Catching Your Best Friend’s Cheating Hubster Inflagrantly – Now What?

   Your Best Friends Cheating Hubster

Caught Inflagrantly – And Now?

Please take note: I would love to tell you, that this is my own work of creativity. But unfortunately, this is not my story. I recently read this great piece online and loved it that much that I had to tell you about. It stated ‘ author unknown’, so I can’t give appropriate credit to the author. 

I caught my best friends cheating hubster recently in flagrantly
I caught my best friends cheating hubster in-flagrantly .. and now?

And then I saw my best friend’s husband hugging this woman…

As I’m sitting in this cosy little cafè drinking my cappuccino and listening to that lady singing in the background, my best friends husband walks in …as I just wanted to shout  Hello, my dear!  I see a very much younger woman behind him who fondles around his neck while the waiter guides them to a table. ‘Mr Cheaty’ does not see me, he seems to be too occupied. With a woman who is definitely not my friend. And whom he kisses in the middle of the bar so affectionately, I did not see him kiss my friend like this since decades! My heart knocks so madly as if it was my own husband whom I would have caught there in flagrantly.

best friends cheating hubster
My best friends cheating hubster caught in the act …

What does one do as a good friend in such a situation? Giving a note to the waiter to handle over, saying ‘Caught you… you swine?

I have left my cappuccino because I lost appetite right away and, instead, I now had a problem. Whatever you do now, will be the wrong thing to do. What would my friend do if I would call and tell her … Kill me … kill him … or jump out of the window? 

On the other hand, she would never forgive me if she found out that I have known and have kept quiet. I have the choice between plague and cholera.

Catching Your Best Friend's Cheating Hubster Inflagrantly - Now What?

So, I got up and brewed the strongest coffee my stomach can cope with in the morning and then I rang him. I told him that I saw him and that I can’t keep it to myself and not tell his wife, as she is my BFF since early school days.

I told him about what I thought about him, I told him, how unfair and coward all this is and that my friend certainly does not deserve this. I just told him what went through my mind all night and a bit more.

Catching Your Best Friend's Partner Cheating...

And so he’s promised to make an end to this damn affair immediately, and that it was just a kind of thoughtless stupid ‘one-time slip’, and that she never meant sh** to him, and that he wouldn’t even know how this ever happened, and that he loves his wife and that he wouldn’t want to lose her ….the whole list of excuses and explanations ….. blah blah blah.

Anyhow, I believed him and so I called my friend, his good lady. “Let’s go shopping”,  I said. And we did so. A miraculous, very purchase-intensive long ‘all in shopping afternoon’ rounded up with a nice meal we enjoyed together.  “Oh God, my good old boy will disengage if he gets to see the credit card account” my friend feared. “If he complains, send him to me” I answered, “I will talk to him” – Strangely he never rang!  😉

Would you tell your friend? I’d love to hear your opinion, please leave your reply below in the comment field, I am looking forward to reading your thoughts.

I hope, you enjoyed reading 

Cheers Klaudia

As I stated on top: This is not my story! I have only re-told this witty anecdote in my own words. If this might be your story, please get in touch with me!

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3 years ago

It seems like this is an old blog when I read the comments… but came across it just now. So, I have (had) this friend, we really spent alot if time together.. After awhile I heard and noticed that she was talking behind my back, and not always the good stuff. I never minded it really and never confronted her for it because I know it is not true. She also always found a way to crawl under my skin, make problems intentionally between me and my partner, but with a manipulative way… difficult to explain but hope you get the picture. Anywoo, this one night a load of people gathered at a lodge and we all stayed over and had a party.. she is single, her friend whom she always hangs out with couldn’t make it that night, but her husband did.. later that night my friend found out that we were having a get together before, without her knowledge. She literally went out of her way telling everyone at the party (so that I can hear) what a terrible friend I am. As always I ignore her.. they (her and her friends husband) dissapeared for awhile. After some time they came out again for a drink. I then walked in and saw these two kissing. I was dumbstrucked. I mean WTF? I couldn’t believe my eyes.. I then decided at that moment that it was time for me to cut her out of my life. And so I did. I never go to the local pub for a drink anymore, cause shes literally there almost everyday, with this friend if hers. The very next day she went to their house again. I haven’t told her and her friend what I saw. But now, because I am avoiding the situation and her, people started really gossiping about me, because I dont want to see her and go out with her anymore. Be reminded that she sees these people everyday. Not sure what to do. Is it better to keep my distance from this toxic environment or should I say something? It really is heartbreaking knowing she goes about talking behind my back, while I keep my mouth shut to protect this other lady… ughh

Seriah Sargenton
3 years ago

Idk what I would do in this situation. That’s awkward and upsetting !

Mardene Carr
7 years ago

Sigh…unfortunately this is something that we might encounter at least once in our lives

8 years ago

What an awkward situation to be in. Have no idea what i would do…

Carol Cassara
8 years ago

I would have marched over and said hello to him. Let HIM do the sweating. I think you were right not to tell her.

Janet Pennington
Janet Pennington
8 years ago

Very difficult position to find oneself in. I think I may have spoken to him at the time, just to say hello. But not sure.

8 years ago

difficult situation. I think the right choice was not telling the friend, but I also know that I’d be hoping the friend never found out that I knew

8 years ago

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