How To Make Cash From ‘Trash’ – 5 Things to Do With Your Old Home Decor

How to make Cash from ‘Trash’

5 Things to Do With Your Old Home Decor After a Remodel

You’ve done a remodel of your home, and in the process, you have redecorated and even purchased some great new furniture. In the process of cleaning up, you realize you have a lot of extra décor and furniture that just doesn’t fit in your place anymore. Maybe it just doesn’t work with your current theme and needs to be replaced. Either way, you have to do something with it. So what do you do with your old home decor after a remodel and how to make cash from it?

   • Donate it to a Good Cause

One way to get rid of old home décor and furniture is to donate it to a good cause. There are a number of ways to do this. 

  • Thrift Stores: Many organizations run thrift stores, which take the items you donate and sell them, turning them into cash that goes to help those in need.
  • The Salvation Army, Deseret Industries, St. Vincent DePaul, and other charities depend on those funds to help those in need. 
  • Other organizations donate the items themselves to families in need of furniture, whether they have been the victims of a natural disaster or have become homeless or in need for another reason.
How to make cash from 'trash' -
How to make cash from ‘trash’ –

Either way, there are good charities and good causes to donate your old items who will put them to good use. The other advantage of this choice is that you can deduct the value of the items from your taxes as a charitable contribution – thus, cash!

   • Sell It Online

From eBay to Craigslist to Facebook Marketplace, there are a ton of places to sell your old furniture and home decor. You can sell items together or individually. Not only will this make sure that your old items don’t just go to the dump, but it can also put some extra cash in your pocket. Especially if your furniture is not that old, you can probably get a pretty good price for it, and often home decor sells at a premium. There is some work involved. You have to create and monitor listings, but if you have enough items that are worthwhile, it can pay off.

   • Set Up a Garage Sale

Too many items to sell individually? Take a weekend or two and set up a garage sale. There are people who will buy your items who need them, and the event itself can be kind of fun and an opportunity to purge items you are no longer using.

How To Make Cash From 'Trash'
How to make cash from ‘trash’ –

You will find that furniture and large ticket items will draw a crowd and that smaller items will also sell well. Whatever you don’t sell at the garage sale you can either donate or sell online.

   • Consign It

Don’t want to have a group of people parading through your house and lawn looking at items? Selling online too much trouble? You can take your items to a consignment shop. The consignment shop will sell your things for you in exchange for a percentage of the sale price. This way you still make money on your items, but they do the hard work for you.

   • Give it to Friends or Family

Perhaps the best cause is right out your front door. Your friends and family may be remodelling their own home or be in need of furniture or home décor for another reason. Your old items might just be the things they need.

While this does not come with the same tax benefits as a donation to a worthy cause, it does mean that your items get used, don’t go to waste, and you have helped someone close to you who is in need.

   • Store it for Later

If your furniture is fairly new and you are trying some new changes in your home, or you plan to move in the near future, you can store them for future use. If you are going to be storing items for a long period of time, you may want to look into climate controlled storage.

How to make cash from 'trash' -
img credit MyBiggestFan  Look for climate controlled storage units

Even inside a storage unit, extreme temperatures and humidity changes can damage furniture, art, and other items. Climate controlled storage prevents this by controlling the temperature, keeping items cool in summer months, warm in winter months. There is a general rule of thumb, though, that if you store items for more than a year and don’t use them, you probably won’t use them again.

Once you have remodelled your home, getting rid of the old furniture and home décor can seem like a burden. However, you can get a tax deduction or even some money in your pocket for it. Alternatively, you can make sure it gets put to good use. Or keep it in case you want to use it again later. The choice is completely up to you. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips useful to help you decide.

Cheers, Klaudia xx
How to make Cash from 'Trash' 5 Things to Do With Your Old Home Decor After a Remodel
How to make Cash from ‘Trash’ – 5 things to do with your old home decor after a remodel – image ©


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Em Linthorpe
6 years ago

Such wonderful ideas – we are about to buy the house we are currently renting…and we can then get rid of so much furniture we don’t want! I love the idea of a garage sale!