Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct Behaviour? – Merry Christmas Thoughts & Feelings 2016

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct Behaviour ? 

Merry Christmas Thoughts & Feelings 2016


What’s actually wrong with the Merry Christmas term ?

 ~ ranting & attempting to understand ~

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas
Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct ?

Merry Christmas ~ Happy Holidays

Season’s Greetings

Wishing a ‘Merry Christmas’ used to be widespread, common and never questioned by anybody. So, what’s all that politically correctness fuss about? Who has actually started all that?

Who has first complained about feeling offended by something that we in our country and culture celebrate without disturbing anybody? We spend Christmas at home with the family, love peace harmony and happy faces … how can that be offensive? We aren’t forcing anybody to participate, nor do we try to convince anybody to believe in our religion, culture or tradition!

Even more astonishing is the fact, that the same thing is happening apparently all over Europe. It’s not just some kind of temporary crazy notion, it’s a lot more than just the matter of getting rid of the Merry Christmas term. So, where did it kick off? And how did it become transnational? 

Since when is a Christmas tree not a Christmas tree anymore? And when did Christmas lights become winter lights? Why am I not supposed to wish people at Christmas time a Merry Christmas …  Happy holidays ??? I will wish you a happy holiday when you go on holiday .. that’ll be probably around July or August. Season’s Greetings? What season do you want me to greet you? Spring, summer, fall …I’m flexible with that. But I am not flexible with my feelings and traditions! That all is part of being me, part of my life, all this means too much for me to be giving up on just because ‘they’ tell us so …who are they ???

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas
Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct ?

One of my most beautiful childhood memories is the Christmas time, my god, were we excited – and scared of Santa’s book … (will he know EVERYTHING I did wrong?)

My parents were the best Santas a child could wish for. Believe it or not, today I still remember some things as if it happened last year or so. We actually had a ‘fix Christmas day program’, early afternoon bathtime, then the finest Sunday clothes on …. dinner …. singing by the tree … those were the happy days…

I am drifting off topic, sorry, but that just shows how deep these things go and stay … in our souls … family bond … values … and today there is thus something wrong or displeasing with it? Sorry, but I don’t get that.

Why do we have to deny one of our most wonderful traditions? Why are we okay with it, when the magic of Christmas turns into a political issue and only the commercial aspect seems to matter? How quickly did look and names of Christmas items and products in stores change? (Money rules!)

Better not to lose any potential customer by being too authentic, by keeping culture and traditions alive – no, make it all more marketable, more ‘compatible’ to reach a wider range of consumers. Who cares about the meaning of Christmas, what does tradition matter? Sales …sales .. and more sales, commerce obviously comes first. 

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas
Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct ?

I am a very inquisitive person, so I had to find out since when we are actually using the Merry Christmas term, that’s what I found on Wikipedia:

The use of ‘Merry Christmas’ as a seasonal salutation dates back to at least 1534, when, on 22nd December, John Fisher wished the season’s greetings in a letter to Thomas Cromwell, recorded in Strype Ecclesiastical memorials, 1816

Attestable at least for the last 482 years we have wished each other a Merry Christmas and nobody obviously had any problems with it. Now somebody somewhere decided that wishing a “Merry Christmas” to others stinks. I can’t understand why anybody could feel it is offensive, however, it has actually come to be ‘inappropriate’ by doing this. I can see how the spirit of Christmas will  be taken away from our children, how we are getting more and more insecure … what to say, how to behave … probably even feeling guilty not even knowing what for, just coz ‘they’ say so. What is going on ? 

Shop managers started to debate whether or not to put up decorations with the Merry Christmas term on it, or if they should simply do without. It came to lengthy write-ups in newspapers , talk shows are debating hours over it. In some way, the viewpoint of a few people in thinking that this phrase is offensive has spread like a virus all across Europe. 

