Dream a Little Dream… – Decorate Your House With The Dream Catcher!

Dream a Little Dream…

Decorate your House with the Dream Catcher!

Our culture and traditions have given us some of the most amazing concepts of living the life comfortably and one of such concept is about the dream catcher. Initially, the dream catcher is said to evolve from Native America, but today it has spread all over the world. The dream catchers today adorn the walls of many homes in the world and are used as a decorative item. But there are only a few who know about the real utility of it. 

Dream a Little Dream
Dream a Little Dream… – Decorate your House with the Dream Catcher!

Most of the people believe the native American dream catcher to be a religious icon which is meant to capture the bad dreams at the sleeping time even before they can happen. However, the journey of dream catcher from the past century to this has made a lot of evolution, and the modern mix dream catchers are found today. However, it is important to use the dream catchers for which they are meant for. You can enjoy this beautiful piece of art in the way you want, but if you wish to take a look back into its history, then you must read the information given as follows.

  • About the origin of dream catcher

The origin of dream catcher cannot be found with any one of the specific tribe of Native American. However, its origin dates back to the original Ojibwe language that is still being used by some of the different tribes. A legend from Ojibwe describes that the spider webbed form of the pattern of the native American dream catcher was originated from a legend known as the spider godmother or the spider woman. This protective web is said to save a person from bad dreams at night to keep the negative vibes away.

Dream a Little Dream
Dream catcher originate from Native American culture

There is a popular story associated with the history of a dream catcher, and it goes like this. A being known as Asibikaashi or the spider women used to take care of the people living on the land and especially the children. The Native American people used to live in the nation of Ojibwe who later spread themselves to the corners of North America and other parts. This made it difficult for the spider woman to look after each and every being. To solve this problem, the spider webs were created by the mothers and grandmothers of the tribe to protect their children.

Therefore initially, the webs were not made only to protect the children from bad dreams, but they were made for the overall protection of children and other people living. It was later that the object became popular as something that captures as well as ensnares the bad dream and started to be known as the dream catcher.

dream a little dream
native American dream catcher

From that time the dream catcher became a religious icon for Native American culture and was used very commonly in each house to protect every child is an infant or an older kid from the bad dreams and negative energies. For a group of children at least one dream catcher was used as a protection, and sometimes various pieces were hung over each child. Some people compare the dream catcher with spider’s web. Just like the spider web catches every insect that passes by it, a dream catches all harm that passes on to the person or child sleeping under it.

The stories related to the spider woman are different in different areas. Some belief the spider woman to be a fairy like or grandmother figure woman where other belief her to be like a trickster creature which could catch every type of thing that passed by it.

  • How the dream catcher became popular:

During the 70’s and 60’s, the dream catcher became renowned as an icon of a Native American culture as well as a piece of art and craft. People sold these pieces to the tourists to visit their places and were interested in knowing about their religion. An interesting fact is that the term dream catcher was not given to it by a Native American but was published in the non-Native American media for the first time in the 70’s.

Dream a Little Dream... - Decorate your House with the Dream Catcher!
Dream a Little Dream… – Decorate your House with the Dream Catcher

Dream catcher became an important part of all the important events, ceremonies and fairs in Native America that were held to attract the tourists. In the late 1990’s, the popularity of dream catcher exploded, and people from all around the world were buying them in droves.

However, the demand for dream catcher’s cam down at the end of the 20th century as people started to consider them just a showpiece. Though the demand dropped in the late twenties, it is still used by a number of people for gifting and decorating purposes. The dream catcher is still one of the best-sold items in the American and Indian shops.

  • How can you use dream catchers today?

As stated in the above information, the dream catcher has different meanings for different people. Some use it as a showpiece, some use it as a symbol of good luck, and others use it to literally catch their bad dreams. Here are some of the best ways to use this magnificent piece of art:

  • A good luck charm– the design and formation of a dream catcher is considered to be pleasant and a symbol of good luck. People use it in their bedrooms as a good luck charm.
  • As a gifting item– the dream catcher is been proven as one of the best pieces for gifting. It makes a lovely housewarming gift, for instance. You can gift it to your friends and family as a hope to see them safe and happy all their lives.
  • As a decorative piece– the dream catchers form very beautiful decorative items. You can use it to decorate your rooms, any party or simple family get to gather decoration.

The best tip to decorate your surroundings with the dream catcher is to keep it simple. Do not overdo it. Use it the way it is, and it will hopefully bring positivity and good luck in your life. 

Dream a little dream …

Klaudia xx


Dream a Little Dream... - Decorate Your House With The Dream Catcher!
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