Home Burglary Prevention Tips – Protect Your Home When You’re On Vacation With These Simple Steps

 Home Burglary Prevention Tips 

Protect Your Home When You’re On Vacation With These Simple Steps

From packing bags to getting vaccinations, there are a number of things we all need to do before going on vacation. Not only does it help you prepare for your upcoming trip, but it also adds to the excitement. Unfortunately, in the midst of getting ready, many homeowners forget to make sure their home is secure before they leave. It’s not uncommon for thieves to target houses which they know are unoccupied for long periods of time. So not taking the time to protect your home can leave it vulnerable and increase the chances of a break in. Rather than spending your entire trip worrying about your property, follow these simple security steps.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips

Hire a Gardener

Hiring a gardener might seem like a strange security technique, but it’s very effective. If your front or back garden becomes overgrown while you are on vacation, it’s a clear sign you aren’t at home. But seeing someone working in your garden can make thieves believe that your home is inhabited. So before you set off, hire a trustworthy gardener or neighbour to help keep your garden looking flawless. Your neighbours can also help you protect your home in other ways. They can put your bins out, collect your mail and check on your home each day to make sure it’s secure. Just remember to thank them with a bottle of wine when you return home.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips
Home Burglary Prevention Tips – Hire a Gardener

Use Timers

If your home doesn’t have any lights on or your lights are on constantly, this can indicate to thieves that you are away. The best way to get around this is by buying and setting up timers before your vacation. Timers can be used on your lights and electronics to turn them on and off at specific times. This can make your home look lived in and makes a burglary less likely to occur.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips
Home burglary prevention tips –  Make your home look lived in

So rather than worrying about your home looking empty, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Consult with suppliers and read reviews to get advice on what type of timer you need. Have a practice run and ensure you know how to use the timer correctly before you leave.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips
Home Burglary Prevention Tips – Use timers


Install Security Cameras

Thieves will always avoid houses that have security cameras because their footage can be used to identify them. So before you leave for your vacation, it can be beneficial to have a camera fitted onto your home’s exterior. As well as deterring thieves, many cameras also allow you to access their footage from an app. So now matter where you are in the world, you can use your phone or tablet to keep tabs on your home. Take a look at these deals from Security Camera King and other camera suppliers to find the best option. Install your camera in a prominent place where it can be seen and make sure there are no obstructions in its way.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips
Home burglary prevention tips – Install security cameras where they can be seen

So don’t worry about leaving your house unattended when you’re going on vacation. By following these steps, you’re providing your home with the right protection to deter thieves. It can also help you relax and enjoy your vacation, without worrying that a break in might occur.

Home Burglary Prevention Tips

Thanks a lot for reading, if you’ve got some more helpful home burglary prevention tips for us please share them with us in the comments. But most of all, take good care of yourself and stay safe!

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Dominic Barrios

These are excellent tips by the way. CCTV is one of the best anti-burglary devices that you can invest on. But hiring a gardener is definitely a new tip I’ve heard but does make sense. You can scare off some men who are probably planning to try and break in. The timers are also a good idea so you could control when to turn on the lights and turn it off. I hope it’s not hard to install these things at all.


Great tips, also – randomise the times you set lights to come on, otherwise it becomes more apparent that they’re on a timer – and don’t just ask a neighbour to put a hallway light on (this is another give away), c=alternate turning lights on in different rooms x

Carol Cassara

These are excellent tips. If you don’t have an alarm, they are a necessity!


It’s so easy to think, oh whatever, I’m just going to the store for a quick trip, but exactly the alarm doesn’t work unless you actually turn it on! We can get too complacent!

Shari Eberts

Great tips! I often forget to put the alarm on, but as you point out, it can’t do it’s job if you leave it off! Thanks for these great ideas.