What is a Good Job ? – The 4 Unhealthiest Jobs In The World

What is a Good Job?

The 4 Unhealthiest Jobs in the World

When you made your first major steps onto the career ladder, you probably weren’t thinking all that much about how the occupation you chose would affect your health. Still, with work taking up the large majority of our time, you need to consider the huge impact it will have on every aspect of your health and wellbeing. Here, I’ve listed some of the most unhealthy jobs in the world.

How to find a Good Job?

what is a good job


Despite all the admirable work that nurses do in the big picture of healthcare, this occupation has been found to be one of the most hazardous in terms of health. One study of 19,000 nurses found that over 50% were obese, and 10% had been physically injured at work. Of course, you’ve got to couple these figures with the fact that their job description involves interacting closely with people who are often seriously ill, and the risk of infection despite all the sanitary standards that are kept in modern hospitals.

What is a Good Job
What is a Good Job?    One of the most unhealthy jobs  –  Being a nurse          


Air Hostess Jobs

Though jetting off all over the world can sound like a pretty exotic job, there’s certainly a downside to air hostess jobs, especially those working night shifts. Studies have concluded that any women who work through the night in a long-term position were at significantly more risk of breast cancer than those who didn’t. In Denmark, many women who have developed breast cancer having worked nights for a long time have been awarded compensation from the government for their tragic condition.

What is a Good Job
What is a Good Job?  A little girl’s dream …  Air Hostess Jobs    


Although the mining industry is gradually becoming less and less dependent on human labour, there are still many miners in the world whose jobs put them at serious risk of damaging health conditions. There are obvious dangers in cave-ins, floods, gas explosions and so on. However, these things are just the beginning of a miner’s worries. Radon, an odourless radioactive gas, has given countless miners lung cancer through long-term exposure over the years. Welding fumes, consisting of vaporized molten metal, can also be highly poisonous if there’s enough exposure. Asbestos exposure, and conditions such as mesothelioma which is caused by it, are also a major risk for someone who’s worked in the mining niche for long enough. Asbestos, in particular, has given rise to a lot of niche legal services like mesothelioma attorney, Madeksho Law.

what is a good job
What is a good job? – klaudiascorner.net

The White Collar Job

A nice, cushy white collar job that involves sitting at a desk all day must be totally safe, right? Well, not quite! Though the health risks might not be as obvious or damaging as all the things a miner is exposed to in their day-to-day work, the fact that white-collar office workers spend the majority of their day sitting down has been found to be extremely dangerous. One study run in 2013 which covered 60,348 men found that the longer the man spent sitting down, the higher their risk was to develop some form of chronic medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease. More and more, offices are putting a greater emphasis on walking around during breaks or using an adjustable standing desk.

what is a good job
What is a good job? – A white collar job and sitting at a desk all day can lead to chronic medical conditions 


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