How To Make Your House The Place To Be (Seen) This Summer

Unique Home Designs 

How to Make Your House the Place to Be (Seen) This Summer

One of the best things about summer is the chance to get the new bbq grill smoker out, dust off garden chairs and throw an outdoor soiree that society bible Tatler would be proud to cover. However, if you’re wondering how to make your home’s appearance look even better than last year then look no further than your garden. From relaxing in a chilled out, state-of-the-art conservatory to hanging up Chinese lanterns in the trees here are some unique home designs and ideas to help you do summer in style!

♦ Consider a Conservatory

Conservatories aren’t just unusual spaces, they can be as functional or minimalist as you like. If you’re interested in gardening, then it might be the perfect place to show off those prize winning blooms or that gorgeous indoor orange tree you’ve grown. 

Unique home designs
Unique home designs – Show off your gorgeous indoor orange tree

Conservatories are also fantastic entertainment spaces as, thanks to state-of-the-art, blind and window systems entire glass walls can lift up so your guests can walk straight out onto the patio. It doesn’t matter if you experience a sudden summer squall either as all you’ll need to do is lower the skylights again, and you’ll all be kept safe and warm inside.

Unique Home Designs - How To Make Your House The Place To Be (Seen) This Summer
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♦ Install Solar Panels

Solar panels aren’t just a fantastic financial decision, but they also set your house apart from every other property on the street. These days, it’s all about sustainable living, earth friendly products and embracing the simple life to help save our planet earth.

Unique Home Designs - How To Make Your House The Place To Be
Opt for earth-friendly products & energy sources to help save our planet earth

As a renewable energy source, you won’t need to worry about the lights going out during a dinner party. The system will have stored all that lovely sunshine during the day which means you’ll be able to enjoy hours of electricity without worrying about a thing. Companies as Semper Solaris, for example, will also be able to show you how to clean and maintain the panels, so they’re always looking their best, something that your garden party guests won’t fail to notice!

Unique Home Designs
Unique Home Designs – Chinese lanterns in the trees for a summer garden in style

♦ Go For An Extension

By the time twenty, or more people have entered your home even the most spacious lounge will start to feel a little claustrophobic. Embrace the trend for cool decorated extensions, by adding a ‘chill out’ room, a home cinema or even a private bar to create some extra space.

Unique Home Designs
Unique Home Designs – Embrace the trend for extensions

Don’t just think about your interior! A handy trick to create more room is to build a veranda so guests can mingle outdoors and not feel like they’re on top of each other. If you’ve always fancied a home sauna, spa or kitchen garden now’s the chance to level up literally. Not only will you feel blessed with extra space but you’ll be able to offer guests a chance to even use an indoor pool!

Unique Home Designs
Offer your guests the chance to use an indoor pool
♦ Jazz Up Your Garden

If your garden’s looking a bit worse for wear take advantage of the pre-summer sales and splash out on colourful cushions for your garden furniture, squashy sofas, swing chairs and pretty wind chimes that you can hang in the branches.

Unique Home Designs
Pretty colourful cushions for your garden furniture …

Why not go for a theme? You could create the perfect homage to a midsummer night’s dream by having fairy lights, flower garlands and ‘magical’ storm lanterns everywhere and serve a variety of fizzing cocktails, try to find some of that edible glitter to give them that little extra touch of extravagance.

Thank you so much for your time, I hope you could find something inspiring in this article. I’ve not focused too much on the budget today, but please don’t forget how much the value of your house will go up by investing in a home extension or conservatory!

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