Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety – This Anxiety Self-Help Guide Will Lighten The Load

Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety

This Anxiety Self-Help Guide will Lighten the Load
Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety
Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety ~ A Self-Help Guide

When you’re stressed, the world can feel small and overbearing. Sometimes it feels like you’re all alone and you’ve got nobody to share your anxieties with. It’s important if you’re new mother or a woman in her mid-life, to seek help from your near and dear when you can. However, sometimes physical activity can help you to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety and empower a woman who’s in a kind of mid-life crisis.

# Yoga

• For centuries, yoga has given peace to the mind of countless people. Through controlled breathing, balance, concentration and discipline, new mums can tone their muscles. Your baby bump will start to flatten once more and yoga will strengthen your core back up to how it was pre-pregnancy. YouTube has so many great tutorials and free sessions from which you can learn the basics and advance your poses. Chi energy is the life force circulating your body in accordance with yoga tradition. Chi can balance your mind and calm your soul, especially when you perform yoga at sunrise.

Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety
Chi can balance your mind and calm your soul
# Maybe it’s not You?!

• Your surroundings have a subtle but large impact on your mood and openness. Your home is a haven, where you can shut yourself off from the pressures of the world and completely be yourself. But is your home really a cozy living space? If you want your home redesigned so it’s more you, companies like Euro Design Build specialise in remodeling interiors with an artistic flare. Anxieties build in small spaces and dissipate in open areas where you don’t have to be so mindful of knocking into something.

Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety
Your surroundings have a large impact on your mood 

Bedroom colour schemes and the design of the drawers and wardrobes is so important to your subconscious state because they’re the first things you see when you wake up in the morning. Equally important is your bathroom. This is a place of therapeutic importance as it’s the place you cleanse yourself physically and inadvertently affect your mental state as well.

# A world of pure Imagination  

• Nothing drives away those pesky worries like good fantasy books.  Robin Hobb’s fantasy epic will whisk you away in a story of empowerment and determination. The book’s protagonist is a fiery woman by the name of Althea Vestrit, who’s had her rightful family fortune taken away from her. The narrative sees her fight back against the odds, in a swashbuckling dangerous seafaring voyage of hardship, love and triumph.

Symptoms Of Stress And Anxiety
image: The farseer trilogy by  Chris Drumm

Getting lost in a book is sometimes just the type of escape you need from the world, sometimes the story can teach you life lessons without ever having to leave your couch.

# Get to Know yourself!

• You may be a woman heading into, or just over the mid-life point. Instead of taking long walks to clear your mind, you may find solace in understanding yourself better. Good Psychology books written for and by women can really support you through a tough time in your life. It can help you become a better wife, mother and friend to those around you. Focus in, on a subject that’s plaguing your mind and buy a book that suits your needs. Anxiety self-help is an option you shouldn’t ever turn down.

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