Women At The Top – Head Start Industries For The Female Leader

Women at the Top

Head Start Industries For The Female Leader

In the world of work, men are overwhelmingly the leaders in the industries. Many studies have tried to dissect just why this is so, and they usually come up with the same reasons. There are a group of men that want responsibility but not without authority.

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Women at the top can handle responsibility & authority as painstakingly as men

They have good personality traits that make them more driven to meet deadlines, strive toward goals and be incredibly competitive. Although the statistics point toward women less likely to want these kinds of positions, it’s not true for a minority group.

Some women want to become a leader and whether this is done through opening up their own business or heading into an industry they like. If this sounds like you, there so many options out there for you. It’s wise to think through just what type of leadership role you want to play first. It could be wanting to be the person at the very, very top. On the other hand, it could be someone who plays an integral part as at a managerial level.

Women at the Top
Many women at the top play an integral part as at a managerial level

Next, you should contemplate the type of industry you want to be in. Stereotypes are often born out of some foggy cultural aspect, but many times they exist because of notable tangible differences. Industries that are dominated by women are great options for women who want to become leaders. They have a natural head start from men, as they themselves might be interested in such environments.

A Brain for Style

Fashion is a trillion dollar industry, and its overwhelmingly dominated by women. This could be for many factors, but it seems like as opposed to men, women care more about their look. Men more or less don’t have their own cycle of style, but women are very keen on keeping up to date with their wardrobe. So, if you’re a people person and want to become a leader in this field where should you begin?

Women at the Top
Women at the top of the fashion industry letting out their creativity

Just because this industry focusses on aesthetics doesn’t mean you don’t need to have certain qualifications. Courses that will give you a head start are going to be stemming from business classes. You’ll understand what it takes to become a leader, not just in your personal character but how you approach a company. Once you have the basic understanding of how to run a business from scratch, the targets you must set and meet then, you’ll be better placed to head out into the real world.

I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind learning. Amy Poehler

The next step might be to find a small business that has started its own clothing line. Apply for such specific jobs in the fashion industry as a buyer or assistant buyer, production assistant, and merchandisers. To put it simply, apply for roles that are either assistants to the head of department or area, or as second in line such as junior positions. Here you can let out your creativity as well as authority to get things ordered on time, watch over the people involved in a project, monitor the outside world and how it’s reacting to fashion changes.

Many women want to become involved in the fashion industry, but some who want to lead would rather steer the ship. The fashion industry is just like any other; it’s driven by consumer demand. If you have the pedigree it takes to listen to the public’s mood in what they buy and can translate this into leading other people to fulfil those wants and need, this is the industry for you.

Care with Speed and Efficiency

One of if not the most heavily female dominated industry is the healthcare field. The majority of doctors, surgeons and consultants are men, but nurses outnumber them easily. Of course, there are women doctors and surgeons who are just as capable as men, but where women mostly choose to go is into nursing. If you want to exert your leadership skills and want to do so in a manner that you can see is helping sick and injured people recover to good health again, consider these next options.

Women at the top
Women at the top in the healthcare field are most difficult to find

First of all, there are many diverse roles for leaders in the healthcare industry but be careful to decipher them. Many of course are desk jobs, whereby paperwork is the bread and butter of the day. Here you’ll be assessing the behind the scenes figures that have to be documented. This will include the number of patients admitted to a region or certain hospital, the accuracies of care and where targets have fallen short, etc.

A feminist is a person who believes in the power of women just as much as they believe in the power of anyone else. It’s equality, it’s fairness, and I think it’s a great thing to be a part of. Zendaya

However, if you’d like to be more involved and lead from the ground level, there is a definite place for you. Administrators are people who run teams and the hospitals they work in. So you’ll be vital on two fronts. One, you must be able to read people, communicate effectively, be able to spot strengths and weaknesses in your staff and make sure you’re putting patients first. Establishing efficient and speedy care for each patient will be absolutely paramount.

If this is something, you’d like to explore and perhaps dedicate your professional life to look at a healthcare administration mba course. This can be done entirely online with six starting times all year round. The course takes 18 months with the immediate ability to apply what you have learned. This means you have a high chance of going straight from the course into the desired role. Many courses that aren’t masters will end up with the graduate having to apply to lesser junior roles and climb up the ladder. However, with healthcare administrators in such high need, you’re far more likely to be put into the administrator team in the majority of hospitals.

Women at the top
Women at the Top – A double-edged sword as it’s not for everyone

More and more women are challenging for the top positions in the workforce. This is a double-edged sword as it’s not for everyone. If you’re the type of person that is driven toward targets, making sure that the company you work for is not only competitive but achieving a higher success rate than it’s rivals, you stand more than a chance. At the same time, know that you will have an immense responsibility as well as authority over others. Using your skills and personality to not only manage people who work under you but also to put the consumer or the patient first you can prove a vital leader.

It’s change o’clock. Go for it! 

Klaudia xx


Women At The Top - Head Start Industries For The Female Leader
Women at the top – Head start industries for the female leader – image ©klaudiascorner.net




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