Employee Management Tips – How to Manage Your Employees During Covid-19

Employee Management Tips

How to Manage Your Employees During Covid-19

Even though the COVID-19 crisis started more than a year and a half ago, many employers are still struggling with employee management. Since social gatherings and office work still aren’t recommended, remote work remains the best option for companies. Due to that, adequate employee management remains a mystery for many team leaders. So, how can you overcome that? Sadly, management problems aren’t the only ones faced by company owners. The Covid-19 crisis brought physical and mental health issues you need to deal with as well. Therefore, you should check out these 5 employee management tips that will help you and your employees cope much better with the pandemic.

 1. Assign clear tasks and set realistic deadlines

The essential part of employee management is productivity and hard work that leads to the wanted results. Whether you work remotely or not, making sure your demands and goals are understood by your employees is crucial. Therefore, you need to assign clear tasks and set realistic deadlines. Did you know that stress kills productivity and creativity?

Employee Management Tips -
Employee Management Tips – Assign clear tasks and set realistic deadlines

To minimize stress, focus on realistic expectations and attainable goals. Keep in mind that your employees work at different paces, so assign timely tasks they can complete. Even though deadlines might be breathing down your neck, try to be mindful about the tasks and work you assign, as your employees’ well-being should be more important.

  2. Use benefits of the online world

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, most companies have started exploring the benefits of the online world. Even those companies that don’t operate online, such as restaurants and many different kinds of services, started using the internet to their advantage. So, what’s stopping you from doing the same?

Numerous apps for organization, tracking, and video calls exist. That’s how you can keep an eye on your employees and retain their productivity. Did you know that some employees might be even more productive while working from home? Don’t forget to notice that through your mouse movement tracker and reward hard-working individuals!

  3. Support your employees and celebrate victories

Just like in an office, you need to find ways to support your employees through thick and thin. Even though not everything might be going according to the plan, both your employees and you need to adjust to the sudden changes. Therefore, you should try not to be too hard on them and help them out as much as possible. How?

Employee Management Tips - How to Manage Your Employees During Covid-19
Employee Management Tips – Support your employees and celebrate victories

Besides assigning clear tasks, you should support your employees, at least emotionally. Try to create a healthy environment by celebrating victories. Since you work remotely, you can organize and host a digital event where your employees can catch up, do something together, celebrate and relax.

  4. Stay in touch

One of the most important aspects of employee management is communication. Whether you work remotely or not, you need to openly communicate with your employees and coworkers. Some of the best ways to stay in touch are group chats, conference calls, and social media platforms. What if you had an app where you can achieve all that at once? Check out the Blink website that will tell you more about the importance of communication, how to share confidential files, and many more perks of employee engagement apps. Stay in touch with your employees no matter where they are.

  5. Don’t forget about the mental health

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people and health experts all over the world focused on physical health and its effects on daily life. Even though the coronavirus mostly affects the lungs and similar organs of the infected, rarely anyone talked about the consequences on mental health. So, check if your employees are suffering from mental health symptoms.

Isolation and loneliness may lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts. Therefore, we need to learn how to look after mental health, especially if those are combined with stress from work. Teach your employees how to balance their personal life and work while they are working from home.

One of the most important aspects of employee management is communication


As you can see, managing employees during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging, yet doable. Since everyone is struggling during these times, it’s completely okay to feel lost or need help. That’s why these tips can help you overcome common obstacles and stay on top of the game!

author: Peter Minkoff


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