3 Ways Your Mobile Gaming Addiction Can Help Your Life

Mobile Gaming Addiction Benefits for Midlifers

3 Ways Your Mobile Gaming Addiction Can Help Your Life

Do you think you have a mobile gaming addiction? Consider how many times you whipped out your phone to play when you have a few minutes of downtime while on hold for that cup of Joe from Starbucks or waiting to pick up the kids. According to a few studies, female Baby Boomers play more mobile games than younger age groups. Spending on average nearly five hours per month on some of the best mobile games such as ‘Words With Friends

Mobile Gaming Addiction Benefits for Midlifers
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Don’t worry… I am not judging. Perhaps there may be some benefits to help us midlifers with our hook to smartphone games. I will share a few of those benefits with you.

 1.  Mobile Games Make You Feel Happy.

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain which activates reward-motivated behaviour. While examining addictions, dopamine deluges the brain’s rewarding system- making you feel happy while playing. The brain remembers this action and seeks it more often leading to frequent or longer gaming sessions.

 2.  Mobile Games Can Help Improve Memory.

Studies have shown brain teaser games can help improve brain memory and may reduce the risk of dementia. There are many mobile games that help to improve memory and attention brain functions. Professor Elliot Berkman at the University of Oregon psychology compared the research of brain teaser games to joining a gym. Stating, “They say come once a week for three months and it’s going to make you stronger, more flexible, better cardiovascular health.”

Mobile Gaming Addiction Benefits for Midlifers
Studies have shown brain teaser games can help improve brain memory

 3.  Mobile Games Can Thwart Other Addictions.

When we see studies that show mature women spending more money on mobile games than other age genres, it can be hard to digest. However, the data translates to a simple explanation; the older the player the more disposable funds they have, thus the more they spend.

This is similar to the spending demographics we often see in casinos. Playing popular casino slots games like “Hot Vegas Slot Machines” offers similar thrills however since it is not real money gambling it can act as a virtual alternative.

Mobile Gaming Addiction Benefits for Midlifers

The game is played with virtual currency and is available on iOS and Android devices. Would you agree that it is less harmless to be addicted to a slots game on your phone in comparison to real slots machines?

In Conclusion

Don’t fret if you find yourself tapping away at the best mobile games, there are some advantages as previously discussed. Do you play mobile games? Do have a favourite game? Does it help with any midlife ailments?

If so, let’s discuss more in the comments. If you’re a blogger yourself, please be sure to include a link to your blog so that I can easily find you and reciprocate.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Mobile Gaming Addiction Benefits for Midlifers
Mobile Gaming Addiction Benefits for Midlifers –  klaudiascorner.net©


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Judi Taylor
Judi Taylor
2 years ago

We should be awar eof the important benefits of mobile gaming. THis would be a huge help. Thanks for sharing this great article.

3 years ago

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David Elliott
5 years ago

I have certainly heard that games can be helpful as you age with your memory. Although I am not sure certain apps really help with that. There can be some good ones though.

5 years ago

I never saw it from this perspective…very interesting though. I have always thought that mobile game addiction is a bad thing 🙂

Maggie Redfern-Pucci
5 years ago

I think its about balance. If your addicted to gaming, you haven’t avoided an addiction, you have one. Even with online activity, trying to be mindful that sometimes we need to walk away from our devices. Balance is key!

Samantha Carraro
5 years ago

I’ve never thought about the fact that mobile phone game addictions can actually help with other addictions; good point! Thanks for sharing xx

Jasmin N
Jasmin N
5 years ago

This was such an interesting point of a view! Haven’t thought about it from this perspective before haha 🙂

5 years ago

One can always find pros and cons in mobile gaming, i personally, don’t play any as i prefer spending my time reading or watching a movie. Your presentation is so on point though!