Drug Addiction Facts – Why You Should Never Attempt Heroin Detox at Home

Drug Addiction Facts 

 Why You Should Never Attempt Heroin Detox at Home

Although heroin doesn’t seem to be that popular anymore in times of synthetic drugs, crystal meth, cocaine and all sorts pills it’s still one of the toughest drugs to get free of. Long-term use can compound the problems when it comes to withdrawal.

Drug Addiction Facts
Drug Addiction Facts – Why you should never attempt heroin detox at home

The safety and effectiveness of trying to detox at home are questionable and often leads to serious health problems or complete failure in breaking free of the addiction. Below are a few of the reasons why it is wiser to choose a quality detox center rather than trying to tackle the problem on your own.

    Potential Long-Term Battle Using Heroin

The battle with the use of heroin is often one that takes place over years and has long-term consequences. The more important implications can be on health, finances, relationships, jobs, and are often a combination. Deciding to get clean is good, but you have to prepare for a severe battle. Heroin addiction is not light by any standards and you will need every bit of help that can come your way.

   Complicated and Severe Withdrawals

No two clients ever experience the same level of withdrawal symptoms. Many factors help determine the length, severity, and ease of dealing with the sensations. Withdrawal can be extremely complicated and uncomfortable. There are some situations in which there can be life-threatening health issues arise. The need for being in a clinical setting for proper detox from heroin is a genuine concern.

   Unknown Preexisting Medical Conditions

Drug Addiction Facts

Damage to the body from years of drug abuse, genetic abnormalities, or other types of health conditions at the time of withdrawal heightened. Unknown high blood pressure can skyrocket through withdrawal. Abnormal heart rhythms can lead to serious problems that require immediate medical attention. Dehydration is another worry and reason not to attempt detox without medical supervision. You may feel that being in the comfort of your home will make the process smoother, but it can prove to be a dangerous choice.


   Typical Heroin Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

Although the types and level of heroin addiction withdrawal symptoms can vary in no small degree, expect a few that are typical. You are nearly guaranteed severe stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting at some point during withdrawal. Fever, chills, aches, headaches, and possible periods of hallucinations are also known to occur. There are no over-the-counter medications that can counteract the withdrawal symptoms effectively. You can end up in a miserable state in a hurry by trying to detox at home.

    How Medically Managed Detox Helps

The thought of quitting heroin can seem intimidating and a little frightening. Do not try to do this on your own. Some medical professionals understand what you will be going through and are on staff to help. The use of the Periodic Table of Drugs helps them assess the level of care you need and how the treatment path looks. The medical team can offer ways to ease the withdrawal symptoms and make them more tolerable. You will be surrounded by medical experts 24/7 that can handle any medical emergency associated with severe withdrawal.

   Reduce the Chances of Giving Up

You can hurt your chances of recovery by attempting to detox at home. The process might start easy enough, but as the symptoms ramp up and get more severe, you are likely to give up and seek drugs to ease the discomfort. You will end up right back at the beginning and feel an unneeded sense of failure.

drug addiction facts
Drug Addiction Facts – Boiling up heroin  Author/Photographer: Hendrike

Having the backing of experienced rehab personnel guiding you through the process and making it easier offers you the best chance at a positive outcome. You owe yourself the best odds of getting your life back in order. Regaining physical health is the best way to stay recovered over the course of your life.

   Improving the Odds of Lifetime Addiction Recovery

As tricky as detox may be, this is only the start of the rehabilitation process. You need the reliable guidance of addiction specialists to place you in aftercare programs that work. Continued therapy is one tool that will help strengthen your resolve to stay clear of drugs. You need a stable support system to help you through the days that are tough and make relapse a realistic possibility. Help like this is not available to you if the decision is made to attempt detox at home. You may end up unintentionally derailing what could have been a successful detox and recovery.

Drug Addiction Facts

Once it has really clicked and you are determined to change your life you should absolutely call on a professional way. Get yourself informed online before deciding on the best rehab center for yourself. This Pasadena heroin rehab article released by the Pasadena Recovery Center provides top-notch information on overcoming drug addiction. That’s just to give you an idea, seek online for rehab centers near you and schedule an appointment asap. Detox a safe and effective way to guard your health and look forward to a full recovery. 

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Take good care of yourself!

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