The Summer Is Magic & Hot – Beat the Heat and Stay Cool With These Handy Tips

The Summer Is Magic & Hot

Beat the Heat and Stay Cool With These Handy Tips

The summer is magic if you can beat the heat and stay cool!The summer is magic if you know how to keep cool!

Although it may not officially be summer yet, there’s no denying that temperatures have risen over the past couple of weeks and many of us (especially in warmer climates) are already feeling the heat. Heatstroke is no laughing matter and it’s easy to get dehydrated when the sun is blazing for long periods of time every day, so it’s important that we all learn how to beat the heat.

Here are a few ‘stay cool tips’ for you:

1. Close your doors!

Many people leave their doors open during the summer in an attempt to circulate some air. This is usually a bad idea, however, because heat transfers via the air we breathe. If you open the door in a room that is constantly in the sun’s rays, then all that heated air will escape and seep into other rooms. If you want a quick way to cool down during the heat, then ensure you have a room which is protected by the shade and close the door on that room and use it as a cooling area to take refuge in when the heat gets unbearable.

The summer is magic
The summer is magic and hot –  create a cooling area to take refuge 
2. Fix the AC on time!

Most houses now are equipped with powerful air conditioning systems that might even be linked directly to your thermostat. However, the more complicated your climate control system, the more likely it will have a fault that is hard to diagnose. Remember to fix the AC on time, don’t leave it till the summer heat gets unbearable. Test your air conditioning system and if it’s not working, contact local AC repair services and have them take a look at it. If you don’t have an air conditioning system, then now would be a fantastic time to buy one because when it comes to summer, the prices are going to shoot up and you’ll be paying extra just to get it installed.

3. Why it is important to stay hydrated!

No matter where you go, ensure you’re carrying at least one bottle of water and take a sip every now and then. This is especially important if you travel often or have long commutes to work in stuffy underground trains or busses. Dehydration is a serious issue that can lead to headaches and a lack of focus. In a worst case scenario, it might even lead to kidney failures or a coma due to the decreased blood supply to your brain. We really need to realise why it is important to stay hydrated!

The summer is magic and hot, that's why it is important to stay hydrated!
The summer is magic and hot, that’s why it is important to stay hydrated!
4. Don’t overexert yourself!

Stressing yourself out and trying to rush your work, especially if it’s physical labour, is going to cause you to sweat more and you’ll be out of breath very quickly. Take it easy when the temperatures are high and make sure you’re taking regular breaks when possible. Ensure you always have a supply of water to stay hydrated and don’t overwork yourself.

5. Cook outside

If you’re using your oven during the summer then expect to get a lot of hot air circulating around your house. Even if you use the stove and you have good kitchen exhaust fans, expect to heat up the house just by cooking indoors. Why not taking your cooking outside and making use of your outdoor grill. If you don’t have one, consider investing in one because it’s the best thing to have for summer parties!

The summer is magic & hot
The summer is magic if you can take your cooking outside

I am wishing you a truly magic summer 2017

 before then I’ll see you right here


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