What Is The Definition Of Happiness? – The Secret to Living a Fulfilling & Happy Life

What is the Definition of Happiness?

The Secret to Living a Fulfilling & Happy Life

Have you ever come across people in life that are always happy? It doesn’t matter how down everyone else it. When these guys walk into a room, they instantly light it up with their effervescent spirit of joy. If you’ve always wished you could be one of those people, understand that it actually can happen. You too can live a fulfilling and happy life. On this account, what is the definition of happiness and how can you create a happier way of living? To the core, it boils down to one word: choice.  You have to choose to be happy! You have to make the right decisions that support a happy lifestyle.

What is the Definition of Happiness
Choose to be Happy!

While you can’t control the things that happen to you, you can control how you respond to them. So, instead of wallowing in sadness and misery, consider adopting the following practices into your daily routine and turn your life around.

1. Hobbies

Sit down and think about all the things you love to do. Now, consider whether or not you do them on a regular basis. This might be the culprit. When you don’t make time for the things you absolutely love, it’s going to be harder to facilitate a happy and fulfilled life.

Consider a few of your favourite hobbies. Do you love the beautification process? If shopping, massages and wine tasting make your heart leap, set aside some money and do those things. If you love playing basketball, find a few friends to shoot some hoops with. You can also join a local league and play on a weekly basis. Just become intentional about diving into the hobbies you love as they will feed your soul.

2. Mental Diet

The mind filters countless bits of information on a daily basis. From social media, the news, emails and more, information is always bombarding the brain on a consistent basis. Even though it’s good to unplug from the digital space, it’s also wise to intentionally watch the type of information you’re feeding your mind. Read books that will uplift your mind and support the happiness journey.

Read books from people like author Ilchi Lee, Tony Robbins and Gretchen Rubin. Listen to audio recordings from Ilchi Lee and motivational speakers like Les Brown. Make this a consistent and daily practice. Your thoughts impact your life in more ways than you could ever realize. Make sure you’re mentally stimulated and mentally well-fed. When this happens, the results will overflow into the rest of your life.

3. Environment

Your environment plays a major role in how you think and what you believe. This is why many children are products of their parents’ guidance. Do you live in an environment with people who are negative and self-destructive? If so, it might be time to find a new place to live. 

Do you work at a job where the co-workers frequently indulge in office gossip? If so, you’ll want to steer clear of this. Put your headphones on and get your work done. It’s not about being conceited or stand-offish. It’s truly about protecting your peace and happiness. What many fail to realize is that words have a direct effect on how they feel. Surround yourself with people who intentionally use their words to uplift instead of tear down.

 what is the definition of happiness
Surround yourself with people who use their words to uplift others

There are for sure many other practices you can implement, but these three factors are great for getting started on the journey. Begin making the decisions that will align with your happiness. Your future self will be grateful for it.

Now, what is the definition of happiness in your opinion?

Klaudia xx
What Is The Definition Of Happiness? - The Secret to Living a Fulfilling & Happy Life
What is the definition of happiness? – ©klaudiascorner.net


What is the definition of happiness? - ©klaudiascorner.net
Gretchen Rubin is an American author, blogger and speaker.
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6 years ago

I think for happy life you just don’t bother others talk. Life become hell if you start thinking others negative comments and most of them demotivate you though it happens to me. Now I’m not taking them seriously when they start talking, I just give them smile and move on. Also thanks for the article you really did a great job.