Wedding Planner Checklist – A Perfect Wedding Guide On How To Plan A Summer Wedding

Wedding Planner Checklist

Wedding Planner Checklist - A Perfect Wedding Guide

A Perfect Wedding Guide on How to Plan a Summer Wedding

by guest author Peter Minkoff, chief editor @ highstylife

You’re engaged, congratulations! While we would love to let you bask in the glory of your engagement and let you enjoy this period, the time is ticking and there is a wedding to organize. Planning such an event can be quite stressful and taxing, and you will need all the tips and hacks you can get in order to pull it off with minimum stress. So, let us start planning now, so you can welcome the big day relaxed, knowing that the wedding preparation checklist has been executed without a glitch, and then you can get happily hitched.

Wedding Planner Checklist - A Perfect Wedding Guide On How To Plan A Perfect Summer Wedding
Wedding Planner Checklist – The perfect wedding guide to planning your big day

Wedding Planner Checklist – 5 Essential Tips

1. Location, Location, Location

Every professional wedding planner checklist will start with the location. Before deciding on a venue, make sure you know at least the approximate number of guests that will attend the big day. This way you will avoid having a room that is either half empty (which is always a party-mood killer) or too full, and then you are stuck with adding additional chairs and cramming too many people at one table, which again, is not a great solution.

wedding planner checklist
Every professional wedding planner checklist will start with the location 

Once you know your guest list, pick a venue that suits your sensibility and the general theme of the wedding, as you don’t want anything to clash style-wise. Always make sure to take a sneak-peak of the venue the day before the wedding, just to make sure the decorations are in order.

2. Matters of the Budget

Before you get carried away with extravagant wedding decor ideas, wedding food catering, and everything else, make sure you check your budget and then proceed. Be wise, it is never a good idea to spend more than you’ve got, especially when there are lovely wedding ideas that can be realized at a very reasonable price.

Wedding decor ideas & wedding food catering can be realized at reasonable prices

If there are some things that you have envisioned and simply don’t want to renounce, you can always trim your guest list a bit. Impose the ‘no ring, no bring policy’ and avoid guests who soon might not be in your life in the future anyway.

Ways to save money on summer wedding dresses:

3. All Eyes on You

The days when the bride was the main focus of the wedding are gone, as grooms are becoming more and more fashion-savvy, so now the spotlight is on both of you. When it comes to brides, there is an extensive choice of summer wedding dresses to suit every style and body shape, so your job is to make timely appointments for fittings, as you don’t want to wait until the last minute to say yes to the dress.

Wedding Planner Checklist
There is an extensive choice of gorgeous summer wedding dresses to suit every style

As for the stylish grooms, there have never been more options when it comes to wedding suits than now, so don’t settle for something off the rack. Make an effort and choose a suit that reflects your personal style – this wedding season expect all eyes to be on you as well.

Wedding Planner Checklist
There have never been more options when it comes to stylish wedding suits than now

4. Keep it Light

When choosing your wedding menu, bear in mind that you’re planning a summer wedding and keep the food light and not overbearing. Go for light meals with plenty of vegetables and no heavy dressings. You want people to dance and have a good time, and that will not be possible if they have overstuffed on heavy food.

Wedding Planner Checklist
When considering the wedding food catering bear the heat in mind 

The drinks should be summery and breezy as well, and that is why cocktails such as mojitos, caipirinhas, sangria, and daiquiris go perfectly with the summer wedding vibe.

Wedding Planner Checklist - A Perfect Wedding Guide On How To Plan A Perfect Summer Wedding
Cocktails for the summer wedding vibe
5. Heat Control

As gorgeous as summer weddings are, they are also accompanied by a lot of heat, so do everything in your power to keep cool, and keep your guests cool as well. Provide plenty of shade, or choose to have the ceremony at dusk. Another great tip is having your caterer serve refreshing drinks before the ceremony and even during the reception – iced teas and freshly squeezed juice over the ice can do wonders for bringing the temperature down.

Massive Thanks! to Peter from ‘down under’ for creating another amazing article for us, it’s always a pleasure featuring you, Mr Minkoff!

Kudos, Klaudia xx


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