Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s – 10 Awesome Style Tips

Fashion Styles for Women in their 40s

10 awesome style tips no woman should miss

If you’re in your 40s, it’s highly likely that you’ve already developed your signature look and a sense of style, right? However, if you want to polish and perfect it a little bit, just make sure to keep on reading. Here are ten useful tips on fashion styles for women, go check them out and enjoy!

   Avoid Matchy-Matchy Looks & Stick to the Separates Instead

Yes, we know that two-piece suits were an epitome of elegance and style back in the day, but you know what? These can look extremely stiff on women these days, which is particularly true for ladies in their mid-40s. So make sure to avoid those matchy-matchy looks. Instead, try combining basic white tees or elegant blouses and cardigans with skirts and trousers and you’ll do a fantastic job!

Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s -
A white basic tee and lime cardigan combined with 3/4 trousers and matching slippers.
   Balance out Proportions

Balancing out proportions is another important hack you should bear in mind, but what does it mean? Well, it means that pairing two oversized pieces, such as a baggy blouse and loose trousers, should be avoided at all costs. Such an outfit will contribute to a shapeless and unattractive look, so combine an oversized blouse with a pencil skirt or a pair of skinny jeans instead and you won’t make a mistake! 

Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s -
Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s ·
   Ripped Denim? No, thanks!

Ripped jeans have always been a huge hit among teen girls and ladies in their 20s or even early 30s, but guess what? Those heavily ripped, oversized holes in your jeans aren’t the most fashionable thing you can wear in your 40s, so be sure to skip them altogether. On the other hand, if you love jeans that feature a little bit of shred here or there, don’t worry because these are still completely fine!

   Invest in Timeless Basics that can Work in any Outfit

The next thing you should do is to invest your money in timeless basics which can work in any outfit, as these are the wardrobe staples every woman should own.

Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s
Stylish floral dresses in all styles are a must-have in your 40s.

For example, a white tee, cashmere sweater, fitted blouse, elegant trench coat, quality jeans, and a leather jacket are must-haves, as well as stylish floral dresses in all styles and lengths. If florals are your thing but you haven’t found your perfect dress yet, check out gorgeous Realisation clothing and you’ll finally make it happen!

   Splurge on the Little Black Dress

Needless to say, the iconic little black dress is another must-have every woman needs to have in her wardrobe, and you are no exception. The good thing about it is the fact that there isn’t a universal style everyone has to pick – instead, you can feel free to choose a style and length you feel most comfortable in. Everything is fine as long as it’s black!

Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s
The iconic little black dress is another must-have every woman needs to have in her wardrobe.
   Get Fitted for Brand new Bras and Undergarments

Refreshing your lingerie dresser is another essential step you should take, and it gets particularly important once you turn 40. This is simply because your undergarments provide a solid foundation for your outfits, which is why you should get fitted for fresh bras and underwear. Did you know that undergarments that fit poorly can create unattractive bumps and lumps that can be seen under your clothes? That’s right, so let a professional pick those and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Refreshing your lingerie dresser is another essential step you should take.
   Buy a Comfy yet Trendy Pair of Sneakers

The athleisure trend is still going strong this year, so don’t wait any longer and buy comfy sneakers that are very stylish at the same time. The brand really doesn’t matter, as each one of them from Nike and Adidas to Balenciaga and Versace has its own version of fabulous sneakers. All you need to do is to pick your preferred style and rock these proudly in your 40s!

Buy some comfy sneakers that are very stylish at the same time.
   Keep your Accessorizing Game Minimal

When it comes to accessorizing, you should probably stick to the ‘less is more’ rule that embraces the minimalist style and ditches over-the-top designs. This means that you should opt for two or three strategically placed accessories such as a nice belt, a statement bracelet, and a pair of studded earrings, and rock them in any combo. These can transform even the most casual outfit into an incredibly stylish one, so bear this tip in mind and you’ll do the right thing!

Stick to the ‘less is more’ rule When it comes to accessorizing.
   Match Affordable & Designer Items for the Ultimate Stylish Look

Matching inexpensive and high-end items is another amazing hack you should embrace, and guess what? This is a combo that will make your outfit look like a million-dollar one, which is exactly what you want, right? So, if you’ve already invested in a designer bag, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or any other brand, don’t be afraid to combine it with a pair of inexpensive yet quality shoes and a matching belt. Balance is the key to success, remember that!

   Skip too-short Skirts & Shorts 

Last but certainly not least, too-short skirts and shorts are a huge no-no once you turn 40, so make sure to stick to just-above-the-knee length. This isn’t a matter of your appearance and whether you have nice legs or not.

Skip too-short skirts & shorts and go for just-above-the-knee length.

On the contrary, it’s about looking classy and stylish which can’t be accomplished if you’re showing too much skin. So, opt for a safe length and you won’t go wrong!

As you can tell, there are so many tips and hacks that can help you stay fashionable in your 40s. So, if that’s your ultimate goal, just stick to our guidelines and you’ll make it happen, without a shadow of a doubt!

Stay classy!

Many thanks to Peter Minkoff for sharing his tips on fashion styles for women in their 40sPeter Minkoff Bio


Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s - 10 Awesome Style Tips
Fashion Styles For Women In Their 40s – 10 Truly Awesome Style Tips No Woman Should MIss – Pinterest image ©




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John Anderson
1 year ago

This article must be read through all the women who are at their 40s and still love to do fashion. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

4 years ago

Very useful tips, thank you very much!

4 years ago

wat een goede tips!! helaas op mijn lichaam is het echt een drama (extreem mager door anorexia) en classy outfits heb ik dus niet echt maar geniet er wel van om naar te kijken 😀

4 years ago

Dankjewel voor de tips, ik val nog niet in de doelgroep, maar ze zijn voor andere leeftijden net zo handig 😉

4 years ago

Handige tips staan er tussen! Hier kan ik wel iets mee

4 years ago

Ik vind tip 2 voor iedereen wel gelden, haha.

Melanie Hoogvliet
4 years ago

Wat een leuke tips dankjewel!

4 years ago

Het vervelende is dat je lichaam van vorm verandert. Wat vroeger je figuur flatteerde, kan nu verschrikkelijk staan. Dank je wel voor de goede tips,

4 years ago

Leuke en handige tips geef je! Ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar de perfecte little black dress.

orriens nicole
4 years ago

Leuk om te lezen, aangezien ik in de doelgroep val ongeveer : ) Van die hele korte rokjes vind ik ook niet mooi meer na een zekere leeftijd.