How To Find The Right Local House Painters For Your Exterior

How to Find the Right House Painters

tips to hire local painters for your exterior

The painter you choose for your home needs to be one who knows his job very well and meets the needs of his client. Also, a professional painter, when necessary, can give suggestions like which products to use or whether to paint gutters and downspouts or not. Read on for some good tips to know when searching for a house painter. You can  find out more about what qualifications a professional painter needs to have by checking out contractors like   Foothills Painting.

   1. Find out what certificates the specialist has

It is recommended that you hire a licensed house painter. But take note that not all states have a licensing requirement, instead, they require painters to have liability insurance.

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The Society for Protective Coatings provides professional certifications to house painters, so this something that you can ask them about. Many people know how to paint, but only those specialized know how to make colour combinations and explain why a painting technique is preferred over another.

   2. Check the areas of expertise

A painters job begins with preparing the surfaces for painting. This would involve cleaning the surface by removing old paint, sealing cracks, sanding and scraping, washing walls and tapping protruding nails. Depending on the needs you have, it is good to know which areas the painter has the most experience with. For example, someone may specialize in painting buildings (exterior surfaces) and less on painting rooms or private dwellings. Another painter can easily handle bolts, plasterboards, parquet, etc.

How to Find the Right House Painters
How to find the right house painters for your exterior – 7 useful tips 

A professional should also know how to put or remove wallpaper and, in some cases, to perform design work. The latter is quite difficult to achieve by an amateur. For example, there are situations where it is preferable that the wall design is painted, and other situations where it is better to use decorative wall stickers.

   3. Be prepared to answer his questions

For the painter to be able to help you, it’s good to get some answers about his work surface. For example, he must know, at least roughly, the area in square meters that you want to be painted. Thus, he/she will be able to calculate the required materials or the duration of the work. Another essential thing is the type of exterior or interior painting. See here. Also, you should know when the last painting was executed. This information may be relevant in approaching the new project, including from a technical point of view.

   4. Know how much painting service cost

Before you hire someone, you have to set a price for your work. It is best to know the prices on the market for you to make a comparison. Have a look at what quotes contractors can provide and see which fits your budget.

How to Find the Right House Painters
7 tips on how to find the right house painters –
   5. Recommendations & reviews of previous work

If possible, it is good to ask for suggestions from people you trust. You can also check for reviews online and get feedback on a previous project a contractor has done.

   6. The painter guarantees a safe job

Health and safety are two of the main advantages you have when you call a professional. Painting can be problematic; you have a lot of dust and various solvents and substances you inhale if you do not know how to protect yourself. A painter, however, knows exactly how to equip himself and how to make combinations of substances to protect his health.

    7. There are options to execute the work

Most often, people who paint on their own go according to the principle of “painting to be clean” and do not think any further. A professional performs interior decorative painting, washable paint, textured paint, decorative plaster and much more. Instead of having some ancient (but clean) walls, you can give life to your home with textures or unique combinations with the help of the experts. 

Check this out:  Professional painters know how to prepare the colours correctly, know what works and what does not for a particular surface. 

How to Find the Right House Painters
Finding the right house painters 

They know how to apply the colour to the surfaces and know what tools to use. It would take time to acquire this knowledge and expertise, so if you are not confident that you can paint your house on your own, the wise thing to do is to hire a professional and follow the tips mentioned above to make sure that you get your money’s worth.

Good luck,

Klaudia xx


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Roof Painters West Auckland
3 years ago

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3 years ago

Good guide, thanks. It is written in a simple and understandable language. Even I get it.

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3 years ago

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Painters Canterbury
Painters Canterbury
3 years ago

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Master Painters Wellington
Master Painters Wellington
3 years ago

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Derek McDoogle
4 years ago

I agree with the article that professional painting contractors have the experience and knowledge to pain the house correctly. My parents just got their living room renovated, and they want to paint the interior of the house. I will be sure to hire them a panting contractor to get the house painted since my parents don’t have any painting tools.

House Painters Auckland
4 years ago

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Sophia Slate
4 years ago

Thank you for stating that hiring a painter guarantees your health and safety. My husband and I want to have our house re-painted because we’re remodeling and want a change. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when hiring a painting contractor.