What Are the Benefits of All Black Dating Sites for African Americans?

What are the Benefits of All

Black Dating Sites for African Americans?

Dating sites are being popular today. A lot of single men and women would resort to these sites to find new friends, a possible match, and that special someone whom they can have a happy ending with. It has been the most convenient way of hooking up.

There are different kinds of online dating sites; those that help single men and women find lifetime partners, and then there are those that help singles find new friends of the same faith and values. Some are based on specific interests, and some are just for hook-ups and short meet-ups.

What Are the Benefits of All Black Dating Sites for African Americans?
There are different kinds of online dating sites…

While the majority supports interracial relationships, there are also sites that cater to activities of people from the same race, like all-black online dating sites. Dating within the same race can be a disadvantage because you are confined within your own kind of circle, and if you are a person who would want to meet and have relationships with other races, or believe in inter-racial dating, these race exclusive online dating sites are not good for you. It limits your “horizon” and your “option”. 

However, there are also advantages in being your own kind, like there is a need to adjust in terms of culture. One of the many causes, why interracial couples would fall apart, is difficult to handle their differences, it is not easy talking to each other about their own challenges, and judgment and prejudice made by people outside the relationship would sometimes affect each other.

It’s said that racism still affects coloured women in the dating field.

In fact, it is said that racism affects coloured women in the dating field; click here to read more. Being in an interracial relationship, a lot of things could happen including:

  • Your family members and your friends may disapprove of it and keep their distance from you.
  • In family and friendly gatherings, you might be asked not to bring your partner along.
  • You could be stared at wherever you want and indirect comments may be thrown at you.
  • Even within the relationship, conflict may happen as to whose values and beliefs must be given importance. 
  • One of you may have difficulty in letting the family and even friends know about the relationship, afraid of not being accepted.
  • You might be blatantly told to “be with your own kind”, or other harsh comments.

Benefits of Being Your Own Kind

Same culture, same expectations – culture is important because it shapes the values and characteristics of people. When you are of the same culture, you would not have to argue on which holiday is more important than which because you will be celebrating the same holidays and sharing the same faith and values.

Culture is important because it shapes the values and character of people.

When your online relationship grows into a more serious relationship and you think of having a family, you will not need to argue which school your children would go to, what activities they would be involved with, or where you will live and which neighbourhood you will raise your children. Other aspects such as diet, finances, family, grief, sex, and even birth control will not be a subject for an argument.

Easier communication and expression of one’s self – since you are of the same race and of the same culture, you will, of course, share the same language and communicate in the same way. Body languages, non-verbal cues will be interpreted in almost the same level because you share the same culture and ways. In conveying love to each other, there would be no room for misinterpretations that would result in conflict.

Most interracial couples are challenged on this aspect that would result in a long-term misunderstanding and indifference. For couples of the same race, this is one less issue to worry about.

Family and social approval – family approval whether or not couples would admit to each other, is very important. Family gatherings are important as well and keeping the family intact and on speaking terms is the essence of a family. Therefore, it is important that your partner has your family’s approval.

Relationships with people of the same race are socially approved…

Most disapproval is given to interracial relationships. So when you date someone from the same race this will be less another issue to worry about. Having a relationship with people from the same race is almost automatically socially approved, too. Online dating, a hot trend on finding mates in this technology-dominated society, is not exempted from racism. https://news.illinois.edu/view/6367/710089 discusses how online dating website users are impacted by racial discrimination.

All Black Dating Sites

These sites are a helpful avenue for African-American men and women to find each other. In society, black women have outnumbered black men so that it makes it difficult for black women to find dates for themselves. When they go out with white men, most often social judgment happens.

This is because racism still prevails in society today, even though we have already become very modern and technology has brought us to different heights of development. 

The stigma of black men and women makes it difficult to find a match…

The stigma on black men and women prevails so that it makes them difficult to find a match in an interracial online dating site. Sites like https://breakupshop.com/best-black-dating-sites/ levelled the field for black men and women. It has provided them with an avenue to find potential matches without the fear of being judged because of their race or skin colour. It has given them an avenue where they can “compete” with other singles who are on the search for that someone special.

Online dating sites like this have made a difference in people who are not the usual meet-and-greet type of people and find online dating a more comfortable way of meeting new friends and potential mates.

Good Luck,

Klaudia xx


The Benefits of All Black Dating Sites for African Americans
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