Debunking Common Myths About COVID-19

Debunking Common Myths About


Since the start of the quarantine, both medical experts and the general public are learning plenty of information about the coronavirus. While most of it is useful to slow down the spread of the disease, there are also some misleading or false statements that either create unnecessary inconvenience or harm you and others. Continue reading to identify some of these common myths about COVID-19 and debunk them with accurate information.

Debunking common myths about COVID-19 •

Oversea Packages Are More Dangerous

Due to the virus originating from another country, there is an unfortunate fear that anything from overseas contains it. This extends to mail packages that travel either to other countries or within the United States. According to health experts, it is unlikely for COVID-19 to actually make it to a package’s destination because the harsh and inconsistent conditions throughout shipping can kill off the organisms. Therefore, you should be able to send and receive mail just fine.

Smoking Increases Risk

During this time, people are reassessing their routines and wondering if they put them at greater risk of catching the coronavirus disease. If you smoke or vape, you may ask yourself if this activity impacts the possibility significantly. However, there are currently no solid links between the two. You should feel free to resume smoking in a manner you find responsible and safe for you and others.

Debunking Common Myths About COVID-19

Being Healthy Means Immunity 

You might believe that if you do not have symptoms during this time, you are immune to the virus. You may also be tempted to ignore current social distancing protocols by avoiding wearing masks in public places, getting too close to other people or going outside frequently. Instead, there is a chance you and other individuals are asymptomatic and could spread the disease to other people. Continue following social distancing even if you feel fine.

Older and Vulnerable People Are Only Victims 

So, how about Covid-19 and the elderly? People who are older or more vulnerable to disease have suffered from worse symptoms and even died from COVID-19. You and others outside of those demographics might believe they are safer from the condition. The truth is that everyone can contract the virus or become a carrier who can spread it to others regardless of symptoms.

Debunking Common Myths About COVID-19

Younger and healthier people are just less likely to receive the worst from it. Maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene to maintain everyone’s wellbeing. As you become informed about these conditions, you might run into false information that ranges from annoying to dangerous. Fact check everything you learn to avoid future confusions.

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Debunking Common Myths About COVID-19
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