Give Peace a Chance – Imagine a World Without War!

Give Peace A Chance

Imagine the World Without War!

Give Peace A Chance
Give Peace a Chance –©

 If you could wish for one thing only, what would that be?

Practically everybody from next-door sales-man to politicians, to famous religious leaders, even children, wishes Peace in the world and End to all Wars. Yet, all those people’s desires are meaningless. As long as people exist there will never be peace on earth.Throughout early humans history, there has actually never ever been peace in the world. Cavemen already combated other cavemen over an area, food or even women.

Cain eliminated Abel over God’s respect. Gabriel blew down the walls of Jericho. America fought the war of independence and brother fought against brother in America’s civil battle for freedom. The daily news feed we are dealing with nowadays is more than alarming. More than 300,000 people dead in devastated Syria… North Korea threat news about nuclear tests… more wars to come in the Middle East according to …there have actually consistently been wars and battles and most likely always will be.

Give Peace A Chance -©
Current North Korea threat news about nuclear tests are terrifying

So, but how to promote peace in the world? As long as humans could think there would be battles over such things as area, greed, power, prejudice, and so on. We all get judged for our origin, race, citizenship, or be it our faith. Whether you are short or tall, fat or slim, clever or not very smart, a loud or a silent individual, you will get judged anyway. Some do not like youngsters, others do not like old people, some got issues with animal lovers, others hate children, and so on. What is best and appropriate for some people can be incorrect or even enraging to others.

Faith could never stop wars, most wars actually started only due to contested faith. Christians fought Muslims throughout the ‘Crusades Holy Wars’, still many Muslims demand death for all non-followers. 

The Nazis killed countless Jews and after that, they began eliminating Catholics. The Russians under Stalin eliminated any person remotely religious. Protestants eliminated various other Protestants for being the incorrect kind of Protestant. Muslims killed Muslims for being the wrong sort of Muslim. Not to forget about Atheists. The majority of China’s leaders were atheists and have actually incarcerated and killed a massive amount of people who did believe in their own religion. Our history was (and still is) raging with countless wars about faith and religionWill we ever learn from that?!

Give Peace A Chance -©
Give Peace A Chance –©

 The primary reason for war is the lust for power!

• The power to make others do and think the way you do.

• The power of making any other individual render unto what you believe is right.

• The power to make any other individual treat you as you think you ought to be treated.

• The power to get just what you desire (ie: money, passion, respect, and so on).

• The power to punish others for doing things that you do not think they should do.

• The power to keep any other from having things or thoughts that you don’t have.

• The power to be by some means ‘God’ …  to be the ruler.

Give Peace A Chance -©
Give Peace a Chance –©

As long as people have the capacity to believe, there will be greed, envy, prejudice and rage. As long as those things exist, there will be wars. Lots of people believe ( whether religiously or secularly) in the regulations set down in the Ten Commandments. However, very few people can adhere to those commandments due to the fact that our capability to think makes us longing for things we don’t or can’t have. ‘Wanting’ leads us to break some or all ethics. Humans are not perfect, if they were they wouldn’t be human beings but robots.

 Nothing comes from fighting and war except death!

~ The Veterans of Future Wars ~ 


After watching this touching video please take a minute and check out Embleholics, a Veteran owned and operated website. Embleholics supports a number of military and veteran based non-profit organizations and creates unique challenge coins in order to ensure that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them. Organizations that fight for the interests of injured heroes and educate the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life.

Veterans who have risked their lives for us and who have fought for our countries deserve much better than what we often get to see about their sad lives after returning home. We owe these heroes a lot, they have risked their lives for us!

How do you look at all this, do you think there will ever be peace on earth? Sometimes it feels better to not even think about, but can we really close our eyes to all this? Shouldn’t we at least try to give peace a chance in our own little world? 

Be kind to each other!

Thank you

Give Peace A Chance -©
Give Peace a Chance –©


  • published February 2016
  • updated September 2017
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Rachel Arandilla
8 years ago

Hmmm.. from the history alignment, can it be that humans are war-freaks in nature? Just a thought… We’ve been fighting since time immemorial.

There are all kinds of people in this world. This is just a personal opinion, but if we all practice respect and tolerance towards other people’s beliefs, culture, and traditions, the world will be a better place.

8 years ago

Being human it’s inevitable that we are selfish and even if you feel you are not it’s programmed into us. Power and greed are very selfish traits and unfortunately life is never without people who strive for both. If only world peace was attainable but it’s a dream. I’d hope that as individuals we can create peace in our lives and with the people who are around us.

8 years ago

Although ideally world peace is what we would all want, I think that one of the roots of war is the competitive nature of man. I believe we were made this way to improve. Competition is good when it makes products and services or anything better. I believe one of the roots is also “survival of the fittest.” Although the two former concepts can be good , sadly they also lead to war

8 years ago

War is business. As long as there are threats of war, manufacturers of weapons will thrive. Unfortunately, people are just collateral damage in the quest for peace. Wherein peace is defined as the obliteration of the enemy

8 years ago

World peace, very simple words to say but extremely hard to achieve! However, we should not have such kind of mindset towards world peace, we should always think big because with God nothing is impossible. As an individual, you may not be able to do much but with very own simple ways of promoting world peace, it would make a difference!

Marge Gavan
8 years ago

I agree, the primary reason for war is the lust for power. This is true then and it is still true now.

kareen liez
8 years ago

A time will come that there will be no more wars and this system of things will end. But in preparation for peace and security around the globe, we have to pray, have faith and believe in the one true God. No one can promote world peace but God. Today, we are still being handled by Satan since he was thrown on Earth and all we have to do is have faith in God.

aika loraine
aika loraine
8 years ago

let’s stop racial discrimination, war, greed and just promote love and forgiveness. only love can make us spared from war. i hope people who start wars like isis know what love and forgiveness is.

8 years ago

This post is very insightful while giving history in reference to problems in the world. The human race talks about striving for peace, but everyone is out for themselves, wants to do what they feel is in their best interest, regardless of whether or not pain is inflicted on others. I wish for peace in this world, but in the events over last week alone, Brussels, Pakistan, and Iraq, I doubt it

8 years ago

WORLD PEACE!!! <— sounds like a Miss Universe candidate. 🙂

Yes, there never was a time when there was peace. Lust for power is one cause, the other is fear. And then there is fanaticism too.

It's just the way it is. We could wish for world peace. Lord knows how many great people in history had been advocating peace, but we continue to have wars and terrorism.

Ralf - D.
8 years ago

That’s what the world need , stop all wars and live in peace everybody