Summer Holidays 2018 – Affordable Family Vacation Ideas

Summer Holidays 2018

7 Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips

Summer 2017 is over, autumn is here. It’s cold, it’s wet and it’s miserable outside. Although autumn sunsets are more beautiful than summer sunsets, it doesn’t make up for sunshine and fun on the beach. This year’s summer vacay was way too soon over. The kids weren’t happy with the resort, the resort wasn’t happy with the kids. The service was bad, the place too expensive, too loud and overcrowded? So, you wouldn’t want to go back there but have got no ideas where to go next summer? Here are some cool affordable family vacation ideas for your summer holidays 2018.

   1. Jamaica

There is definitely a magic to Jamaica. The Jamaican people are known for being genuinely friendly and extremely hospitable. A breathtaking landscape of mountains and awesome white sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and rolling rivers, accompanied by steel drum music, that’s Jamaica.

Summer Holidays 2018 - Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips
image Rick’s Café in Negril

Enjoy a raft ride on Montego Bay’s Martha Brae River or get overwhelmed by the cliff divers at Rick’s Café in Negril. Experience the natural staircase of Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios or discover pristine unspoiled nature in uncharted Whitehouse. There is so much family fun going on in Jamaica, and no, it will not cost you a fortune! Now it’s time to check and compare cheap air travel sites to get the best cheap flight deals online for smart early birds.

   2. Florida

There are some truly unique things to do in Florida, that will leave you gobsmacked. It’s not all just jet-set, beaches and Miami Vice. There is so much more to Florida that makes it well worth the long flight hours, even from Europe.

For that Crocodile Dundee feeling, your place to be is the Crystal River near the Gulf coast. Crystal River is home to the world’s highest concentration of manatees. Book a boat trip to snorkel and swim with these friendly gentle giants or get close to the animals on a floating observatory. Either way a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Summer Holidays 2018 - Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park – Homosassa Springs is a historical attraction with documented tourism activities going back to the 1880s. The 1940s led to more tourists visiting Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park along with the construction of the first underwater observatory which consisted of just an iron tank with small windows on each side. American alligators, river otters, black bears and bobcats can also be seen in the park. The park is also home to Lu, the famous hippopotamus known for his performances in many movies for the past 40 years.

Summer Holidays 2018 - Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips
image: Paul Clark  Summer Holidays 2018 at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park 

Beach lovers can splish and splash at Sun Splash Park at South Atlantic Avenue in Daytona Beach. Water fountains, a shaded playground, picnic areas, and outdoor showers are free of charge available. Disney Wilderness Preserve near Kissimmee today stands as a testament not only to Disney’s words but to the power of innovative thinking.

Home to more than 1,000 species of plants and animals and an essential part of The Everglades, its ecosystem contains 3,500 acres of restored wetlands that act as natural sponges capturing rain, filtering out nutrients and replenishing the groundwater. Enjoy a guided boat tour, experience kayak fishing in the Everglades or hike into the prairies and wetlands, you will certainly not get bored in Florida. 

   3.. Thailand

Thailand is the perfect getaway destination to enjoy a family holiday with children. The country is safe and convenient to visit. Check these awesome air asia airlines deals for family-friendly Thailand destinations; there are some really surprisingly cheap flight deals to find.

There are wonderfully private guided tours through Thailand, tailored and organized especially for families with children. Parents usually think twice and thoroughly whether it is worth flying such a long distance with children. But it certainly is. Thailand has got a lot to offer from unspoiled nature and breathtaking landscapes. Coconut palms, hanging mats and white powdered sugar dream beaches, golden Buddha statues, and sacred temples can be found everywhere. 

For the more adventurous vacationer, there are even whitewater rafting trips in the north-east of Thailand. Or how about elephant riding, trekking, mountain biking or kayaking?

Visit Dream World, Bangkok’s most popular theme park where your kid’s fantasies become reality. Feel like Indiana Jones in the Dinosaur Planet Theme Park in Sukhumvit or get enchanted by Bangkok’s Butterfly Garden and there is so much more to discover. Whether you want to enjoy this beautiful country’s beaches, forests, hills and wildlife you’ll find really great family holiday packages and all-inclusive deals to Thailand online.  

   4. Mexico

Mexico is a fantastic holiday destination for your summer holidays 2018. Walk in the footsteps of the Mayans and Aztecs and experience a unique mix of culture, nature, adventure and relaxation during your Mexico family holiday. The hospitable Mexicans guarantee an exciting cultural exchange and bring back – almost tangible – the old Mexican history. You can swim with Whale Sharks in Cancun, enjoy a Captain Hook Pirate Dinner Cruise with games and dancing as your ship gets attacked or take your kids on a Submarine adventure in Cozumel. 

A legendary spectacle is the performance of the Cliff Divers of Acapulco. The divers estimate when their target will have enough water to soften the fall and then they leap. Twice a day they begin their ritual with a prayer at the shrine to ‘La Virgen de Guadalupe’ on the cliff-top platform. Spectacular and really worth seeing!

