Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses – Trends 2017

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses

The Trends for 2017

~ by Wendy Dessler ~

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017 by Wendy Dessler Ι©
Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017  Ι©

The wedding and bridesmaid dress trend changes gently. It may be the raising or lowering of the hemline, or the shape of the sleeve, or the hue of the colour. But the changes make a world of difference in the statement your bridal party’s attire make.


 Sophisticated Separates

This years bridesmaid is everything elegant yet understated. The cotton lace top with a high waisted pencil skirt of grey or navy gives her a chic look with a bit of softness and charm. Another option for the separates is to use a spaghetti strap or cap sleeve top with a matching skirt that flutters with layers of soft material. If you want to stay with the one piece gown, consider layers of sheer material draping over the floor-length dress.

 Mix and Match

It is all about being unique but still matching. Dresses of the same style in different shades of colour or allowing the bridesmaids to select their own shoes to add some variety is what is happening now. Wearing the same dress, but with different sleeves, necklines, or accessories is hot. This is a way a bridesmaid can look like part of the wedding while making choices that bring out her best assets.

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017
Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017 Ι©


The colours for this year are leaning toward classic elegance. Navy, smoke, black, and champagne are the most likely choices. However, green is coming on strong for the fall and winter bridesmaid. Sage green, deep green, and even olive are making their appearance. The beach weddings are still using a lot of teal and peach, but instead of pairing the two, they are pairing teal with grey, and peach is lovely with sage.

The most popular dress cut for the bridesmaid this year is the mermaid dress. With the bride wearing a form fitting dress or a gown with a full skirt with lots of lace. The combination is beautiful for the large wedding, but can be just as pretty with the smaller wedding in a formal or church setting.

Most bridesmaids are moving away from the strapless dress for a more functional one shoulder strap or full sleeves. The bridesmaids are attending the bride for hours and a strapless dress is not always a modest choice.

Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017 Ι©
Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017 Ι©

In that same mindset, many bridesmaids are opting to wear their hair down. Up-do’s are fun and sexy, but by the time the reception is over, it may be falling. Of course, this is the bride’s choice.

 Bridal Gown

Brides are asking for more personal detail for their dress. Many brides are ordering a custom wedding dress by Azazie in order to get the quality, colour, and fabric they want. While some are staying with the traditional white gown, many are opting for colours. You will see more brides this year in medium to dark grey, champagne, and ivory. You will notice more silver accessories and more flare to the skirt.

This year we will see a blending of traditional style and cut with more colour. The bride will select fabric and shades that give her the elegant look without the cookie-cutter wedding look. More children of couples will be included in ceremonies and wedding parties. This is an ”anything goes” year but strictly set in elegance.


Just as you see green making an appearance in the bridal shops, you will notice the floral trends 2017 have gone heavy with greenery. The blooms are a mixture of various blooms, but they are set deep in green, with less frill. A simple ribbon tied around the stems is the order of the day, and floral accessories are nowhere to be seen. The flowers for today’s bride are natural and beautiful. Oh, and as we are talking flowers …  

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Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017 Ι©
Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses Trends 2017 – guest post by Wendy Dessler Ι©
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