International Style Architecture – Strange Houses You Never Knew Existed in the World

International Style Architecture

9 Strange Houses You Never Knew Existed In The World

People have different ways of expressing themselves. Some will use songs, poems, books or art. However, architecture remains one of the most underrated forms of expression. For the majority, houses are designed to suit certain tastes and preferences or adhere to the building codes in a given area and so long it can provide shelter and normal convenience for home or office use, then all is well.

However, some architects and their unique home designs are truly outstanding. These architects don’t just design houses for the ordinary expectation.

International Style Architecture -
International Style Architecture – Strange Houses Around The World

They use their skills for expression and to make a statement. If you are going for online passport renewal for a tour of a few countries around the world, here are some strange houses you might not have known about their existing. If you get to visit the city or the towns where they happen to be, it would be a great idea to pass by and some deepest forms of expressions in their construction.

   1. The Transparent House in Tokyo Japan

If Japan will be one of the destinations for which you are going for, then you should make a point of visiting the Transparent House. This will be especially exhilarating if you love natural light and you would like to be in a dwelling where all the walls are transparent and you have lots of natural light in all the rooms.

It speaks for itself that you can’t expect to have a lot of privacy in such a house, as everyone outside will be able to see everything happening in the house. The house was the work of Fujimoto Architects and it was an inspiration of the Japanese ancestors who basically lived on trees.

   2. The Skateboard House in Malibu, California

If you are a skateboard fanatic, then you have every reason to visit the skateboard house in Malibu, California. The entire house depicts one gigantic skateboard ring.

It is the work Pierre Andre Senizergues, who is not just a designer, but also a former skateboarding world champion.

   3. The Keret House in Poland

Talking about international style architecture, the Keret House in Poland holds the reputation of being the world’s slimmest house, and it is a real wonder to look at the house. The house is so slim that you will be left wondering how even possible it is for someone to dwell there. At the widest point of the house, it measures just 153cm.

International Style Architecture – pic: Jakub Szczesny inside the Keret House 

The designer of the house is also the only dweller of the house, and he claims that his inspiration was from the fact that he hated seeing urban spaces going unused and that is why he decided to squeeze the house between two tall buildings. However, this is not a place you would like to live in and perhaps the only tenant will always be the designer. The concept is great, but will not work in many places, as most people love space and no one is ever going to squeeze themselves in such small spaces.

   4. The Hobbit House in Wales

The Hobbit House in Wales is the work of a photographer who had a great passion for the LOTR. If you are a fan too, then you will appreciate the incredible thought process that went into the design and it is one such place any human being would love living.

International Style Architecture
International Style Architecture – The Hobbit House 

The house is in a natural setting, and the most interesting thing is that it was designed and built by natural materials. For a distance, you might think of it as a cave, and it may never amount to much, but as you get closer, you get to appreciate the simple elegance and beauty that it has.

   5. The Old Water Tower in Belgium

How would you like the idea of living in a water tower? Well, this is what Bham Design Studio decided to do when they redesigned a 100-foot tall water tower into a magnificent dwelling place. The tower has a rich history since it didn’t just store water alone in the olden days.

During the Second World War, the tower served as a Nazi hideout, and living in it at the moment puts you at some of the highest points in the city, thus giving you a bird’s view of what is happening down below. It is very comfortable and cozy inside, and if given a chance, you will definitely enjoy spending a night there.  

   6. Brooklyn Clock Tower Home in New York

If you have been to Brooklyn, New York, then you have probably seen the clock tower. What you may not know is that at the top of the tower is a very expensive piece of property valued at $18 million.

The home is located on top of the tower and has a floor space of 7,000 square foot. This vantage position, you will be treated to some of the most incredible views of New York City.

   7. The Flintstone House in Malibu, California

This is another home whose inspiration comes from the pop culture. It is a carbon copy of the home owned by the Flintstones family and it is estimated to be worth around $3.5 million.

If you have watched the cartoon show, then you will appreciate how close some replicas can be to the originals.

 8. Giant Seashell House in Mexico

With all the beaches in Mexico, it can be expected that seashells is a common thing and it is not a wonder that someone got some inspiration from them and came up with this magnificent house. The design of the house is the work of two architects, Frank Wright and Antoni Gaudi.

This house in Mexico City is in the shape of a giant seashell, and it is big enough to accommodate a family of four. The exterior of the house has plenty of coloured glasses, and on the inside, there is plenty of light, thanks to the igneous use of lots of windows.

   9. The Upside Down House in Trassenheide Germany

If you have never seen a house on its roof, then you should visit Trassenheide in Germany and see the upside down house. The design of the house is the work of Klaudiusz Golos and Mikiciuk Sebastian who designed the house as a tourist attraction and it was part of the World Upside Down Project. Visitors from all around the world can view the house in all perspectives. You will be surprised to know that it is not just the design of the house if upside down, but every item you find inside the house is also upside down, including the furniture.

 image Pascal Willuhn – Trassenheide/ Germany- The Upside Down House

Would you want to live in one of those houses? Which one would be yours? I think, I would go for that Brooklyn Clock Tower Home – but then, would I want to live in New York? Hm…

Thanks for joining my little trip around, 

Klaudia xx


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