Spare Rooms – Innovative Box Room Ideas And How To Achieve Them

Spare Rooms

Innovative Box Room Ideas And How To Achieve Them

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room in your home, then it can be tricky to know what to do with it. The extra space seems like such an appeal when buying the house, and you’re full of excitement over this extra space that you can do anything with.Yet so many homeowners end up not using their spare rooms to a full advantage. There can be many reasons for this. It may be being reserved for a child not yet here or away at university, or simply a question of time. It can seem odd to dedicate time and expense to renovating something that you are currently managing just fine without. As a result, the room becomes a dumping ground of unpacked boxes and things intended for the attic.

Spare Rooms
Spare Rooms – Innovative Box Room Ideas And How To Achieve Them

It’s a shame to waste spare rooms when there are so many things you can do with it. Establishing what is going to work for you is first a question of your lifestyle. One of the most used options for a spare room is the traditional guest room. This is so established that it’s even part of real estate lingo. You will be guided through the “master bedroom” and then the “guest bedroom”. Yet this inflicts a purpose on a room without actually considering if it’s a good option.

Ask yourself how frequently you actually have guests. If it’s just for Christmas, then is it really worth preserving a space for such an occasional use? Doing something different with the area doesn’t bar you from hosting people in it. Leaving a room otherwise untouched but for a couple of nights, a year is a chronic waste of the resources in your home.

Spare Rooms
One of the most used options for spare rooms is the traditional guest room
Now we circle to the opening issue – what to actually do with spare rooms ?


  • A Study
  • A Walk-In Closet
  • A Den or Cozy Reading Room
  • Ruthless Organisation


# A Study

One of the most popular and a good option if you’re actually going to use it . Will you? Using a computer is ever-more flexible now, with laptops and tablets providing a portability we could only dream of ten years ago. If the vast majority of your usage can take place anywhere, does it make sense to have an entire room dedicated to a single purpose?

spare rooms
Spare rooms – A study is a good option if you’re actually going to use it

Perhaps it does – it keeps everything in one area and allows you to focus specifically on the task at hand. Or you may use the study for paperwork, a little sanctuary from the general bustle of the household. All are viable alternatives, but the key point is that a study should not be a default. Only go forward with one if you are sure you’re going to get use out of it. It’s the same theory as the traditional guest room.

# A Custom Walk-In Closet

Unless you are blessed with a full walk-in off the bedrooms, then this is an excellent use.Though wardrobes and drawers can be stylish, they are nevertheless huge pieces of furniture. They can detract from style lines inside a bedroom. If you are trying to create a tranquil sleep space, then they are unnecessary reminders.Turning a room into a custom walk-in closet is nowhere near as hard work as it sounds. It can benefit the entire family too, by sectioning it into kids and adult areas.

spare rooms
Turning spare rooms into a custom walk-in closet is nowhere near as hard work as it sounds

The first step is shelving. Use this for shoes, handbags and accessories. By laying everything out, you will have full access to your collection and nothing will be languishing in the back of a cupboard. If you’re concerned about dust, then you can use dust sleeves, though this will damage the aesthetic.

spare rooms
The first step is shelving

If you do display items like this, keeping the room partially shaded with a blind or curtains is a good idea. Sunlight can fade items prematurely, so be on the watch for that.

You then either have the option of putting in wardrobes or just building rails direct from the walls. Hanging rails are easy to assemble and are also less expensive than a full wooden wardrobe.

spare rooms
Hanging rails are easy to assemble

They also create an atmosphere of being in a boutique, with all items visible at all times. You can use flocked hangers to pack things into the rails while keeping them looking neat. Finish the effect with a beautiful floor-standing mirror. Not only is this necessary, but it will also bounce light around the room and create an illusion of space.


