Update Your Home Decor – Unmissable Ways To Give Your Home The Wow Factor

Update Your Home Decor 

Unmissable Ways to Give your Home the Wow Factor

Giving your house the wow factor is important if you want to impress your guests. You want them to come over and compliment your decor choices. Sprucing up your property is also necessary if you want to add value to your property. It can easily encourage buyers to make an offer on your home. However, a lot of people are unsure how to make their home stand out. Here are some unmissable ways to update your home decor and give your property the wow factor.

Update Your Home Decor
Update your Home Decor – klaudiascorner.net

Decorating your Hallway

You want to catch people’s attention soon as they walk through the property. Therefore, the first thing you should concentrate on is decorating your hallway. You need to paint it in a bold colour. Choose something which will catch the sun and light up your home.

In addition, you might want to have a carpet runner which flows between floors. It can look impressive and make your home look beautiful. And as this feature says, you should consider adding a sunken doormat. It means you won’t have one which is constantly moving around. All these changes will definitely leave people impressed soon as they enter your home!

Update Your Home Decor
Update your Home Decor – klaudiascorner.net

Unusual Kitchen Gadgets

One of the biggest changes you can make to your home that can leave people impressed is a new kitchen. In fact, a cool kitchen can add 8% to the value of your home. Therefore, it’s worth the cost if you want to make a significant profit to your home. It can also alter the whole appearance of your home. After all, updating the kitchen easily gives life to a worn out kitchen. You can look online to find some great ideas for your dream house kitchen. You may want to hire a contractor to give you some options for the kitchen. Adding unusual kitchen gadgets are features that will really impress.

Update Your Home Decor
Update your home decor with unusual kitchen gadgets

Don’t be afraid to knock down the wall into your dining area too to give your home the wow factor. So many people are after open plan kitchen designs so it will add value to your home.

Find an Interior Designer

If you are stuck for ideas on how to add charisma to your property, you should definitely call an interior designer. They can give you ideas on how to make your home stand out from the crowd. You will need to talk to them about the theme you would like for the room and then they will give you some great ideas.

Update Your Home Decor
Find an interior designer to update your home decor 

It often takes some pressure off you as you don’t have to do the decorating. You can look online to find an interior designer such as Million Dollar Makeovers who can come out to see your home.

Update the Paint

You will be surprised to see how much a new lick of paint can really give your home the wow factor. Look at rooms which need freshening up with a new colour. You can go for a bright colour to impress everyone. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can find some ideal options on this site for giving your walls the wow factor. 

Update Your Home Decor
Update your home decor by updating the paint – klaudiascorner.net

And remember to get a home decorator to do the job, as painting can be tiresome. And don’t forget,  any room in your home can be given the wow factor with a chandelier.

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I can’t wait to redecorate my room, soon hopefully! But, I wouldn’t put an effort in something like that because of the guests, I would do it for my self. You instantly feel better when everything that surrounds is you nice.

Anna Nuttall

I need to update or do something with my office so I’m looking into that at the moment. Have you heard of Houzz?

Priyanka Singh

Hallway is the core part of any house that’s why I love to decorate this area in different style with perfect combination of lights.


I really like to read decoration tips and I just can’t wait to decorate my house one day. Also, great pictures!


I’ve long wanted to update the paint color of my room but I know my parents won’t approve of it haha. I’m excited to have my own home in the future and do all of these interior planning! It’s a great stress reliever looking at a well designed home <3


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I’m moving into my new house in a few weeks, so these are awesome tips at a perfect time! I’m really looking forward to a house instead of an apartment, it’s a huge step (and a lot more space to decorate!)

Carol Cassara

Our kitchen renovation cost a fortune, but it really is the centerpiece of our home now. Love it!