Tone it Up! – Look Good Feel Better – Linking Visual And Physical Growth

Tone it Up! 

Look Good Feel Better – Linking Visual & Physical Growth

Sometimes it just feels like you’re stuck in the mud spinning your tires wherever you go to the gym. Our bodies are remarkable but don’t always obey our mind’s desires. If you work out long soon enough your body will be able to cope with the stresses and strains, and you’ll feel like you’ve hit a peak. Suddenly your body repairs quicker and can handle whatever you’re throwing at it within reason. In the fitness world, this is termed genetical peaking.

This means that your body has gotten used to your high intensity workout routine, and although is responding to changes in cardiovascular demand isn’t growing much. It’s a spanner in the works and something that many people cite as the reason they gave up exercising because their goals seemingly had been met and they lost motivation. However, there is a way to improve your aims by linking your desires for a visually pleasing physique with small but noticeable physical improvement.

   • Toning muscles

tone it up

The word refinement is used a lot in bodybuilding circles. This is when an individual has achieved the mass and size of the muscle they want but now want more tone and definition. Etching the small details into your physique is a whole other ball game to just putting on size. Now you’re heading into the skill of sculpting your own body and tone it up. The premise is to focus on one muscle at a time with absolute isolation techniques.

This means you will need to extend your limbs in a way that only allows the weight to be felt on the particular muscle you’re focusing on, and not allow the muscle to receive help from its neighbours. The weight is going to be light, and you should look to do a high repetition and set count.

For example, you may find the best toning results if you do reps of 20 or 30 and do so with a set of 4 or 5. The higher the number, the more stresses and strains at a deeper level will be felt. The muscle will then look more defined, with each line of tissue taking on its own aesthetics.

   • Chiseling away the fat

We all know what to do when it comes to burning off fat because the simple answer is to maintain a good fat burning diet and keep showing up to your abs workouts.  

tone it up
pic Sabre Blade Tone it Up! – 52-year-old fitness model Karen Zaremba

Slowly but surely the top layer of fat which can be deemed the yellow fat burns away. Even if you can clearly see the outline of your muscles and you notice you have a silhouette figure, white fat clings on.

The white fat is harder, denser and a lot tougher to shred off your muscles. However, there is a mix of protein-rich and fat burning supplements on The double effect is that when you take the protein, the muscles are recharged with the things they need to actively repair muscle tears and any other damage.

But also, the cells around the muscles are ignited, and fat burning becomes a secondary action. You have lots of choices because not everybody has the same reaction to the supplements, but once you have found something that will fit your lifestyle and body type, it can be an of great use.

Use everything in moderation and don’t rely on any supplement to help you lose fat; that can only be done with consistent hard work from you alone.

   • Abs workouts

Fat usually goes to two places on our bodies and those areas are the upper thighs and the abdominal area. One can imagine the frustration felt when you’re trying to cut and become shredded only to have the fat around your abs stay stubbornly where it is. Firstly don’t get angry and jaded, it’s simply how our bodies work by putting fat stores around the center of our bodies. Secondly, you must realize that it’s not natural to have shredded and sculpted abs because the body wants to store energy on and around them.

Tone it up
pic Sabre Blade  Stick to regularly abs workouts to tone it up

However to combat this stubborn fat, consume only healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil, natural oils from fish, as well as vegetables. Cut out the cheese, cooking oil, fatty meats and any fried food. It’s also wise to add foods that are naturally acidic in your diets such as lemon, oranges, pineapple and lime. As part of your breakfast diet, these acidic foods will cause your metabolism to speed up temporarily, and this gives you a better chance to burn off that white fat around your abdominal area.

Seeing results is not the same as feeling them. Physical results are bound within the realm of reality, but visually we’re all susceptible to judging our bodies purely with vanity. However, linking your visual attributes to physical results is easier than you think. Concentration and targeting the specific areas with absolute isolation is the best way to achieve your high standards.

Take good care of yourself,

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