Let’s have a look at The Netherlands:

St. Nicholas’ day is on the 6th December, but in The Netherlands, the major celebrations are held on the 5th December. The name Santa Claus comes from the name Sinterklaas.Dutch tradition says that St. Nicholas lives in Madrid, Spain and every year he chooses a different harbor to arrive in Holland, so as many children as possible get a chance to see him.

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas
Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct ?

Sinterklaas travels with his servants called ‘Zwarte Pieten’ (‘Black Peters’). When Sinterklaas and the Black Peters come ashore from the steam-boat, all of the local church bells ring in celebration. Sinterklaas, dressed in his red robes, leads a procession through the town, riding a white horse. Every town in The Netherlands has a few Sinterklaas helpers, dressed the same as Sinterklaas who help give the presents out. (and sometimes you might one see one or more Zwarte Pieten with Sinterklaas!)   source:

And this is what’s going on now year for year: 


Dutch must end Black Pete racial stereotypes, UN race bias body says
Activists who oppose the tradition want to ‘make Black Pete less black and less servant’

What used to be a very popular tradition has become a political issue, a reason for demonstrating and protesting crowds on the streets. How and why? Because Piet has a black face? 

Who actually creates these ‘issues’? Who says that people with darker skin  … is that okay to say ??? … feel offended or discriminated? Do these guys see the difference between black and white as crucial as we do at all? Or isn’t it just us, assuming and deciding how others have to feel about things? According to our standards and values! Maybe most of these people don’t even care about people’s skin colour, ever thought of that !?

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas
Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct ?

I know lots of people from all over the world, I have met many ‘black’ people from different continents and with different religious backgrounds. One thing I have experienced, none of my friends, whether from Africa, America or elsewhere has got a problem with being called ‘black’. A friend of mine once said after I asked her how she thinks about all that, “look at me, I AM black, do I look coloured?” Is that not as well a form of racism what we are doing now? Just assuming that black people HAVE to feel offended? 

Who says, that people with a different belief do have a problem with us wishing each other a Merry Christmas? What, if they just don’t care? What, if they even like our way of celebrating Christmas? Why is that obviously such an absurd and impossible idea?

To me, all this fuss is just a homemade thing, probably arisen out of the intelligent creativity some politicians shine with … I don’t know and to be honest, I don’t want to know! I gave up shaking my head about all that nowadays-nonsense we get served on a daily base. 

Is Wishing A Merry Christmas
Is Wishing A Merry Christmas Politically Correct ?

People celebrate “Hanukkah” and “Kwanza” others celebrate their Ramadan, there are so many different cultures, why shouldn’t we all be able to be a bit more considerate. If you understand that somebody commemorates something in a different way than you do, wish them well … whatever it might be for them, it surely doesn’t do any harm to you to show respect, or even feeling happy for them. Don’t take away someone else’s happiness by choosing to discredit their culture!

I don’t know how you look at this. I will absolutely wish everybody a Very Merry Christmas and all the joy and happiness Christmas has brought to us for as long as we can think back. How sad if we would really deny our traditions and take our children’s Christmas joy away. Don’t let this happen! 


 I would love to hear your opinion about all this!

Thanks a lot for reading

until … 


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I am reading this for the first time! Why should anybody object… very difficult to understand this. I wish we learned to live in harmony accepting every belief.


As you can imagine in the USA this is always a big subject that I find completely ridiculous. People have really taken it to the limit. I have at times felt as if I should say Happy Holidays but the truth is the people I have known who are of different religions and cultures rarely find it offensive. I believe it becomes offensive in places like schools where I believe they should acknowledge other celebrations but that is part of the Christian argument we don’t have time for.

Linda Hobden

I’m from England so I’m truly baffled as to why people get so upset about something so trivial. Here we say: Happy Christmas! or occasionally, Merry Christmas, to everybody – regardless of religion – and the response is the same “Happy Christmas” or ” same to you!” – we tend to use the word Xmas a lot when writing. We never ever say “Happy Holidays” around this time of year unless of course you are really going on holiday (vacation) to sunnier or snowier climes!