New Hairstyles For Men – The Top 8 Men’s Hairstyles You Should Know

New Hairstyles For Men 

Keeping up with trends is quite difficult since they keep changing from season to season. However, when it comes to our personal look it is easy to pick up on some of those popular tips and tricks. We had a quick peek at some upcoming fashion trends in my Men’s Style Guide recently, let’s have a look at the top eight hairstyles for men in 2017 today. 

Men’s Style Guide New Haircuts –

The Top 8 New Hairstyles For Men 

1 •  Low Fade with Long Fringe

Starting with one of the trendiest hairstyles for men, the low fade with long fringe is a style you can do a lot with. The low fade is generally a good base for any type of fringe going from curly, high top, mohawk or a comb-over to afro fringe style. The low fade gives the finishing touch to the whole look and emphasizes the fringe to make it stand out. This is easily one of the hottest hairstyles for men for this year. Many male celebrities rock this hairstyle as well. A low fade is best done by the barber so you shouldn’t risk doing it on your own unless you are already a pro.

2 •  High Fade

Similar to the first style we mentioned, this one differs only in the fade. The high fade is a simpler, more casual look but also a good foundation for building up the fringe game. You can combine various fringe styles with the high fade and still get amazing results. The high fade puts even more emphasis on the fringe thank low fade does. Styling depends on which fringe you want to go for but none are really that hard to make. However, the hairspray will hold on for a certain period of time. Then you will have to rely on the strength of your hair, depending on how good is it in quality.

3 •  Long Messy Hair with Low Fade

This is one of the sexy, masculine hairstyles for men who are not afraid to mix things up. The low fade is generally designed for short hair but combining it with medium or long hair has become a trend lately. This messy look will get you attention anywhere you go as you will surely stand out from the crowd in a positive way. However, this hairstyle requires a bit more maintenance and more time invested in keeping the hair clean and healthy. It might be less convenient since longer hair is annoying and pretty much everywhere, but if you are truly up to the challenge and this hot trending hairstyle, you should give it a try.

4 •  Man Bun and Beard

One of the biggest trends recently is the man bun combined with a beard. There are various types of this hairstyle, most common being the typical medium to long hair in a bun with a nicely trimmed beard. Another popular variation is a different type of the man bun – the side fade man bun. Both sides, as well as the back of the head, are trim to a nice fade while the top hair remains long enough to be able to make a bun. The length of the hair depends on personal preferences, of course. This type is also combined with the beard but can be seen without the beard too. That, however, kind of kills the mood.

5 •  Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair with Short Sides

A very popular trend 2017 are those cool hairstyles for medium length hair with short sides. Pretty simple but still has that charming effect, this hairstyle is one of the favourites among celebrities. The sides are cut evenly without a fade which is why it differs from previously mentioned hairstyles. Styling will require hairspray and often hair gel too. The best way to style it is to make a slick pompadour but leaving it messy will do the trick too.

6 •  Slicked Back Hair

Now we move along to a bit less casual and more formal hairstyle. The slicked back hair is for classy, successful men who want a look that will speak for itself. The hairstyle is similar to the previous one but the key difference is in styling. The hair is slicked back using a comb and hair gel or wax (whichever you prefer). The sides are cut evenly.

7 •  Short Hair with Cropped Fringe

This is the shortest hairstyle among these top 8 hairstyles for men. The cut is pretty simple, evenly done sides with a cropped top leaving you with little to no option on what to do with your hair. With a cropped fringe you can choose to lift the hair up in spikes or leave it down for a more casual, daytime look.

New Hairstyles For Men 2017

8 •  Modern Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Very popular among football players this year, a faux hawk hairstyle is a great choice if you want to keep up with the trends. This hairstyle consists of evenly done sides and short to medium hair on top which goes all the way down to the neck. This style is for more casual, chilled and artistic men rather than businessmen.

In conclusion, these were the top eight new hairstyles for men you should really be familiar with. In case you are going to chase trends this year, this is the list to choose from. It seems that 2017 has brought back diversity and individuality, anything goes from long to short, long and messy or slicked back. What’s your favourite out of these eight styles?

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Sharma Suresh
Sharma Suresh
6 years ago

Thanks for Sharing Such great Article !!

6 years ago

The 7th one hairstyle looks amazing. Let’s see how it would suit me.

Ronak Panchal
6 years ago

I like 3rd one. I think this will look great on me. Thanks for sharing such thing.

6 years ago

The high fade is certainly an interesting look. Thanks so much for sharing this.

7 years ago

I’m getting my hair cut on Saturday. Are you saying I shouldn’t tell her I just want the usual? 🙂