Canary Islands Carnival 2019 – Who Needs ‘Carnaval do Brazil’?

Canary Islands Carnival 2019

Who needs ‘Carnaval do Brazil’?

Who needs “Carnaval do Brazil” whilst the most spectacular Carnival Season takes place on our doorstep?

Canary Islands Carnival
The Canarians know how to celebrate Carnaval

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular holiday spots in Europe and attract a large number of tourists all year round.

However, only very few people know about the Carnival on the Canary Islands being something very extra extraordinary.

 Canary Islands Carnival
Canary Islands Carnival is something very extraordinary

Right after the popular Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Tenerife is the second place to be, when it comes to vibrant Carnival events.

canary islands carnival
sexy carnival chicas

As in Brazil, Latin Samba Music rhythms performed by ‘chicas caliente y sexy’ accompany the Carnival parades in Tenerife and on the other islands as well, yet Tenerife is more renowned for it’s Carnival celebration.

canary islands carnival
Origins of the Tenerife Carnival date back to the 16th century and the election of the ‘Reina del Carnaval’ is among the most impressive moments.  Photo by Jesus D’Sousa


The main events take place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Puerto de la Cruz, but even smaller towns and villages have their own carnival events and their own ‘Reina del Carnaval’.

Canary Islands Carnival
Carnival – St.Cruz de Tenerife 

Canary Islands Carnival 2018 Impressions

What really makes Canarian carnival stand out is the pleasant temperature during the ‘winter’. Choose any costume you want and don’t worry about the cold – warm nights and hot rhythms mean you’ll be able to wear it.

canary islands carnival

Every year a delegation of the ‘Tenerife Carnival’ takes part in the famous ‘Rosenmontagszug Köln’, the well-known Carnival parade in Germany whilst a German delegation makes its own contribution to the Carnival procession in Tenerife.

canary islands carnival
Rosenmontag in Germany

In Tenerife the Carnival officially ends, with the ‘Entierro de la Sardina’ ( burial of sardine festival ) During this ceremony, a huge sardine, made of paper-maché is burned and represents the end of the winter. The sardine usually contains a number of fireworks that will explode when it is finally burned in the fire.

canary islands carnival
El Ritmo Caliente

The island’s subtropical climate, with long warm summers and moderately warm winters, is the ideal condition for a thrilling carnival season all across the archipelago.

canary islands carnival
Mild nights ….  hot Carnival rhythms

The Canary Islands offer so much more than just bananas, tomatoes, sand and cheap pints! Colourful parades, dance troupes and countless outdoor events fill the air with that very special, unique atmosphere of the Canarian carnival – with a long history. The Canary Islands are full of contrasts and diversity and the Carnival is the perfect time to celebrate them. The Canarians know how to celebrate! 

canary islands carnival
Salsa and Samba everywhere on the streets                                                                       

See you at the Carnival!

Klaudia xx



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Canary Islands Carnival
Tenerife Carnival at it’s Best – Pinterest image ©

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Bruce Schinkel

This looks like a lot of fun .. .as most Carnival’s tend to be! I love seeing how these celebrations span the globe. We have one here in Toronto in August and the atmosphere is incredible 🙂


Looks interesting. I like going to places especially if they have fiesta or festivals that are celebrating. For people who love festivities, Canary Islands, I guess is a place to put on the list. 🙂 Thank you!

Me-An Clemente

Truth be told. I’m a traveler but I still haven’t experienced festivals. At least, now I got to experience one through the vibrant images you’ve shown. I’ll take not of this when I get visit Canary islands someday that their carnival is also a great spectacle. Thank you for sharing.

Dominic Barrios

Interesting festival. What do they celebrate in Canary Islands Festival? Like what other comments mentioned in this thread, we would like to invite you to check out festivals/fiestas here in the Philippines too. I’m sure you’d love them too.

Jin Cyrn
Jin Cyrn

Woooow! Very colorful. I would love to see this in the future!


Stunning! Carnivals always fascinated me, all that colors, sparkle, music, energy, atmosphere. And i had no idea they are so popular in Tenerife! I learned something new today, thanks for sharing 🙂


We have similar celebrations in the Philippines, but we call it festivals (for a wider coverage) or fiesta (for localized or smaller coverage). This is normally to celebrate a season such as when flowers bloom, or a great harvest, or a season of abundant catch on fish, or a celebration of a Saint (catholic celebration).


And all along I thought Brazilians do festivals really really nice with colors and flair. You do that just as well at the Canary Islands!

Crazed Parent
Crazed Parent

Great Carnival.
I enjoyed it to fullest by looking at pictures and feeling through Video.
Tnx for the post


Yes who needs Brasil!? This is true, because the Canary Islands Carnival is amazing. Look at all those colors in the outfits. Just so festive! I love this glitter and glamour. Party and celebrating life and enjoy the carnival under the sun. Fabulous article. I will surely go there instead of Brazil now 😉


Woah!! How amazing…. so bright and full of life!! I had no idea about the Canary Islands and this festival either. It would certainly be heaps of fun! Linda. 🙂


So exotic! I’d love to visit. Have you ever been?


I had no idea that the Canary Islands had a carnival like Brazil. It looks fabulous and festive!


This looks like such an amazing time!! I would love to see it someday!

Shari Eberts

Wow! I had no idea! It looks like such fun! I love the images in the post – so vibrant. Thanks for sharing!