Winter Fashion 2018 – The Hottest Winter Fashion Must-Haves

Winter Fashion 2018 

The Hottest Winter Fashion Must-Haves This Season

This year’s winter fashion trends have made their way down the runway in a way that surprisingly translates straight into your closet. Bold, daring, and oozing with class, here’s what you should be looking forward to trying in the coming months.

   • Vintage Inspired Faux Fur

Kicking off this list is the perfect blend of classic styling with modern humanitarian ethics. An ode to the days of Ann-Margret and Piper Laurie, these coats offer silver screen class without the Cruella de Vil cost.

Winter Fashion 2018 
Winter Fashion 2018 @

Whether you’re picking up a brand-new model or digging through your local thrift store for this throwback-inspired trend, classic style is back in.

   • Oversized Turtlenecks

The trend of warm and cozy attire has come a long way in recent years, culminating to clothing that boasts a more blanket-like appearance.

Winter Fashion 2018
Winter Fashion 2018 Trends

These turtlenecks are guaranteed to encompass you in a delightfully comfortable wonderland from chin to thigh. Who ever said you had to endure the cold every winter anyway?

   • The Party Boot

Chanel has unveiled the party boot, a knee-high display of sparkling glory. With a low heel perfect for withstanding long holiday events and enough glam to turn heads, it’s sure to make a fashionable impact

This go-go style meets new age shoe pairs perfectly with leggings and yoga pants, burying the Ugg once and for all.

 • Evening Tights

Fishnets come and go within certain circles, but never fail to make a bold statement as tights. These particular models take that statement one step further. Refined in elegance, any party outfit is instantly upgraded to high class with these numbers.

Winter Fashion 2018
Winter Fashion 2018 –  Fishnets never fail to make a bold statement 

   • The Drawstring Bag

Part casual, part elevated evening clutch, Alexander Wang and his rhinestone embellished take on the slouchy drawstring bag may very well be the next big thing to hit this January. The combined visuals of sparkling jewel and black leather make this as versatile as it is commanding of respect.

   • Glen Plaid

The print selection for this season is as business as it gets. Originally popularized by Whales royalty, Glen Plaid is a grey check pattern that boasts power and class.

Winter Fashion 2018
Winter Fashion 2018 – Trendy Glen Plaid 

You could choose to wear the jacket with the pants for a corporate CEO look or make it casual by pairing the jacket with a pair of jeans. The choice is ultimately yours, boss.

   • The Colour Red

Neutral coats are in abundance. Thankfully, this winter will give rise to fire engine red, so long as you’re bold enough to stand out amongst the crowd.

Winter Fashion 2018
Winter fashion 2018 trends will give rise to fire engine red

The bright hue offers a cheery, uplifting spirit on snowy winter days while being guaranteed to turn heads. Add this to your wardrobe as a pop of colour or head to toe as an elegant coat.

   • Wide-Leg Corduroy Pants

No, the 90’s are not making a comeback. However, corduroy finally is. Once the weather drops below freezing, break out this textile for a wide fit, low waist 70’s vibe that’s surprisingly spacious. In a sea of skinny jeans and tight clothing, it’s refreshing to see something that allows a little give and take.

   • Slouchy Boots

Day or night, the slouchy boot combines 70’s era hippy with 00’s fashion in the most delightful of ways. Thigh high or shin high, it doesn’t matter.

All outfit friendly boots as seen at Yves Saint Laurent are an absolute must-have this season.

   • Warm Winter Jackets

Whether it’s the short puffer jacket or ski-friendly models at WearSaga, picking up warm winter jackets and coats that can brave the harshest of winter storms with lining is the way to go this winter.  Perhaps the most practical option on the list, aside from the slouch boots, this is an easy addition to your closet.

Have a wonderful winter!

Winter Fashion 2018  The Hottest Winter Fashion Must-Haves This Season
Winter Fashion 2018 – The Hottest Winter Fashion Must-Haves This Season – image ©

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