How To Blog And Make Money From It – What’s Making Your Blog Look Amateur

How to Blog and Make Money from It

What’s Making Your Blog Look Amateur & Why Should you Care

Looking at all these successful entrepreneurs’ and influencers’ income reports, you also might have asked yourself “how can I make money online.” So, how to make money as a stay at home mom or how to make money as a college student online?

How to blog and make money
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A little extra dough is most likely everywhere welcome, right? First and most of all, you got to look professional if you want to make money online. Looking professional is more important than you might think when you’re a blogger. People often mistake looking professional for looking formal. While it’s true that you can afford to be less formal and more chatty in your approach when you’re blogging, don’t mistake that for thinking you don’t have to be professional.

How to blog and make money from it -©
When you’re a blogger, collaborating with companies to promote their products is one of the best opportunities that you have to make money online. But if you don’t appear professional, nobody will work with you. If you’re serious about making a business out of your blog, stop doing these things that make you look like an amateur.

   # Poor Spelling and Grammar

The occasional spelling error isn’t too much to worry about but if you’re doing it a lot then it makes you look really bad. The thing is, it’s easy to avoid if you just proofread your posts properly before you put them up. So when a company sees a blog that is full of spelling mistakes they get the impression that you don’t make much time and effort for your blog. When you work with them you become a representative of their company and anything you do reflects on them.

If your posts are scruffy, it makes them look bad and they won’t want to work with you. Poor spelling and grammar also make it harder for you to get your point across. If readers can’t understand what you’re trying to say in a post, they won’t come to see you as a trusted source of information. If you think you’re having problems, check out the Effortless English blog for some great tips and tricks for improving your writing skills.

   # No Contact Page

You won’t get anywhere near a collaboration if there’s no way for companies to contact you in the first place. Any professional blogger will have a contact page with their email address and all of their social media profiles on. If you don’t have one, you lose credibility. Don’t use the embarrassing email address that you made when you were 15, potential business contacts won’t be impressed by it. You should make a new one just for the blog.

How to blog and make money from it -©
How to blog and make money from it –©

  # Domain Names

Most blogging platforms have a completely free option but you don’t get bloggers their own domain names. For example, you’d get, It’s fine if the blog is just a hobby but if you’re more serious about it, pay the money for a proper website domain name. The fact that you’re investing some money into your site will automatically tell people that you mean business.  

   # The Search Bar

Easy navigation is one of the most important things on any website. People have a short attention span these days so if they can’t quickly find what they’re looking for they’ll leave the site.

How to blog and make money from it -©
How to blog and make money from it –©

Having good menu bars is important but if they are looking for something specific, the search bar is usually the first port of call. If the search bar isn’t easy to find, right near the top of the page, that immediately suggests you haven’t put that much thought into the layout of your site. A professional layout will help you no end because readers will always assume that you’re a successful website.

These are all simple ways to stop yourself from looking like an amateur and improve your chances of finding money-making opportunities. Should you have any more suggestions for your blogging companions to get on the right track please tell us about. It’s a constant process of learning and improving for all of us, isn’t it?

Let’s (net)work on it!

Cheers, Klaudia


How to blog and make money from it -©
How to blog and make money from it –©

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Some good advices, thank you for that! But to me it’s all about the looks of your blog and also the right connections.


Its true, you have to look professional and share relevant info. Grammarly is so free. Utilize it people. It does take a little time to make money but these are great starting tips.


This is what every blogger wants to know! These tips are vital to be professional. True, a good contact page is absolutely necessary to be contacted. Especially if you want companies to find you. I also often use social media to let people know we’re open for collaborations. And that actually helps a lot. We often get emails after such messages. A professional layout and menu is definitely a must-have!


Great pointers Klaudia. My next effort will be to work on the layout. This field indeed needs constant learning and being at the top of your game.

Nidhal Sinha
Nidhal Sinha

I really like how you add gifs in your articles, Klaudia. Such a refreshign way to wade out of monotony. That’s one blogging tidbit I’m definitely going to borrow from your blog 🙂


Fab tips, I’m really glad I have all these things on my site, I was a bit nervous to read this post! 😀
Katja xxx


Great tips, definitely everyone should follow them xo


Great tips and advice! I bought my domain name when i decided to start blogging!

Justine Spencer

Great advice Klaudia! Thanks for sharing 🙂


an imprint page is also very important and I’d say, pictures or videos can make your page way more attractive. 🙂


Thank you for good advice! i really want to make money by blogging. But I had no idea how to do. So I’ll refer your article to improve my blog!

Jasmin N
Jasmin N

Great points! I’ve got all the other stuff sorted but search bar I don’t have in my blog 🙂 tho, I’m not trying to make money with it either 🙂


I’m still at the beginning stage of making money through my blog so this is so helpful!

Corinne Rodrigues

I paid for a domain right at the start of my blogging and I’m glad I did – I am reaping the benefits of domain authority now.