The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction – You Could Be Drinking Too Much Alcohol !

The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction

 You Could Be Drinking Too Much Alcohol

We live in a culture dominated by alcohol. The boom in the craft beer movement and the growth of pub and club culture are a testament to this. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with this and start to place too much emphasis on the role of alcohol in your life.

The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction
The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction – You Could Be Drinking Too Much Alcohol!

Alcohol addiction is not uncommon and has no class, gender, or any other divide. If you think you could have a problem with alcohol, or you’re worried about someone close to you, keep reading. Here are 5 unmistakable signs of alcohol addiction:

  1. You don’t know when to stop

Wanting to get dressed up and go for a night out is one thing, but consistently being the drunkest person there is not normal. If you’re drinking to the point of falling over on a regular basis, it might be time to ask yourself ‘do I have a drinking problem’?

The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction
The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction   –

2. You struggle to relax without a drink

If you have to pour yourself a drink every evening when you get in from work, otherwise you struggle to relax and wind down, or you can’t go to sleep without alcohol, that shows an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

These problems can come not from a party lifestyle that’s got out of hand, but also as a direct response to stress, depression, or anxiety. If you feel as though you can’t relax and switch off without a drink, you need to look both at your alcohol consumptions, but also the possible roots of the problem.

  3. You find yourself craving a drink

If you wake up and crave a drink, or you start to worry about when you’ll next get to drink, there’s a problem. Enjoying your favourite cold cocktail when the weather is hot is one thing, but actually waiting until you get to a point in your day where you can open a bottle of wine is far more problematic.

  4. Other people express concern

If other people notice how much you drink, or how drunk you get on a regular basis and have felt the need to comment on it to you, you should start to think about how much you’re drinking. Often it can be difficult to be reflective on these things as habits become normalized, so it takes someone else to bring it to your attention

  5. You are happy to drink alone

If nobody is willing to go out to drink with you so you drink alone, that’s a pretty big red flag. Drinking socially is one thing, but drinking alone is a whole other kettle of fish. It’s indicative of behaviours in line with addiction because it’s taking a substance out of its usual context as a result of cravings.

The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction
The Signs Of Alcohol Addiction – Do I have a drinking problem? 

So what next?

It’s time for an intervention. Look into therapy, and book onto a total body rehab to find out more about why these addictions have taken hold, and how you can best deal with them going forward, while also detoxing and cleansing your system.

An unhealthy relationship with alcohol is not the end of the world, as long as you’re willing to confront it and work towards rebuilding your own health.

Take good care of yourself!

Klaudia xx
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I got to ask, is that you in the first picture? Nice legs :).

7 years ago

This is a real serious problem and many people do not recognize the signs