My Dream Wedding – Thinking Of Getting Married Abroad

My Dream Wedding

My Dream Wedding

Thinking Of Getting Married Abroad

Whether you want good weather on your wedding day or simply want a memorable setting, planning a wedding abroad can help to expand your options. It could also allow you to combine your wedding and honeymoon into one celebration. There are of course difficulties with getting married abroad such as the added cost and hassle of getting all your guests there as well as potentially having to organise things from afar.

Here are just a few tips for making your wedding abroad go as smoothly as possible.

• Hire a Foreign Wedding Planner

Organising all the components of your wedding day can be tricky when getting married abroad – you could be dealing in another language and currency and you may have to do it all via the phone and email.

My Dream Wedding - Thinking Of Getting Married Abroad?
My Dream Wedding –  Planning a wedding abroad…

You could save yourself some hassle by finding a wedding planner who lives in the area such as this company Salvador Costa Weddings in Barcelona. They can then organise everything for you within your budget.

• Help Out Your Guests

If you’re inviting guests along, you need to consider whether they’ll be willing to pay for the journey themselves. You could help them out by putting some money towards their travel or arranging accommodation. Hotels such as this Fairfield Inn & Suites in Columbus have special deals for weddings and those booking multiple rooms. This could allow you to get all the guests you want to come along whilst saving you money.

• Bring The Right Paperwork

It’s important to make sure that you have all the right paperwork when travelling abroad to get married. Documentation required can vary from country to country, so make sure that you look into this before arranging your wedding, as well as giving yourself enough to time to fill any extra paperwork you may need.

• Consider The Difference in Climate

Travelling somewhere with a different climate could mean having to dress a certain way – especially if you’re getting married outdoors. If you’re going somewhere hot, you may only want a light dress so that you’re not uncomfortable on the day. Meanwhile, somewhere in a colder climate may require something thicker and warmer.

My Dream Wedding
My Dream Wedding – Consider the difference in climate…

• Consider The Difference in Currency Value

A difference in currency value can be a good thing – in some countries, you can book a wedding with all the frills on a shoestring due to a much lower currency value. However, you should be wary of countries where the currency value may be higher as you could end up spending a lot more than you would back home.

• Look Into How to Transport The Dress

Most major airlines allow you to take a wedding dress with you as hand luggage, but some smaller airlines may request that you put it in the hold or may simply charge your extra to bring it with you.

My Dream Wedding –

This is worth looking into if you want to keep your dress safe during transit. Sites like Skyscanner offer more information on airline rules regarding wedding dresses.

Following these tips I am sure, you’ll have a perfect wedding day abroad…

Klaudia xx


My Dream Wedding - Thinking Of Getting Married Abroad
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