   5. California

The LEGOLAND California Resort is a dream come true for every child. It offers more than 60 attractions and shows. The theme park, the LEGO theme hotel and the water park are located in the coastal town of Carlsbad, California. The 52-hectare complex is divided into multiple theme areas such as Fun Town, Pirate Shores, Dino Island and Castle Hill.

Interactive games and LEGO constructions in between life-size animals and historical characters created by LEGO pieces will keep the kiddies excited and happy – happy kids, happy parents.. win-win!

Summer Holidays 2018 - Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips
image by lori05871 / wikimedia   Summer Holidays 2018 at LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND hotel rooms are differently themed with interactive LEGO features throughout. They offer nightly children’s entertainment and a variety of thoughtful amenities for parents’ convenience. 

Discover SEA LIFE in Carlsbad. Designed to be a child’s first interactive guide to the life of the sea, SEA LIFE combines active learning with fascinating educational talks. Opportunities to have up close and personal encounters with a variety of sea creatures make a visit an experience like no other!

   6. Vienna 

Vienna is one of the best destinations for a family holiday in Europe and also one of the most romantic European destinations which makes it just perfect for family summer holidays 2018. Experience the Prater amusement park with its fun fairs and Ferris wheel with your children, visit places like the sumptuous palaces and parks of Vienna.

Summer Holidays 2018 - Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips
image Nicu Buculei flickr Summer Holidays 2018 in Vienna

The Tiergarten Schoenbrunn, founded in 1752, is the oldest existing zoo in the world. It is part of Schoenbrunn as a Unesco World Cultural Heritage listed site and home to more than 700 species of animals, awarded Europe’s best zoo. The historic centre of Vienna is rich in beautiful architecture, grand buildings, monuments and beautiful parks. Anywhere attraction is just a few minutes walk from the next one, Vienna is a perfect place if you want to spend a car-free holiday. Use the hop on hop off bus instead! There are loads of cheap walking & biking tours to choose from, a great experience for the whole family.

Summer Holidays 2018
Summer Holidays 2018 – Cool family vacation ideas by

   7. Lanzarote

Spain’s Canary Island’s unique landscapes and reliable weather make Lanzarote the ideal destination for young, adventurous families with toddlers. There are hotels with entire areas dedicated to families, with suites, babysitting, family restaurants, kiddy pools and and kids’ clubs that mind toddler, babysitters can be arranged for the younger ones. Spain is a very child-friendly country, the locals love you to bring your children to their restaurants. Most of Lanzarote’s beaches are easily accessible, with stunning views and shallow walks into the sea. Checking as early as possible for cheap flight deals before or after the school holidays can save you up to 50%! 

Summer Holidays 2018 - Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips
Affordable family vacation ideas & tips – Summer Holidays 2018

I hope, I could inspire you with my family vacation ideas for your summer holidays 2018. Have you already booked or are you still not sure where to go next year? Will you be going at all? Would be great to hear about your plans and experiences! 

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Summer Holidays 2018 Cool Affordable Family Vacation Ideas & Tips
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6 years ago

The Canary Islands look beautiful and worth the flight. Also to add to my list, I have never heard of the Crystal River in Florida, those pictures were beautiful.

6 years ago

It’s always good to start early for vacation planning. Since I’ve only been to one of the places on the list, I’ll have to expand my outlook.

Melanie Terrien
6 years ago

We were just discussing our first family vacation. A cruise was the topic. These places may trump that as I don’t really like cruises 🙂

6 years ago

I want to go BACK TO JAMAICA right now! I had the most amazing time there with my hubby. We are going to the Bahamas in 2 years, though.

Linda Hobden
6 years ago

I’m lucky enough to have visited the first 4 places mentioned … I think the Canary Islands, France and Portugal are great family destinations. Must admit that my family prefer mountains or places a bit off the beaten track – we went to Boa Vista (Cape Verde) this year. Not sure for 2018 yet. Places on our “family” bucket list currently include Sicily, South Africa, Croatia, Murcia (Spain), Arizona, Canada, South France (Camargue region) …. but we might end up camping in England! My son is going to Germany for his school trip next summer & hubby is cycling the first stage of the Tour De France (west coast France) in aid of prostrate cancer charity next June.

6 years ago

Summer 2018?? That is way too long in the future. I am going to the Gili Islands, Indonesia for my bday shenanigans next month. Wanna come?? 😉

6 years ago

Legoland is in Florida too…it’s actually quite larger than the California version.

And Sea Life’s can be found in literally nearly any major city now, sometimes even in malls. Merlin has really expanded their reach.

6 years ago

I would have never guessed that half of these would be cheap! I guess if you really plan and research that would make sense. Vienna would be gorgeous!

6 years ago

Great holiday tips! Don’t forget places like Fuerta Ventura and anywhere along the equator that stay hot all year long.