Weird Wonderful Healthcare Insights

Weird Wonderful Healthcare Insights 

 4 I Beg your Pardon Facts that can be Good for Your Health

Every day in the media, we’re told about all the things that are bad for us. For instance, did you know sitting is now dangerous to your health? That one’s going to hit movie theatre revenues hard, isn’t it? Then again, it’s also a brilliant excuse to avoid going to see a play. However, as much as the media loves to tell us about all the things that are bad, they hardly ever mention things that are good. That’s a shame because there are quite a few weird wonderful things you can do that are good for you. So instead of waiting for the media to get going with this concept, I thought I’d show you the following  4  ‘I beg your pardon facts’ right here. I have come across all these weird healthcare insights on various healthcare blogs and websites.

1. Bare Feet Walking

Supposedly, walking around with bare feet can have a wonderful effect on your body. While the science isn’t quite clear, basically there are electrons in the ground. These electrons have been suggested to have healing powers. It all sounds a little like pseudoscience theories, however, if you walk around with bare feet you’ll pick up these electrons. They will in turn help heal your body and reduce leg pain. On a pleasant summer day, you may want to try this. Walk around on the grass without shoes on your feet. You may find that you feel better after a few minutes. It’s certainly quite soothing.

weird wonderful

2. Parasite and Host

This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is nevertheless weird wonderful and absolutely true. People with allergies have been cured by intentionally ingesting parasites like worms into their body. These little worms have incredible effects on the immune system and have been shown to benefit people with MS. In a way, it’s similar to pouring maggots into an open wound. Maggots eat dead flesh, thereby cleaning the wound, parasite and host benefit from that. Contrary to believe this is perfectly safe because they won’t eat living flesh. Therefore, they won’t hurt you, although you’ll certainly feel it. As for parasites, scientists are eager to develop a drug based on the effect these little bugs have.

weird wonderful

3. Vaping Liquid

After giving up smoking with the help of vaping (you better shouldn’t do either of both, we all know that), I really can tell the difference. If giving up smoking is too hard (at the moment), try to switch over to vaping. Vaping has been shown to have numerous benefits for someone’s health. It’s well known that the process of vaping calms the mind, just look at most Club’s and  Pub’s Shisha assortment! But did you know that the process of using a vape pen can benefit your body?


We’re so used to being told that smoking is bad, that no one thought of this. However, there is evidence to suggest that it’s true. Substances inhaled while vaping may have traits of antioxidants, shown to cleanse and clear the body. It’s no wonder that a vape pen starter kit has become such a popular gift.

4. Faecal Injections

Ehm, you can mark this one under disgusting yet incredible!

weird wonderful

Weird wonderful or just disgusting? Injecting healthy faecal matter into the body might have regenerative effects. This one is still in the early stages of research but in the future, it might be used to treat diabetes. We’re sure diabetics will be thrilled. Still, if it works, it will be worth it and this just shows that the body has natural healing powers that we don’t yet understand.

As I mentioned above, I can definitely confirm the benefit of vaping (if it comes to whether smoking or rather vaping) and bare feet walking is just one of my numerous weird wonderful quirks yet I am not too keen on parasites and faecal injections, to be honest!  Would you …??? 








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All the facts you stated here are simply incredible. I love walking bare feet on grass. It helps in improving your eyesight. So I walk everyday. Now I guess ut benefits my body more than I know.


You got an interesting share here. I, too, quite hesitant about the last 2. But nonetheless, I find it amazing that these 4 weird wonderful healthcare insights of yours are definitely wonderful indeed!


Oh my word! The parasite one does my head in. Seriously. And faecal injections? What is the world coming to?

Stella the Travelerette

Wow! I’d never heard of any of these. However, I have noticed that I like walking barefoot. I find it very relaxing. I don’t think I’m up for faecal injections, though!


Bare feet walking just feels incredible. We could all do that just because of the feeling of gras against your feet is the best in summer.
Parasites, no thank you. Discusting idea haha. And these injections too. However if you’re desperate and you tried all the other options, maybe it’s good right?


I once tried running on the grass bare-foot. And yes, it could rejuvenate optimism in you. 🙂


Barefeet walking is so far the best among all these. It seems weird to have parasites in your body for health care. Have you tried it?


Pretty interesting. Everyday, i would always wake up and proceed to the kitchen to cook. Oftentimes, i dont wear my slippers because i just dont know where i left it. That would always be the case. Anyway, might as well not wear slippers everyday. Ihihi.

With the parasites, i remembered the movie Gladiator wherein the black man would let the maggots eat Russel Crowe’s wound and swear to him the maggots will clean his wound. But then, i am not very keen with tje idea of parasites.


First of all. I am not too keen and like you, with all others except vaping and that is because I am a smoker and vaping is better than smoking. Having said that, how safe is vaping? It depends on the source of the fluid used. Plus it does contain a lot of other chemicals.

As for the others… I am not so sure. I doubt if there are conclusive clinical tests.

Dianne Salonga

I usually run barefooted since 2011 and completed my first marathon in full barefoot this is relaxing and I feel I’m not that heavy 😉 Thank you for your sharing your thoughts.


Ok, I can totally get behind (or barefoot) with number one. The others I really question or squirm about.

Carol Cassara

Digging through all of the stuff that comes out is really a chore. And isn’t it interesting how some old remedies have new life?


I’ve heard of people drinking urine, eww. I don’t need to look young that bad. Ever since I broke my toe I won’t walk in my bare feet but reading that might change my mind. Very interesting.