# A Den or Cozy Reading Room

It may seem a strange choice, as for most people, the living room serves this function. However, if you have children, then it can be nice to have an adults-focused space to escape to.

spare rooms
A cozy reading room to escape to

Living rooms are generally busy places, on the ground floor of a house, so even without children, the seclusion can be appreciated. The focus of this kind of look should be comfortable. Structured, hard furniture is more imposing and suited to a conventional living room. You’re trying to create something more relaxed; that is a little haven from real life.

spare rooms
Spare Rooms – Great as a den or reading room

Instead of sofas, go for beanbags like those from Fombag here or other styles, or perhaps cocktail chairs with foot stools. Make cushions plump and inviting, allowing you to stretch out or put your feet up.

Good lighting is a must, particularly if you intend to read in there. Floor lamps offer a more warm atmosphere and can still put out plenty of light.If you’re going to install a TV in the room, then amber, or red bulbs in lamps can help diminish the impact of blue light on your sleep hygiene.

spare rooms
Amber or red bulbs can help diminish the impact of blue light on your sleep hygiene

Fill the walls with shelving and wall art. The point of this room is not really for function, so only opt for storage if it is needed. If you’re an audiophile, then this is an excellent place for your sound system. If you like your music loud, then basic soundproofing measures can help improve the experience for the rest of the household too.


# Ruthless Organisation Room

Okay, so it doesn’t sound fun. It’s probably not going to be aesthetically pleasing. However, if you do it right, then you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Most spare rooms in a house have to incorporate storage, meshing the function needed with the style desired. What if you don’t have to do that in any other room, bar your Ruthless Organisation Room? If you delegate one specific area to the task, then you free up countless space everywhere else.

spare rooms
Ruthless Organisation Room – ROR

Filing cabinets are a must in an ROR, all labelled, so items are easy to find at quick notice. Small drawer units designed for holding screws and similar in garages are perfect for small items that have no other natural home. Larger items can be stored in ottomans, which double as seating if needed.

Group areas together depending on where they would otherwise be stored. Rather than cluttering up spare products, makeup, and occasional items in the bathroom, dedicate a corner of the ROR to them. With that done, the only things you need in the bathroom are those you are actively using, freeing space and looking better.

spare rooms
Spare rooms – Dedicate a corner to your cosmetic items

You can create spaces for every room in the ROR. Go a step further and label them with wall stickers so everything remains separate. Kitchen items seldom used ; season-specific clothing ; board games and DIY tools can all have their own area. You can mount a large white or chalkboard onto the wall, put up notes where everything has gone so it can be found again in a moment.

Take advantage of every area of space.Install hanging rails from the ceiling for clothes only used on specific occasions. The corners don’t escape either, with corner-mounted units making sure you have storage options. If you have holiday luggage, then store it in this area but keep items inside of it. Items like suntan lotion, buckets, spades and swimwear can live there until ready to be used again.

spare rooms
Spare Rooms – Store items like suntan lotion inside your holiday luggage

While this room is the opposite of the den idea and puts function over style, it doesn’t need to be unpleasant and industrial. Use bright colours for labels and good central lighting to create a nice atmosphere. If you don’t like the colour of the filing cabinets you choose, then spray paint them and add stencils for an extra touch.

If you have children, this is also a great place to store household cleaning materials. Place them in plastic containers on high shelves, far out of the reach of small hands. If you’re still concerned, you can even install a key on the door so you know that all household cleaning materials are always out of sight and mind.

If you take nothing else away from this, remember: a spare room is there to be used. It doesn’t “have” to be a traditional guest room ; the only thing it has to be is useful to you and your circumstance. It may seem indulgent to have an entire room dedicated to a single purpose, but it’s YOUR house.  If it makes sense for you and your family, then don’t hesitate to put it to good use.



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6 years ago

My spare room resembles a trash pit, I need to take your advice here!!

Gabrielle Crystal RoseBonniee
7 years ago

This is just an amazing way how to store your stuff! 🙂 ♡

Angelie Pangilinan
7 years ago

We have a spare room but it is not organized at all. It’s filled with boxes and clutter. Will look into this box room idea when we organize it 🙂