too much of a strain on your or your loved one’s finances. There are many financial tools which some people overlook when they’re trying to find a suitable living situation for their elderly parent. One option is taking out a reverse mortgage. If the senior you’re thinking about owns the home they’re currently living in, this can raise enough capital to pay a large chunk of the in-home care needs. Unlike a conventional mortgage, none of the given amount on a reverse mortgage financing needs to be paid until the homeowner permanently leaves the residence. Your elderly parent may even want to cash in their life insurance policy if the policy permits “living benefits” or “accelerated benefits”.

Senior Lifestyle Choices
Senior Lifestyle Choices – One Option Is Taking Out A Reverse Mortgage   image

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