Weight Loss Secrets – It’s Not All About Counting Calories To Lose Weight

Weight Loss Secrets 

It’s Not All About Counting Calories To Lose Weight 

If losing weight were easy, there wouldn’t be multimillion dollar industries set up around it. It’s like every time you turn around there is a new weight loss diet, program or product out there. The thing is, though, that having weight issues can come with a lot of guilt. It can be seen as a personal failing by some people. Something that you have fought and lost.

Weight Loss Secrets
Weight Loss Secrets – It’s Not All About Counting Calories

That means trying to lose weight can be a very sensitive issue for a lot of us. If weight is something you struggle with, then read on for some help and inspiration, and remember it’s not all just about counting calories to lose weight!

  • Calories

Traditionally the answer to weight loss is to eat less and move more. This reduces the number of calories you store as fat in two ways. First you are consuming fewer calories from food, and secondly, you are burning more through exercise.
But this way of looking at weight loss see calories like currency. It assumes that all calories are the same. But scientific research has shown this to be untrue. In fact, current advice suggests we should make ourselves aware of how many calories we are getting from specific food groups. Particular food groups to balance include protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

This can have an effect on our best body makeup as well as weight and health. It is recommended that you eat less than 20% of your overall caloric intake from fats to maintain a healthy weight.

Weight Loss Secrets
Weight Loss Secrets – klaudiascorner.net
  • Mental Conditions

Of course, there are mental conditions that can affect your weight too. Anorexia and Bulimia are fairly well known. But something that is just beginning to be recognized in Binge Eating Disorder.

This is like comfort eating but on an extreme scale. Similar to a food addiction sufferers use food to mask negative feelings and emotions. CBT and other treatments can help with conditions such as this. People can also gain strength from using alternative therapies along with their other treatments. The can include visualization, supplements and essential oils for weight loss.

  • Physical Conditions

We all like to crack out the excuse ‘It’s not my fault I’m just big boned,’ once in a while. But it is generally believed that weight has nothing to do with our physical health, except for the negative effect that it can have on it. However, this is not true. Some conditions that cause the sufferer to gain weight at a much higher rate than someone without them.

weight loss secrets
Weight Loss Secrets – klaudiascorner.net

Some hormonal imbalances like PCOS can cause weight gain. This is because PCOS affects the insulin resistance in the blood. Without insulin, your blood sugar is hard to control so can remain high. This eventually leads to blood sugar crashes, and so a cycle of sugar addiction is begun that is very hard to break. Some people suggest that a low GI diet works well for those of us suffering from PCOS. This is because this creates less insulin in the system, so prevents the cycle from being triggered altogether.

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Lee Gaitan
7 years ago

I found the mention of essential oils really interesting thanks for the including a link for more info!

Mia Foo
7 years ago

agree that a calorie is not a calorie and not all calories are created equal. although the calorie in vs calorie out equation for weight loss still stands, choosing our calories from which food group is still very important, as our body breaks them down differently. i’m not familiar with PCOS, but i read that cinnamon helps regular our blood sugar levels. So will adding ceylon cinnamon into the daily diet help, a little?