Shocking Rise In Women Hire Male Escorts

Shocking Rise in Women Hire Male Escorts! 

Shocking rise in women hire male escorts
Shocking rise in women hire male escorts –  a booming business! 

Shocking rise in women hire male escorts – new research show more than a third of escorts who advertise their services are now men offering sex to women! 

Shocking rise in women paying male escorts

Researchers trawled through 27.000 online listings to make the startling discovery ! If you google just the term ‘male escorts’, you will be given almost 4 million results, only on Google search . Wow, really ? Thus I went over to Bing search and found 28.900.000 links ( yes , almost 30 million ! )

Looking back a couple of years , the concept of female escort clients was a rather nonexistent one . Certainly in the point of view of the wider public , if there were , it was restricted to the elite as well as maintained very hush hush.

Today , female  clients are becoming an increasing number of common. There has been an increase in a lot more professionalism and trust and numbers of male escorts and also recruitment agencies . A brand-new research shows the market for male sex services has tripled in the last few years.


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The study, led by academics at Lancaster University  and Manchester Metropolitan University, claims the increase on the internet escorts reveals females are progressively using their phones and the net to access sex-related services.

However, it’s not because there are rising numbers of hopeless , unattractive women wanting to buy love .

Shocking rise in women hire male escorts
Shocking rise in women paying male escorts – 

Escorts that participated in the research study asserted that a number of their female customers did not have the time for relationships. Increasing numbers of women all over Europe are paying for male companions due to the fact that they are too busy for conventional relationships, the study shows.

 Shocking rise in women hire male escorts


A high percentage appear to be business women entrepreneur in their thirties and forties seeking a brief fling, they state. And some even state, they want more than just sex and are prepared to pay for companionship too. As well as some ladies were believed to have actually paid for sex-related services despite the fact that they were in a partnership so they could possibly include some more enjoyment to their sex life.

The research shows as well that several women pay for sex to take control of the situation and assert their desires in advance.

In some cases women were extremely particular about the services they called for – this found in some interviews with escorts that had one-to-one reservations with ladies.


Shocking rise in women hire male escorts!

Escorts state on exactly how ladies with particular requests email their desires ahead of a meeting. Some women likewise pay for more than merely intercourse, they could opt for a drink or meal with their selected escort,  referred to as a ‘boyfriend experience’.

shocking rise in women hire male escorts
Some women pay for more than merely intercourse

It is also noticeable that women acquire sex-related services as a component of a couple. Most of the interviewed escorts to see couples, explained they are scheduled for regular excitement and fun, or just for a partnership reward . It’s more a ‘testing new things’ adventure!

Couples book escorts to satisfy ‘ threesome dreams ‘, which is really far more sensible compared to attempting to coax a buddy right into offering it a go. In couples, some men appeared a lot more nervous compared to their women partner.

What works in fantasy typically doesn’t in truth and many couples that give trios a try do not wish to be reminded of the encounter 

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Paying somebody for sex indicates there’s nobody to remind you of what you did, that’s another point people pay an escort for, you just leave when the task is done, no commitments or promises there’s more to it than sex.

Shocking rise in women paying male escorts
Shocking rise in women hire male escorts


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7 years ago

Great read! Thank you. In your research, what is the median age of the ladies in your article ? What is the median salary of the women? And level of education?
It seems the women who are using escorts are career minded, upper middle class and I their 40’s – in my neck of the woods.
Love your words

Bidy Martin
8 years ago

Wow, what an interesting post as usual Klaudia! I wonder if this is so because we live more in a society today where women are no longer in the role of homemaker/mother and are more often than not putting their career first. We are in an age where women are more headstrong and confident than in generations past. I don’t know if I should take this as good or bad. Personally I see it as a positive.

8 years ago

oh this is really surprising.. i never thought that many women are now into this so-called no strings attached relationship…but I don’t see anything wrong about it.. (if men can do it why not women right)
as long as they are doing it safe.. *wink

Roselle Toledo
8 years ago

I’m open-minded when it comes to these kind of setup. Although I don’t think I’ll engage in a paid sex or relationship, I understand that there are people who are okay with it and find (temporary) happiness. I’ve read also stories of other people who eventually find permanent and serious relationship.

8 years ago

I don’t know how to react and not sound judgemental. While paying for the pleasure is kinda normal in our society, but paying for “couple experience” is new (at least to me). Nothing beats the real thing.

Patty Villegas
8 years ago

Mix emotions upon reading this blog post. But I am quite aware that this type of “relationships” are going for quite a bit long already. I just hope that beyond this kind of “relationship”, both parties end up happy and satisfied not just physically but mentally as well hee hee

8 years ago

I’ve never understood the need to pay for sex or companionship but each to their own! If it makes people happy then the services are clearly required

Marge Gavan
8 years ago

What an interesting piece of information. I am sort of surprised but then again, we are now living in the time of empowered women. Women can now do what used to be exclusive only to men. If those women have the means to do it then why not. I definitely wouldn’t judge them for it.

8 years ago

Whew. I am aware of the rise as the world has changed, so has the way people think. I personally do not promote or agree with paid sex, but I am not condemning anyone too.