Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy

Natural Menopause Treatment 

Menopause speaks to you, are you listening? 

How to deal with mood swings, depression, anxiety and all the other aspects of menopause? First, you need to pay more attention to what you’re experiencing. Menopause speaks to you. It sends you signals called menopause symptoms. Listening to menopause means, first of all, learning to recognize the early menopause signs and symptoms. Many women think they are going crazy when they experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, irritability, memory loss or difficulties concentrating for the first time. Just because they do not recognize these as symptoms of menopause. 

Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy?
Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy –©

Learning all about all aspects of menopause, from early menopause signs and symptoms to all of the treatment options available, is essential for you to have the best possible time through menopause. Women should educate themselves about menopause and all natural menopause treatment possibilities long time prior to menopause.

Believe it or not, researchers found out that most gynaecologists are very limited trained in menopause-related topics and don’t really understand much of it. There are still far too many women seeking relief from early menopause signs and symptoms, only to be told that they are too young for any symptoms caused by menopause. Most doctors prescribe anti-depressants to restrain the symptoms, often accompanied by hormone therapies instead of looking into natural menopause treatment first. 

A survey of ob-gyn doctors, released by the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that there is a lack of understanding in matters connected with menopause. 510 ob-gyns, from all over the country, were surveyed. Only 100 reported that they had received formal training in their ob-gyn curriculum in regard to menopausal matters and only 78 had reported that they participated in a practical menopause clinic.

That means that only 15% of those being trained as ob-gyns are receiving practical training to help us with issues that we are facing during menopause. And if just 15% of all gynaecologists have received practical training in menopause matters, what do you think is the likelihood that your GP has received any training at all in menopause aspects and treatment?

Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy -©
Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy –

Now researchers have examined a bit more closely the menopause training received by ob-gyns. They reported their findings in the November 2013 edition of the Menopause Journal. Most doctors (67%) stated that they had very limited knowledge of menopause symptoms and treatment.                                                                      

A woman who has informed herself about natural menopause treatment will not be at the mercy of doctors who do not really understand menopause. She will listen to her body and she will know that her symptoms are caused by menopause. She will be able to take other steps to relieve her menopause symptoms if her doctor does not help her.

I am a great believer in the most possible natural relief of menopause symptoms. Luckily there are ways to get through menopause without artificial hormones, without the risks and side effects of those, without the risk of weight gain and skin irritations, not to mention the much worse risks of cancer. Learn more about natural menopause relief here.

My own experience has proven, that it is possible to go through the most natural phases of life with help of solely natural remedies. Did we take any medication to smoothen our puberty symptoms? Aren’t we now just going through the same procedure, just backwards? Look at it that way. 

Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy -©
Natural Menopause Treatment –©

There are too many women who don’t even try to make it through this sometimes even unbearable time, without taking drugs. The first symptoms of a hot flash or a mood swing and they’ll long for their pills. Dealing with mood swings, depression, anxiety, hot flashes and all the other aspects that come with menopause, does not necessarily require any treatment with drugs and hormones. The first step to approach the new situation and the ‘new you’ is understanding what’s happening to you. Recognizing the symptoms and then start working on your attitude should be the first approach. 

Please don’t get me wrong, I am not preaching the omniscient truth applying to every woman out there going through menopause. I am only trying to give you a hint. Listen to your body, don’t numb it! All these inconveniences don’t last forever, it’s possible to make it through all naturally.

Would you go, or have you made it, through menopause rather naturally? Or would you prefer hormones to make it through easier? What are your own experiences or tips? Feel free to ask or share with us whatever you like. I love comments, you know 😉  

Take good care of yourself!



Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy -
Natural Menopause Treatment vs Hormone Therapy©


  • Published on: Dec 19, 2015
  • updated on: Oct 30, 2017


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1 year ago

Replacing declining hormones with NATURAL hormones is not taking drugs and body identical hormones are very natural. They are made from yams and they replace the hormones our bodies produce naturally. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are necessary for the proper functioning of many systems in our body. Please educate yourself on the importance of these hormones to your heart, bones, brain function and all the many other ways our bodies utilize these hormones. When we died shortly after menopause maybe the hot flashes, lack of sleep and the mental health issues were just inconveniences, but living 30 years without the hormones that are necessary for preventing heart disease, osteoporosis, colon cancer, cognitive function and so much more is dangerous to our body. Please visit to learn more about our bodies and how they utilize hormones. Also for people with ADHD and personality disorders the imbalance of hormones can worsen depression, mood swings, anxiety, self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

6 years ago

I go to a Nurse Practice for my gyn issues and have been with her since I was in my 20’s. The best thing about our relationship, besides being long-term, is that she is a few years older. So everything that I’m going through right now, she went through only a couple of years ago. And as for symptoms, there is one that didn’t make your list and it’s something that I suffered through. I never had a hot flash, only cold flashes. It’s a real thing. In the middle of summer with temps and humidity in the 90’s, I could be found shivering under a blanket. Luckily that doesn’t happen anymore!

7 years ago

why are so few doctors skilled in treating this since every single woman goes through it? amazing that medical science doesn’t feel that treating menopause isn’t worthwhile. If it happened to men it would be a much different story.

8 years ago

it speaks to me alright, tells me we aren’t done with you yet! I don’t like medicine so I take Black Cohosh which I’ve found very effective and vitamin d