Complete Wedding Checklist – How to Organize a Perfect Spring Wedding

Complete Wedding Checklist 

How to Organize a Perfect Spring Wedding

Is there anything more divine than saying your vows, whilst all the nature around you starts waking up from its deep slumber? There’s no more perfect season for organizing your own wedding, as spring tends to bring all the natures elements into play, making your reception a true fairy-tale fantasy. With the sun shining over you, the blooming flowers surrounding your venue with their impeccable scent and colour, and birds singing just for you on this special day, it seems as everything works in your favour. If this isn’t enough to inspire you, then this complete wedding checklist will surely help you in making some big decisions regarding your big day:

spring wedding colours 

Springtime calls for some soothing, nature-inspired tones. Pastels are a very popular option for weddings, so you’ll never go wrong when opting for pastel pink, green, yellow or blue.

Complete Wedding Checklist
Pastels are a popular option for weddings  

Of course, you can always step up the game a bit and incorporate some more lively tones to shake up things a bit. This applies not only to the colour of the venue and the decorations but also to the colour of the bridesmaid’s dresses and flowers. You could always do a little colour mashup by matching ivory with certain soothing tones or combining some dark neutrals with a bold hue.

let it bloom 

Another wonderful thing about organizing your own wedding in spring is that you don’t really have to worry too much about decorations, as you already have all the help you can get – from Mother Nature herself!

Complete Wedding Checklist
Complete Wedding Checklist  –  Outdoor Wedding Ideas by

Regardless of the fact whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor wedding ideas, seasonal flowers are your best friend when it comes to wedding décor. From classic and always elegant roses, up to charming lilies, daisies and tulips, your wedding reception can benefit from the beauty and uniqueness of all these blooms. Wild flowers also make a beautiful addition to the venue, while spring bulbs or flower seeds are some great ideas for wedding favours too.

Seasonal flowers are your best friend when it comes to wedding décor

 keep it light 

Sunny days and soft breeze which are so characteristic for springtime usually require some light alternatives when it comes to attire. That being said, when it comes to picking out a dress for yourself, but also your girls bridesmaid dresses, make sure to choose some appropriate lightweight fabrics like chiffon, silk, satin, tulle or even batiste, dupioni or damask.

complete wedding checklist
Keep it light when it comes to choosing your wedding dress..

Light options don’t apply just to the dress code though and should be considered when choosing the wedding menu as well. Healthy and light foods made from fresh fruits and veggies, combined with a decadent, fruit-based cake and a refreshing cocktail stand will surely do the trick.

 consider the venue carefully 

The most important aspect of planning a spring wedding is making the choice between an indoor and an outdoor venue. While both have their pros and cons, it’s important to weigh your options and decide on the most appropriate one for you. While spring can be unpredictable, you surely don’t want to be closed inside on a beautiful spring day. Perhaps the best option is to opt for an outdoor event, covered by a tent, a gazebo or a similar structure. 

Complete Wedding Checklist
The best option is to opt for an outdoor event, covered by a tent or a gazebo

Also, transportation to and from the wedding is another thing to consider and many young couples in Australia are opting for Rolls-Royce hire in Sydney as a safe, affordable and yet glamorous option.

There are countless reasons why spring is the best season for organizing your own wedding and surely these few tips will give you enough inspiration to get started with the preparations. It certainly doesn’t take much to throw a beautiful spring wedding, just a bit of creativity, imagination, and effort. If you have got any more inspiring outdoor wedding ideas, please don’t hesitate to share them with us. Just leave your comment below.

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Complete Wedding Checklist –
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