Giveaway Day – My Wellness & Beauty Advent Calendar 2016

Giveaway Day!

 Wellness & Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 

Santa is taking a vacation ~ I’m filling in !

giveaway day

My DIY wellness & beauty advent calendar for all you beautiful girls out there !

24 invaluable beauty tips, hacks & quick and easy recipes

(click on the calendar image below to claim your own calendar)

Click on the image & claim your calendar !

giveaway day

Thank you so much for supporting and following me through my first year of blogging !

giveaway day

I am wishing you a very peaceful Holiday Season and a prosperous healthy and stress-free 2017 

 with love Klaudia 

Giveaway Day at Klaudia’s Corner 

Wellness & Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 free printable pdf download here


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Orana Velarde
3 years ago

Happy Holidays Klaudia!
Your calendar looks like so much fun. I bet you enjoyed making it too!
I hope you enjoy the holidays, all the best

3 years ago

The calendar is very cute, good work! And congratulations on your first year of blogging! I am not good at crafts to actually make an advent calendar but just for fun, the other day I was watching a video of a girl who made herself a cheese one. I thought it was a brilliant idea too, besides the beauty and chocolate ones. 🙂

3 years ago

Happy blogging anniversary to you and I wish you continued success in this endeavor. It’s so nice of you to share this calendar. Thanks!

3 years ago

You have a beautiful blog with interesting content.Love this advert calendar give away. They are perfect for Christmas. Wishing you loads of success for your future blogging adventures

3 years ago

Such a sweet treat to your readers Klaudia! Congrats on your first year! More to come! Happy holidays and keep blogging!

3 years ago

Wow, a year of blogging. That’s great. Congratulations. It’s a great idea to make this to celebrate. I love the idea of the calender. The strawberry banana smoothy already sounds great!

Chessica Mirasol
3 years ago

Wow! First of all, congratulations for finishing and finally being able to share this project. Props to your creativity and generosity! 🙂 Keep going!!

3 years ago

Congratulations on completing the first year! Keep writing and sharing!

Laveena Sengar
Laveena Sengar
3 years ago

That’s a great post. I personally prefer all the products that are naturally made rather than opting for a cosmetic brand.

3 years ago

Love this!