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Everyone in the world dreams of finding their one true love. Even at a young age, we are exposed to ideals of love. What it should be, how it should feel like, which actions show such feelings. We see it in movies, we read about it in books, and we witness it with our own two eyes whenever we pass by couples in public places, walking hand in hand together. Although very young, we have come to learn that love is something we need in our lives. It’s something that we would want to experience for ourselves.

 And so, we do! 

We let ourselves fall madly in love. In fact, we fall in-love one too many times in a single lifetime – except for lucky people who manage to find “The One” on their very first attempt. Such serendipitous encounters are bliss.

For many of us, we’ve experienced love in so many forms: the unrequited, the chaotic, the passionate, the tender, and the taken for granted (read more). We’ve experienced it in so many ways, in fact, that we become too wary. We constantly guard our hearts because failed love affairs have taught us what real pain feels like. And yet, in time, we heal and we go searching for that feeling again. It’s a feeling we all so fervently seek. Fortunately, many of us somehow manage to find it – some sooner than later and others later than sooner.

There are those who have found it once in the course of their life but also lost it along the way. Lastly, there are also people who have had their one true love pass on ahead of them. No matter the circumstance, love always prevails. And no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do, love will always find its way back to you. Yes, even when you’re already over 60.

   ‘Love at 60 – is it the same?’

Honey, all I can tell you is that love is love. It is something that never changes; it is something that’s not bound by the concept of time. I know that many of you seek affection. However, you are too afraid to claim it, saying things like:

   “But I’m old and wrinkled.”
   “Who would want me? I’m way past my prime!”
   “Surely, they would prefer someone younger.”

This is especially true for women. As we age, some of our insecurities are also flared up. It’s as if we feel that we are disqualified from many life events because we are no longer “part of that age group” or that “we are too old to even try.”

Over 60 Dating For Free 
Over 60 Dating – “…am I too old to even try?”

Dating and lovemaking are things we hardly think about. Not because we don’t want too, though. But because we feel like it’s wrong for us to even consider those things for ourselves. Read this though: http://sixtyandme.com/learning-to-love-yourself-after-60/

Tell you what, love is a timeless thing. “Too old” or “too wrinkled” are not terms associated with it. For love, true love that is, knows no form. It knows no age or gender. It’s a feeling that is given to all, shared to all. It’s something that lifts people up not put them down or make them feel isolated. It is the same – even at 60.

   ‘Even if I wanted it, I wouldn’t know where to start’

Then, I will tell you where to start! Easy-peasy. 

When people say “love is for free,” they are indeed telling the truth. It is something you shouldn’t have to buy. Otherwise, it would be cheap merchandise. True care and affection are priceless. 

Over 60 Dating For Free 
Over 60 Dating For Free -Check out free dating sites for seniors

When someone tries to sell them to you, then it’s definitely something unreal. You don’t want to afford yourself this shallow form of attachment. It’s not what you deserve. This is why I suggest checking out FREE dating sites for seniors!

Yes, they exist! This is not a drill, I tell you. You see, you’re not the only person in the world looking for some loving. If you peek into the vast world of the internet, you will see that there are many people who long for that one immense feeling just like you. They, too, are looking for ways to fill that void inside their hearts.

It doesn’t even have to be romantic love, really. It might be any forms of it – from familial care to deep friendship. It could even be just intimacy – the feeling of wanting to be close to someone; to stand next to them.

And you know, this same feeling can be yours. You can stand next to someone and feel at home with them even at the age of 60. The best part is that you can make this your reality – for free.

Over 60 Dating For Free 
Over 60 Dating – All you have to do is sign up in one of these free dating websites

All you have to do is sign up in one of these free dating websites. It would be too time-consuming to list all of these websites. Review sites should help you find free dating sites for seniors in no time at all.

Love isn’t so out of reach as you would always think. It surely doesn’t disqualify anyone from having it either – no matter the circumstance or reason. Everyone is free to love and this “everyone” includes you.

But before you go website hopping, you have to make sure that you’re involving yourself with quality ones. What do I mean by quality dating sites? Good online dating sites are those that value your security and would not rip you off with insanely high subscription rates. After all, the best dating websites wish for your happiness too. And they will try to give you that happiness without trying to make you pay for it. Otherwise, it’ll defeat your initial purpose. 

Ok, but to find love at no cost at all? If they do have to charge you a fee for their services, it should only be so that they could keep their website running to the best of their abilities. The people working for the website need to get paid for their time too, after all.

So, ready to give it one more shot?

Klaudia xx


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Melissa Schrijft
Melissa Schrijft
4 years ago

Ik vind zeker dat ook als je op leeftijd ben gewoon moet en kunne. Daten ik zeg ook tegen mijn vriend dat als ik vroeg overlijd ik het wel fijn vind dat hij iemand weer leert kennen

4 years ago

Vind het super goed dat er datingsites zijn! Ik heb er zelf nog nooit gebruik van gemaakt maar hoor er in mijn omgeving veel goede dingen over

Francina van den Berg
4 years ago

Ik denk dat het zeker moeilijk kan zijn op een bepaalde leeftijd om nog te daten. Het is dan vast allemaal spannend.. Daarom denk ik dat het zeker goed is dat er datingsites zijn 😉

4 years ago

ik ben niet zo van de dating sites 😉 maar voor andere een goed alternatief

4 years ago

Ik vind datingsites een goed initiatief! Ik denk alleen niet dat ik er snel gebruik van zal maken!

nicole orriens
4 years ago

Ik las recent het boek An unsuitable match van Joanna Trollope, dat gaat ook over de liefde tussen twee zestig plussers!